Jamal Adams Speaks On Seahawks' Defensive Improvement, Carson Wentz And Eagles' Offense In Friday Press Conference

The All-Pro safety talked about what’s been behind the defense’s surge in sacks, and why they’re not overlooking Wentz and the Eagles despite their offensive struggles this season.

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams walks onto the field for his early warmups.

The Seahawks' defense appears to be hitting its stride after a rough start to the season. Since Week 8, the team ranks second in the NFL in sacks with 16. Part of the defensive surge has been sparked by new addition Carlos Dunlap II, who has accounted for 3.5 sacks in his three games with the team so far.

Jamal Adams has also been a catalyst for the improved defense, leading the team in sacks (5.5) despite only playing six games. Adams returned to action in Week 9 after being sidelined by a groin injury for four games, and since that 44-34 loss to the Bills, the defense has seen a marked improvement.

In his Friday press conference, Adams spoke about what has gone into the improvements on the defensive side of the ball, particularly the uptick in sacks.

"Just execution, effort, and just a want-to," Adams said. "I think that's what it's about when it comes to blitzing. Obviously there's different techniques in terms of getting a jump on the ball, or knowing a formation. But I think for us, it's just executing and having that want-to attitude."

Adams also spoke about the accountability meeting the defense had last week leading up to the Cardinals game, which he credits for for helping the defense put forth "one of our best games thus far."

"It's just making sure everybody knows what they're doing, understanding their job," Adams said. "You've got to handle your job first before you worry about somebody else's job. It's just picking each other's brains, understanding that we can count on that person, or they can count on me, whatever the case may be. It was a great meeting, something that I know we're going to continue to do. I'm happy we did it."

Adams says that the lack of continuity on the Eagles' line makes them harder to prepare for, but it's something they want to exploit nonetheless.

"I think it's something that we've got to take advantage [of]," Adams said. "Obviously they're having different guys in and different units working together as a group. But that group is outstanding, they've been doing it for years-plus, they have a lot of veteran presence, a lot of young guys that can step in as well and take on that role. Obviously they have a lot of missing parts, or moving parts, should I say, but it's not going to stop our game. We've got to do what we do. We've got to execute."

Adams had a similar message when it came to Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz leads the league in interceptions (14) and fumbles (10), and while it hasn't been a pretty season for the QB thus far, Adams knows what the former All-Pro passer is capable of.

"He's a very athletic quarterback, a guy that can take command, a guy that can lead the group," Adams said. "He's a competitor. When he does take off, he is not looking to slide, he's looking to run you over … I know a lot of people were talking down on his game, but we know what type of quarterback he is. He's an outstanding quarterback that has proven that he can do it. He can make all the throws, so we're preparing like any other quarterback, it's not a let-down, it's no looking down on him and the season he's had."

As the defense continues to get all of its pieces back to full strength, Adams believes that the best is yet to come from the unit.

"We haven't been together as one since Week 1 — [Quinton] Dunbar and I were still learning the plays, I'm continuing to learn everything," Adams said. "So guys are put in these positions, but we still haven't been together all the way. And it's starting to come along. Guys are starting to get healthy, we're starting to understand everything, understand what my teammate's doing next to me, understand what I'm doing, what's my job, responsibilities.

"That's the cool thing and the neat deal about this whole little thing. We're just going to continue to get better, that's all we can do."

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