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A Visit From Dr. Angela Duckworth & Observations From Day 2 Of 2022 Seahawks Training Camp

Notes and observations from the second practice of Seahawks training camp.


The Seahawks were back on the practice field Thursday for their second practice of training camp, a session that ended with Dr. Angela Duckworth addressing the team. Duckworth and Carroll first connected in 2013 when Seattle's coach was intrigued by her TED Talk on grit, and the two have maintained a friendship ever since.

Duckworth, a psychologist, author and professor, and the author of the New York Times bestseller "Grit: The Power of Passion and perseverance,” spoke to the team after practice to talk about the concept of goal fusion.

"World-class performers who are truly the best at what they do, when they are doing practice drills, especially when they're doing something that's hard and boring, they fuse the goals together," Duckworth told the team. "So when you ask them, 'What are you doing?' They don't say, 'I'm doing a drill.' They don't say, 'I'm doing what coach told me.' They don't say I'm practicing. They will say, while they're practicing, 'What am I doing? I'm winning the Super Bowl. What am I doing? I'm being my best self.' And it makes all the difference. If you keep them separate, then what you're doing now is like a chore, and it feels like work. It feels like, you can put up with it and use a little will power, but you don't really want to do it forever. But when it's the same thing, when everything single you do (is the same goa)—when you sleep right, when you eat right, when you actually say something to yourself, self-talk, 'What am I doing?' whatever your high-level goal is—Super Bowl, be my best self, be a champion. Those are the words you should say to yourself. I'm not practicing, I'm not doing a drill, it's not a means to an end. It's fused. It's all happening right here."

Said Carroll, "We're have a really fun friendship that has built over the years of discovery and study and challenge. She always challenges me and gives me a hard time, and I'm trying to do the same for her and so that we can get better. You've got a couple of gritty nuts banging heads, so there's always something that we're battling over.

"She shared a concept with our guys today that's somewhat of a cutting-edge concept—you probably haven't heard of yet, but you will—it's called goal fusion. It's fusing your goals and connecting the thoughts of what you're trying to accomplish, to keep you motivated and keep you focused on what you're doing in an attempt to try to get better. She tells us that all great competitors and performers find their way to goal fusion, they connect the dots so that they can keep themselves always pushing. So it was a really great message for the guys today. There's a million things you could share with us, but that's all we got today. So we'll work at it and we'll continue to be buds help and follow each other along the way."

In addition to Duckworth's visit, here are five more observations from the second practice of training camp:

1. Jamal Adams is seeking opinions for a hand injury.

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams shared during offseason workouts that he had surgery to deal with fingers that have been dislocated multiple times during his two seasons in Seattle, and on Thursday he was absent from practice because that same hand was bothering him on Day 1 of camp.

"Jamal is going to take some time here to try to figure out—he had a couple of surgeries that he's working on, and yesterday his hand just wasn't right," Carroll said. "So he's getting some opinions about it, so we'll see what that means. I don't know right now."

Carroll said they don't know yet how long Adams will be away or if surgery could be a possibility.

"He just felt something that didn't feel right, so he has to get it checked out," Carroll said. "He's really concerned, he's really upset that he has to miss anything, but we jumped right at the chance to take care of it and see what's going on right now."

2. Quandre Diggs is off to a great start and showing no signs of last year's injury.

Pro-Bowl safety Quandre Diggs saw his 2021 season end with a broken leg in the final game of the season, but not only was he back for the first day of camp, he also is showing no signs that the injury will affect him this season.

"He had a fantastic first day," Carroll said… "Quandre looked great yesterday. You could not tell anything (about the injury). He had a couple of bursts in coverage opportunities that he was flying around the field. I think he logged the most plays in the day, so we cut it back a little bit today. He was full-go, that was great."

3. Jordyn Brooks' presence is obvious.

It shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as he set a franchise single-season record for tackles in 2021, but linebacker Jordyn Brooks has been around the ball a ton during the first to practices of camp. Players aren't in pads so contact is almost non-existent at this point, meaning linebackers can't really show off their ability just yet, but Brooks' speed and ability to sniff out a play are already on full display.

"He's an incredible football player, his explosiveness, his speed, his toughness, his natural athleticism," Carroll said. "He's a heck of a football player. There is no ceiling to his game, he is as good as a guy can be."

4. Marquise Goodwin is stating his case early in camp.

Marquise Goodwin is 31 years old and heading into his ninth NFL season, but the former Olympic long-jumper is showing early in his first camp with Seattle that he still has world-class speed. And while Goodwin is a few years removed from his most productive seasons, including a 56-catch, 962-yard campaign in 2017, he is showing with his speed and ability to get open that he is very much in the running for a role in Seattle's offense. It also helps that he spent two seasons in Buffalo working with current Seahawks receivers coach and passing game coordinator Sanjay Lal.

"Getting Marquise here is an obvious help to us," Carroll said. "He really is a smart kid, he's great in the classroom, great with the younger guys and he can fly. He runs like crazy, and he has experience with Sanjay so they have a good mentality between them. He has been a real accent now."

5. Taking a starting job from Sidney Jones IV won't be easy.

Cornerback Sidney Jones IV started 11 games last season, and while cornerback figures to be one of the most competitive positions in camp, Carroll noted that unseating Jones from a starting spot won't be easy. Jones is off to a good start in camp win an interception on Wednesday and a couple of nice pass breakups on Thursday.

"Sidney is a playmaker, he is a field guy, he has great awareness, he's really smart, positions, sees well, reads well, has terrific hands, and plays the ball really well," Carroll said. "Now that he has showed us that he knows what is going on, knows how we want to play him, and how it fits in the scheme, now we are really trying to draw to his strengths and allow him to fit in. The way we coach him up and the way we play him, not everybody has to be exactly the same is what I'm saying. Sid has his way and he's going to be a hard guy to move because he is so sharp, is on it, and you can really count on him. He's done well. It's interesting that Coby Bryant is very similar, they have a really similar makeup in their way. Coby had an enormous year last year as a senior last year, but you can see the playmaking ability, incredible hands and timing on the football, so that's competition at its best."

Photos from Seahawks Training Camp practice, held on Thursday, July 28 at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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