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A New Wave Of Fanovation Is Coming To Lumen Field 

Lumen Field is undergoing another Fanovation project and this one will be an enhancement to the gameday experience for all fans.  

Lumen Field Wayfinding Annoucement-16x9-web

Since Lumen Field's 20th anniversary in 2022, the stadium has kicked off a series of Fanovation projects, focused on bringing the latest fan-first innovations to gameday. The latest updates will see brand new signage and names for destinations throughout the stadium to help fans better navigate Lumen Field. These updates improve navigation from entering the stadium, to locating your seat, finding a variety of food and beverage options nearby, and much more. 

Lumen Field will also debut "neighborhoods" within the stadium. Lumen Field is home to the largest events in the Pacific Northwest, hosting upwards of 2.4 million per year, and breaking out the stadium into neighborhoods will bring a small, community touch to fans' large, vibrant stadium experience. 

The neighborhoods are broken out into four main regions -- Cityside, Cascade, Rainier, and Olympic. Each region pays tribute to the iconic PNW views from that side of Lumen Field. The Cityside neighborhood will be at the North end of the stadium, Olympic the West, Rainier the South, and Cascade the East. These new neighborhoods will help fans navigate better from one neighborhood to the next, as well as locating where their seat is.

Along with the new neighborhoods, fans will also find key destinations and navigation points renamed to be better aligned. All ramps, stairs, elevators, and VIP entrances will incorporate the neighborhood in its name. Gates will also be updated to a numbered system, starting with Gate 1 (formerly NE Gate) and proceeding counter-clockwise around the stadium. No changes will be made to Section, Seat, or Suite numbers. 

Fans will start to see the first wave of changes throughout October as painting begins and the new, modern signage is installed. The new neighborhoods and destination names will be displayed with sleek, modern signs throughout the concourses and exterior spaces. Several of the signs also have advanced functionality with lights and digital LED screens that can be tailored to each individual event at the stadium. 

This November, Lumen Field will officially switch over all terminology to the new neighborhoods and gate numbers. Seahawks fans will be able to find the neighborhood their seats are in on their mobile ticket in the Seahawks Mobile App.

Seahawks fans can enjoy offerings from more than 40 esteemed local restaurant partners. More than 25 of the restaurant partners serving at Lumen Field this season are from within five miles of the stadium neighborhoods of SODO, Chinatown/International District and Pioneer Square.

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