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Instant Lookback: Another Game, Another Tyler Lockett Toe Drag

Tyler Lockett's second quarter touchdown reception against the Arizona Cardinals was yet another work of art.


At this point, it's almost assumed that, when the ball is thrown his way, Tyler Lockett will make the catch and get his feet in bounds. Fortunately that doesn't make it any less impressive when he finds a new way to do it.

In the second quarter of the Week 11 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, Russell Wilson floated a ball into the back corner of the end zone. Looking over his left shoulder, Lockett carefully makes the catch. With his momentum sending him out of bounds, he does what he so often manages to do and gets both feet down. In the immortal words of Steve Raible, "Touchdown, Seahawks".

Pregame photos of the Seahawks warming up to take on the Arizona Cardinals at Lumen Field.

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