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'Between Two Bellores' Renewed For Second Season; Nick Bellore Hoping To Get Rainn Wilson On The Show

Seahawks linebacker/fullback Nick Bellore plans to continue his “Between Two Bellores” segment in 2022, and hopes to get non-teammates involved this year.


From busting chops in the locker room to his press conference quips to his hilarious photoshop creations posted on social media, Seahawks linebacker/fullback and Pro-Bowl special teamer Nick Bellore has developed a reputation for being one of the funniest, if not the funniest, players on the team.

Last season Bellore took his comedic chops to a new level, debuting a video series called "Between Two Bellores" an homage to Zach Galifianakis' long-running "Between Two Ferns" series.

Joining Bellore last year for intentionally awkward interviews that took place between two life-sized cardboard cutouts were receiver DK Metcalf, safety Quandre Diggs, punter Michael Dickson and linebacker Cody Barton.

Among his best lines, Bellore asked Diggs, a 5-foot-9 safety, "Being 5-6, how are you able to see the ball in the air?" While he asked Metcalf, who is known to warm up in a crop-top that shows off his abs, "I noticed you're wearing a full outfit today, is there something wrong?"

To Dickson, Bellore said, "Obviously as a specialist, a lot of guys don't view you as a real football player, for good reason. What do you do all day?" He also asked the Australian punter, "How hard is the language barrier for you?" And on the famous "double punt" against the Rams last season, Bellore asked Dickson, "Why is such a big deal about doing your job twice?"

What Bellore didn't realize going into it was that his teammates weren't familiar with the original "Between Two Ferns" videos so they weren't really in on the bit, which actually made it better.

"It was funny, because no one that I interviewed had seen the original "Between Two Ferns," Bellore said. "So I aged myself, then it also was funny because they had no idea what the concept was. It made for a better product, I think."

And in a bit of good news for fans of Bellore's sense of humor, he plans on bringing back "Between Two Bellores" for a second season, and this time he wants to branch out beyond interviewing teammates.

"I'm taking ideas for guests, and they don't all have to be football players," he said. "I'll do whatever."

Asked who he would like to interview, Bellore said, "I would like to get Rainn Wilson from The Office… If he sees this—I'm sure he tunes into all my press conferences—so if you see this, I'm more than willing to sit down with you. I'll go easy on you."

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