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COVID-19 Updates, Russell Wilson's Ankle Injury & Other Things We Learned From Pete Carroll's Wednesday Press Conference

News and notes from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s press conference a day after his team’s Week 15 loss to the Rams.


The Seahawks have an unusual Week 16 coming up thanks to their Tuesday night game against the Rams, and will have to get ready for the Bears on short rest. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about that and plenty of other topics in his Wednesday press conference, so for more on that and other news, here are five things we learned from Carroll's session with the media Wednesday.

1. The Seahawks have a challenging schedule this week.

Coming off of a night game on the road, Seahawks players were off Wednesday, which is usually their first day of practice ahead of a Sunday game. That means players and coaches will have to squeeze in more work over the next couple of days to get ready for their Week 16 game against the Bears.

"We have to jump together, we didn't get the same rest that we normally get, so we adjust the tempo, we make a combo day tomorrow which is like a Wednesday/Thursday for us where we encompass most of the installation that we would do on a Wednesday and a Thursday, and then we will be back on track on Friday," Carroll said. "We modify some stuff, but the most important thing is recovery, particularly after a tough, physical football team that we just played. We have another one coming up, so we will manage that hopefully really well and get all of the learning done. Our guys are in a groove now, our guys can really turn it around. We can do this, it's just really demanding physically, so we will get it done."

The Seahawks also used a Saturday off for coaches to get a head start on preparing for the Bears.

"We did do that," Carroll said. "The guys did take advantage of it on the day that we broke so that we could jump ahead. The groundwork for stuff put us back in a normal position today as far as planning."

2. COVID-19 updates, including hope for more returns soon.

Carroll confirmed that linebackers coach John Glenn, who did not travel to L.A. due to illness, tested positive for COVID-19 last week, but he has been out for a while, Carroll said, and is "on his way back."

The Seahawks added another player to the list Wednesday, tight end Will Dissly, while running back Alex Collins came off the COVID-19 list, and the hope is other players will return soon as well, including receiver Tyler Lockett, who was one of the first two players to go on the list last week along with Collins.

"We are real close with a couple of guys," Carroll said. "Tyler is real close and some guys are close to getting back."

As for Dissly, Carroll said the tight end was one of the players selected by the league to test under its new testing protocols, and that he had only very mild symptoms Tuesday night.

"He was one of the targeted players," Carroll said. "He said that he felt a little bit of a stuffy nose the night before and it was like nothing. He was one of the four people that they designated (for testing)."

3. Russell Wilson's ankle and other injury updates.

While the Seahawks didn't practice Wednesday, they were required to put out an injury report, and one new and notable name on there was that of quarterback Russell Wilson. Carroll explained that Wilson had a player fall on his ankle on Tuesday, but while he is sore, it shouldn't keep him from playing Sunday.

"One of the times he got knocked down, a guy fell on his ankle," Carroll said. "That happened in the middle of the game, so he's sore today, and it's a short week so it could be a factor, but it won't keep Russ from playing, I don't think that's the case at all. He should be all right."

Rookie linebacker Jon Rhattigan, who has been a key contributor on special teams all season, left with a knee injury suffered on kick coverage, and Carroll said it is an ACL injury for Rhattigan, though the severity is not yet clear.

"Jon hurt his knee," Carroll said. "He's got an ACL injury. I don't know the severity of it yet, but he's banged up."

Asked if any other new injuries came out of the game, Carroll said, "Nothing that's jumping out. These guys are all going to see how they go when they come back. We had the day off today, so I'll know more tomorrow."

4. The offense needs "to be better in all phases."

Speaking of Wilson, Tuesday's game was a tough one for him and the entire offense, and was another tough outing after he and the offense had shown a lot of improvement in the previous two games, both victories. 

And while Wilson would be the first to say he can and should be better, Carroll wasn't putting the offensive struggles all on his quarterback, who missed three games earlier this season following surgery on his right middle finger. 

"I think it's everything that goes along with it, we have to be better in all phases is the first thing, it's not just one guy," Carroll said. "I know that it took Russ time to get back after the time off and he wasn't quite the same. He could still play, do well, and do a lot of things, but he just had to work his way through it. I think it's a little bit of everything, we have to be better in all ways. I think it has been a challenge in that regard, physically."

"Everything we see and what Russ is reporting is that he feels fine. He really does feel fine, he works hard in practice, he doesn't miss a rep, he's doing everything that he normally does, and his warmups are totally complete. He's a finely tuned athlete that still has a finger on his throwing hand that is on the rebound. I'm not trying to give him an excuse and he would never want that, he feels like he is fine. The fact remains that he still has to deal with that. He's not showing any signs of it, we don't see anything in practice or any of his turns that he takes, so I go with what Russ says and Russ feels fine."

5. Carroll's thoughts on some controversial calls.

Any NFL game will feature its share of debatable calls, but there were two late in the game that were very costly to the Seahawks, and that FOX rules analyst and former NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino acknowledged on the broadcast were incorrect calls. The first was a defensive holding call on Bless Austin that turned a Rams three-and-out into a first down, and extended a drive that LA eventually turned into the go-ahead touchdown. Later in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks were facing fourth down while trying to drive for a tying touchdown when DeeJay Dallas was hit prior to the ball arriving on a deep pass, but no flag was thrown.

Asked a day later about those calls, Carroll said, "I don't know if there is a controversy about it, but there were a couple of calls that were untimely for us in really critical situations. When you look at them you can see that they could have been called a different way, but that's the way they went. You've probably heard me say this a ton of times, we can't leave the margins that slight, that a call like that can make a difference. Unfortunately, when the game is that close, that was such a back and forth, tough defensive football game that it could come down to one of those plays and unfortunately we had a couple of them."

On the holding call against Austin, Carroll said, "That was a routine play, that was a routine jam. He's rolled up in that coverage, so he's trying to get a hit on a receiver and knock him inside. He did it exactly the way that we try to do it. I know that the official thought that he got knocked down on the play and felt like there was something extra there that wasn't legal, but we didn't see that. We are trying to be really physical in that situation and that's what Bless was doing. I didn't see him hold him or grab him, I just thought that he hit him. The officials have to interpret that stuff and it was a physical play for sure. It was more physical in general, so that's the way he saw it."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Los Angeles Rams for Week 15 of the 2021 season. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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