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Eye of the Hawk Highlights: Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings

Check out top highlights from four unique camera angles at CenturyLink Field from the Seahawks' preseason game against the Vikings.

At CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games this season the Seahawks mobile app brings you in-game highlights and live video feeds from around the stadium.

Below, check out a few highlights from Thursday's preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings that showcase four 'Eye of the Hawk' camera angles seen in the Seahawks mobile app:

Eye of the Hawk: Trevone Boykin Dives into Endzone for 2-Point Conversion

What Trevone Boykin Said About The Play:"I'm just one of those guys willing to do whatever it takes and willing to get the ball in the end zone. Right there it's just don't be denied."

Eye of the Hawk: Trevone Boykin Spin and Scramble

What Russell Wilson Said About The Play: "I told him that spin move, I already patented that, so don't steal it. He's a tremendous football player. He's out there and can make all the plays. He's an exciting player to watch. Glad he's on our team. That's a good thing."

Eye of the Hawk: Russell Wilson 31-Yard Pass to Tyler Lockett

What Tyler Lockett Said About The Play: "I try to make myself available at all times. You just never know how many opportunities you're going to get. I always say that because it's the truth. You never know how many balls are going to be thrown your way, but whenever you're available you've just got to make yourself available, and the more times you make yourself available the more [Russell Wilson's] going to trust you and the more balls you're going to possibly get."

Eye of the Hawk: Jon Ryan Fair Catch on Sideline

What Jon Ryan Said About The Play: "I was just standing there. He punted it and I was like, 'Oh, that's coming right to me.' So I signaled a fair catch, set my feet under the ball, and just caught it. That was coaching tape right there."


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