Is Russell Wilson A Terminator? Color Rush Reactions, Jimmy Graham's Playing Time And More In This Week's Seahawks Q&A

You had Seahawks questions, we have answers.

The regular season is underway, the Seahawks are off to a 1-0 start, and on Wednesday they'll begin their week of practice ahead of their trip to Los Angeles. But before we turn our focus to next week's game, first it's time to answer questions from you, the fans. As always, thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week, and apologies if I wasn't able to get to yours this time.

@twelfth_monkey asks, "Which model of Cyberdyne Systems Terminator is Russell Wilson based on?" And @curtmina asks, "How injured is Russell Wilson?"

A:While teammates in the past have joked that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson might be a robot, I'm pretty confident saying he is not a Terminator, though if he were he'd be the good kind, right? He is, however, remarkably tough and durable, having up to this point never missed a game, or even a single play due to injury in his career, nor has he missed a practice. Wilson is expected to play despite the ankle injury suffered in last week's game, and Carroll even said Wilson should be able to practice Wednesday.

@kibbykibbykibby asks, "How do you think the offensive game-plan will change with Russell's injury?"

A: This, of course, is the natural follow-up to any question about Wilson's availability. If he can play, will he be himself? It's entirely possible that Wilson could be limited in his mobility, but the good news is that Wilson looked awfully good down the stretch Sunday leading the game-winning drive while, as he joked, giving a preview of what his mobility will look like when he's playing into his 40s.

In terms of game-plan, the Seahawks might not change a lot—they rely a lot less on designed Wilson runs now than they did early in his career—but the real question is whether Wilson will have the elusiveness he usually does to avoid what is a very good Rams pass rush. That ultimately remains to be seen on Sunday, but the fact that Wilson finished the game this past weekend, is expected to practice Wednesday, and as Carroll noted, was not in a walking boot a day after the injury, suggests that Wilson should have a good chance at being pretty close to his usual self.

@DennisGill10 asks, "What is the best game by a Seahawks player playing through injury?"

A:The game that comes to mind first for me is Matt Hasselbeck's performance against New Orleans in the Wild Card round of the 2010 postseason. That game was best known for Marshawn Lynch's famous "Beast Quake" run, but Hasselbeck had a huge game a week after missing Seattle's Week 17 game with a hip injury. Not only was Hasselbeck working his way back from that injury, he also played with a cast on his non-throwing hand because of a broken wrist, but he still threw for four touchdowns in a 41-36 victory.

Also deserving a mention is the play of three members of Seattle's secondary in Super Bowl XLIX. Earl Thomas was playing with a shoulder injury sustained in the NFC championship game that would require offseason surgery, Richard Sherman had an injured elbow, also from Seattle's previous game, and Kam Chancellor hurt his knee just days before the game, putting his status in doubt up until a pregame workout convinced coaches and trainers that he could play. The result obviously didn't go in Seattle's favor, but that was an impressive effort by all three players to play and play well despite significant and recent injuries.

The Seahawks join the NFL Color Rush initiative in 2016, with the club unveiling an Action Green alternate uniform that it will wear during its 'Thursday Night Football' game against the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 15 at CenturyLink Field.

@Holli_Alexa asks, "What's the team's take on the action green color rush uniforms?"

A: I haven't talked to a ton of players about them—Tuesday is their off day—but the ones I have informally surveyed seem to like them. Obviously a uniform that bright isn't going to please everyone, but so far the reactions from players seem mostly positive, notably that of strong safety Kam Chancellor.

@sarahcolonna asks, "Do you think it's fair to make a redhead wear that color of green?"

A:OK, so not everyone loves the new uniforms, or at least they have some jokes. Though to be fair, Sarah Colonna, who is also the wife of redheaded Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, happens to tell jokes for a living, so we'll allow it. When Colonna performed in Seattle last weekend, she did joke that her "something blue" at their wedding was Ryan's veins, which sometimes show through his pale skin, so if that's true, I'd say the Action Green will look good with blue vein accents.


@SWAGGER42Y2 asks, "Do you think the Seahawks will win another Super Bowl by the end of the decade?"

A:That's a tough question to answer. Do I think the Seahawks have the talent, coaching and front office to win another Super Bowl? Absolutely. Does that guarantee it will happen? Hardly. There are so many factors that go into a Super Bowl-winning season, from injuries to a random bounce of a ball in a crucial situation to a team just not quite playing its best when it matters most. But yes, the Seahawks are set up well for success this year and beyond. The coach and general manager who led Seattle to its first Super Bowl title both signed contract extensions over the summer, and the Seahawks have their franchise quarterback and a strong nucleus of players on both sides of the ball locked up long-term. That won't guarantee a Lombardi Trophy in the coming years, but it gives them a good chance to compete for another one soon.

@Reaves9 asks, "Can you win a game in the first quarter?"

A:OK, so he asked it in all caps, presumably a nod to a postgame speech we've seen from Carroll a time or two after a fourth-quarter comeback. And no, per Carroll, you cannot win a game in the first quarter, nor can you in the second or third quarters. But as the Seahawks showed again on Sunday, they are a team built to finish, and yes, win a game in the fourth quarter.

@ALoaf0fBrad asks, "Is Cassius Marsh the next Lawrence Taylor?"

A: Marsh played a heck of a game Sunday, both on special teams and on defense, but perhaps we're getting a little ahead of ourselves with this question. Or a lot ahead of ourselves. But yes, Marsh's play was encouraging, and as he told it after the game, the result of the most focused offseason he has had so far in his three-year NFL career. Marsh didn't win the competition to start at strongside linebacker, but as he showed Sunday, he can be very valuable to the team both on special teams and as a pass-rusher.

@FreshRynO asks, "What do you think about the performance of the Rams and 49ers?"

A: If you missed it, San Francisco knocked off Los Angeles 28-0 Monday night, a result that is surprising if you just look at last year's records. My quick assessment of the game—which to be fair, I watched between trying to have dinner and help put my kid to bed—is that the 49ers looked pretty darn good, particularly on defense, and that yes, that was a rough start for the Rams.

But before any Seahawks fans get overconfident this week, remember that the Rams have played the Seahawks very, very tough in recent years, and that should be the case again Sunday as they play their first home game since returning to Los Angeles.

@TruthisTold2U asks, "Any expected changes to the starting offensive line? They need to perform well against the Rams."

A:Unless Germain Ifedi makes it back from his ankle injury—Carroll said they won't know the status of their rookie right guard until late in the week—then change seems unlikely. Carroll talked about J'Marcus Webb improving this week, which would seem to indicate that Webb will again start for Ifedi if he can't go, and indeed Webb figures to take a step forward considering he spent training camp and the preseason playing tackle before moving to guard last week. But yes, whoever is in there, the Seahawks line will need to be solid against a talented Rams D-line that has given them trouble in the past. On an encouraging note, the Seahawks offensive line played very well late in the game to help facilitate the game-winning drive, which they hope can carry over into Week 2.

@conradkrueger16 asks, "Do you expect Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls to both start next week vs. the Rams?" @GoHawksGoCougs and @sarah_seattle12 also asked about Graham's limited playing time in Week 1.

A: Rawls and Graham, who are both coming back from serious injuries that ended their 2015 season, were indeed limited in the opener, with Rawls playing 27 of 82 snaps and Graham playing 17. It's too early to know if either will start this week, but Carroll has said both will play more this week than they did last week.

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