24 Questions To Help You Get To Know Seahawks DT Quinton Jefferson

Get to know Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson, who the Seahawks traded up to select in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Seahawks traded up with the New England Patriots in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft on Saturday, selecting Maryland defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson at No. 147 overall.

After joining the Seattle-area media on a conference call, Jefferson joined Seahawks.com for a light-hearted Q&A session that should help 12s get to know the Pittsburgh native a little bit better.

1. Nickname?

Jefferson: "Q."

2. College Major?

Jefferson: "Family Science."

3. Secret Talent or Hobby?

Jefferson: "I used to like to draw."

4. Person you idolized growing up?

Jefferson: "My grandfather, Muhammad Rasul."

5. Gameday rituals or superstitions?

Jefferson: "I've got to listen to R&B music before the game."

6. Favorite artist?

Jefferson: "Jay-Z."

7. First album you ever purchased?

Jefferson: "[Laughter]. Yeah, I do. I think it might've been like a Murder Inc. CD. It was a while ago."

8. First job?

Jefferson: "My first job was at Best Buy. I worked in the warehouse."

9. Favorite T.V. show?

Jefferson: "Martin/Game of Thrones."

10. Is Jon Snow alive?

Jefferson: "Shoot, I don't know. I think they're going to bring him back."

11. Favorite movie?

Jefferson: "Kill Bill."

12. Projected Madden rating?

Jefferson: "They need to give me a 99 if you ask me. [Laughter]."

13. Better trilogy: 'Star Wars' or 'Lord of the Rings?'

Jefferson: "I kind of like Lord of the Rings better."

14. Dogs or cats?

Jefferson: "Dogs. I have a dog. It's a border collie mixed with a sheep dog. His name is Ranger. He's a little old. I've had him since I was younger, so I think he might stay here in Pittsburgh."

15. Kobe or LeBron?

Jefferson: "Kobe, easy."

16. Batman or Superman?

Jefferson: "Batman."

17. Michael Jordan or Crying Jordan?

Jefferson: "[Laughter]. Crying Jordan."

18. The first thing you're hoping to buy as an NFL player is…?

Jefferson: "Something for my wife, Nadia."

19. The most famous person you've ever met is…?

Jefferson: "Kevin Hart."

20. The Seahawks player or coach you're looking forward to seeing most is…?

Jefferson: "Probably my old teammate A.J. Francis, or Michael Bennett."

21. If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, what would you choose?

Jefferson: "Tiger."

22. The one category you hope to lead the NFL in one day is…?

Jefferson: "Sacks, of course."

23. The best advice you've ever received is…?

Jefferson: "The best advice I've ever received was control what you can control."

24. Aside from the NFL, your dream job would be…?

Jefferson: "I love clothes and shoes, so probably owning my clothing line."


The Seahawks trade up in the fourth round to select Quinton Jefferson a defensive tackle from Maryland with pick 147.

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