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DK Metcalf Showing "Marvelous Leadership Qualities" In Fourth Season With Seahawks

Seahawks star wideout DK Metcalf is adjusting to new quarterbacks and a new attitude and outlook as he enters his fourth season.


Seahawks star wideout DK Metcalf is adjusting to new quarterbacks and a new attitude and outlook as he enters his fourth season.

Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf is already looked at as a budding superstar around the league as he enters his fourth season. Fresh off a major contract extension and shooting his first movie role, Metcalf is balancing the spoils of his success with his goals on the field. But no need to worry, Metcalf is laser-focused and ready to get on the field.

After making some dazzling catches in the Seahawks Mock Game, Metcalf was used sparingly over the course of the Seahawks two preseason contests to date, but he's just focused on getting some good reps in with quarterbacks Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

Following Tuesday's practice, Metcalf took time to talk about his mission for 2022 and thoughts on the offseason's events.

"I think like what everybody says, you practice what you are going to do in the game," said Metcalf. "So, I believe in getting as many practice reps as I can with Drew (Lock) and Geno (Smith), it will be the determining factor for a lot of stuff."

Over the course of his first three seasons, Metcalf has accounted for more than 3,100 receiving yards, 216 receptions and 29 touchdowns. As a veteran on a team with many new faces, Metcalf is leading by letting his work do the talking.


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"I will say it's more about me handling my business," said Metcalf. "Just leading by example and showing the young guys how to practice and just going hard every play I get."

The Seahawks quarterback room is the talk of the town, as Geno Smith, Drew Lock and Jacob Eason get prepared for the season. Metcalf is adjusting to the trio in stride, starting with the recent-acquisition in Lock

"I mean he's a very down to earth person," said Metcalf. "He loves football, loves the game, and he's very studious. I know every time I'm here during the off day, he's always in here; him and Geno (Smith) along with Jake Eason. I mean that room is very competitive and they're going to be really good for each other."

In addition to the new faces on both sides of the ball, there's a returning face in Seahawks wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal, who spent 2021 with the Jacksonville Jaguars after one season in Seattle in 2020. 

Metcalf feels the difference already in camp having his former position coach back at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

"It's a lot more in depth and details especially having Sanjay back," said Metcalf. "He's going to help me with my production and being not only known as a better player but a better blocker and a better understanding of the scheme."

Metcalf is one of the league's fastest-rising stars, but he remains grounded, holding the tutelage of his coach in high regard.

"Well, we pretty much think the same way," said Metcalf. "Whatever he tells me and sees that I need reassurance of it, or I already knew it, Sanjay is really just keeping me accountable and just making sure I'm doing my job."

Metcalf is still young in his career, yet he's taken the Seahawks rookie class under his wing as he enjoys his journey.

"I'm enjoying it every chance that I get, but now I'm just in a role where I'm looking to build people up like Coby (Bryant), Tariq (Woolen), and Kenneth Walker," said Metcalf. "Just the young guys so they don't have to feel like 'Oh, I'm out here alone,' or they feel like they are far away from home and by themselves. No, we got a team and we are building a team aspect to where we are a band of brothers and we are going to fight together on Sunday's and at practice and we're still going to joke and laugh around, but when it's time to get serious, it's time to get serious."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll discussed the work he's seen from Metcalf and Lal.

"I think he's going to lead by his work ethic and his performance that follows that," said Carroll. "I'm not asking him to make any speeches. I don't ask guys to do that. It depends on who the people are. He's such a phenomenal competitor and worker. That's how he sets the tone. And he did it again yesterday or two days ago, he had a great practice. He was battling all over the place. You can't help but elevate and try to hang with the guy. I think he's got marvelous leadership qualities, but they're going to come out in his way. He's a great worker."

It's clear to see that Metcalf is invested in the success of those around him just as much as himself. It's worth watching just to see how successful the formula will be.

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