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DK Metcalf "Just A Dominant Player" In Seahawks Win Over 49ers

Receiver DK Metcalf had a career-best game in Sunday’s win over the 49ers, a performance that even caught the attention of LeBron James. 


DK Metcalf stepped to the podium for his postgame press conference dressed more formally than he usually is after a game. 

It turns out that the young Seahawks receiver put on a suit Sunday because veteran linebacker Bobby Wagner predicted a big game for Metcalf, meaning Metcalf would likely be on camera to talk about his performance. 

"Bobby actually told me to wear this suit today because he said that I was going to ball out," Metcalf said with a grin following Sunday's 37-27 win over the 49ers. "So I appreciate the prophet Bobby over there."

And ball out Metcalf did, turning in the best game of his career with 12 catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns, giving him new career best in both receptions and yards. 

"What a fantastic game he played," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "Just so tough and so physical. Just a dominant player out there today, with a couple touchdowns, and just big plays, one right after another."

And as is the case seemingly every week for a player who runs a 4.33-second 40-yard dash and is built like a comic book character, Metcalf turned in a coupled of plays that seemed to defy physics. On Metcalf's first touchdown, he turned what looked like a simple first-down catch on a crossing route into a 46-yard score by turning on the jets and somehow turning the corner at the sideline before outrunning San Francisco's defense. Metcalf somehow turned an incomplete pass into an example of his physical ability, taking a hard huge hit from safety Marcell Harris—who to his credit did make a nice play to break up a pass—while somehow not only staying on his feet, but barely moving as Harris crashed off him and fell to the ground.

"He's just so freakin' tough," Carroll said. "Whether he's blocking guys, or whether he's catching the ball, or they smack him when the ball arrives, and he stands over those guys when they fall off of him. When he caught the ball on the crossing route, I started screaming that they weren't going to get him, right when he was way over there, because he's just too fast. He just circled the whole defense and put it in the end zone, and I don't even think they touched him. It was a great play. We're so lucky to have him, and to have him growing and emerging into such a dominant football player. He's really something."

Metcalf's performance Sunday was impressive enough that it even captured the attention of one of the greatest athletes in the world, four-time NBA MVP LeBron James, who on his Instagram story referred to Metcalf as "Baby Bron" and wrote "We built different."

Part of what made Metcalf's performance on Sunday stand out is that it served as a reminder of how special of a receiver duo the Seahawks have in Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Last week the Arizona Cardinals focused a lot of attention on Metcalf, and he finished with just two catches for 23 yards, but that led to big opportunities for Lockett, who had one of the best games by a receiver in franchise history, catching 15 passes for 200 yards and three scores. This weekend, Lockett had a relatively quiet day, catching four passes for 33 yards—though he and Wilson just missed connecting on a long touchdown in the second half—while Metcalf had a huge game. 

"Tyler actually told me on the field, 'Man, we have the best duo in the league,'" Metcalf said. "We feed off of each other very well… We don't care who gets the credit or who gets the shine one week, because he has my back no matter what and I have his no matter what. And like I said, shout out to D-Mo (David Moore) and Freddie (SwaiN). They come up clutch every time they come into the game. It just speaks highly of our receiver room and the standard that we hold each other to."

Through seven games, those two now have 14 touchdown receptions between them (seven apiece), the most by a pass-catching duo in the NFL, and they have combined for 1,255 receiving yards, and most importantly, as Metcalf explained, neither is the type to demand more targets on a day where the other one is having a big game. 

"We're so fortunate, and those guys are awesome about it," Carroll said. "What did Tyler get today? I don't even know what his numbers were, but imagine, he got 20 targets last week. Then we come back this week, and it goes the other way, and everybody's fine about it, and everybody just takes what comes their way. We're very fortunate, and they're both so unique. I wish so much that Russ would have hooked up on the one with Tyler, the bomb in the corner of the end zone, that was so close. As hard as that catch looked like, that could have happened. It was just a hair out of bounds, and we didn't convert it. That would have been really something to tack that on to this game for all those guys."

The best photos from Week 8's Seahawks-49ers game at CenturyLink Field. Fueled by Nesquik.

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