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Before The Noise: Season 1, Episode 1

Take a look into how the Seahawks personnel department spent their offseason and all the work that goes into being an NFL scout. 


The Seahawks are excited to launch a new five-part series called 'Before the Noise.' The series will be a prequel to the season-long docuseries ‘The Sound’ and hopes to give the 12s a peak behind the curtain of all thing Seahawks offseason up to training camp in July.

Episode 1 of 'Before the Noise' looks into the groundwork the Seahawks personnel department accomplished leading up to and through the NFL Combine. The episode takes you inside the meeting room from the NFL Combine and senior director of player personnel Matt Berry talks about what happens during a combine meeting with a prospect.

"We just have the conversation," Berry said. "Get to know the guys, we get to know their background. It's the first of many conversations we'll have with those prospects leading up to the draft. Trying to figure out who they are, if they're a culture fit, getting to know them, how we can support them and help them transition to our program, so they can be successful Seahawks."

Fans can expect Episode 2 to dive into local scouting and the NFL Draft.

From now until June, 12s can watch bi-weekly episodes of 'Before the Noise' and grasp a better understanding of all the hard work, dedication and long hours that go into building the Seahawks.

Go behind the scenes of the Seahawks draft room on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

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