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Life In Munich With The Seahawks: Days 3 & 4 senior reporter John Boyle checks in from Munich to recap the team’s third day in Munich.


MUNICH—It's gameday and the Seahawks and Buccaneers will kick off soon, but before we move on to football, a bit on some off-field happenings from the weekend. 

For the team, Saturday meant a walkthrough, followed by a visit to Allianz Arena and some meetings, but players did get some time off, which Noah Fant and Marquise Goodwin used to meet some fans who braved a long line at a Munich shoe store for a chance to meet the players and get an autograph or a pic. 

Yours truly met up with Jen Mueller and producer extraordinaire Nasser Kyobe for a live version of our usual Seahawks Insiders podcast, and even though this took place early in the afternoon, Augustiner Stammhaus, the official Seahawks bar in Munich this week, was already absolutely packed.

Most of the rest of my afternoon was spent just walking around the city (boring, I know) but I did make a stop for some sausages and a beer, because, well, when it Munich, right? 

By far the biggest takeaway from being in town all day—aside from what a beautiful city Munich is—was just how many Seahawks fans there are here. That point was driven home Saturday night when Augustiner Stammhaus, which had a line to get almost the entire day, was packed for a Seahawks rally, while at the same time a few blocks away, Schneider Bräuhaus, a huge two-story beer hall, was full as well for a German Seahawkers party.

And wouldn't you know it, John Schneider, being the man of the people that he is, made an appearance and Schneider Bräuhaus where, as you might expect, he was a very popular man.

We'll have more on the gameday atmosphere after the game, but even during pregame it is evident that there are a lot of fans from both teams here, and its' going to be loud in Allianz Arena.

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