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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 17-13 Loss To The Bengals

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 6 loss to the Bengals at Paycor Stadium.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

"I thought that was an incredible football game today. So hard-fought, both teams were so close. The game started differently than it ended. I thought the guys played about as good as they could play on the defensive side of the ball. They lit it up in the second half with pressure, didn't make a yard on the turnover they got, and forced the field goal. The defense gave us every chance. We had our opportunities, and I liked the way we went about it. We had our shot, going for the win. We weren't trying to kick a field goal there, going for the win with all four downs. We liked the calls we had; we just didn't execute well enough to get it done. All the red zone stuff is where they got us, where we needed touchdowns. Our numbers will look bad there in the red zone, but we were so close to winning that football game. Give them credit, they hung in there and got it, but I loved the way we played today. I know we had our penalties and there's stuff to get better at, but that's a competitive group. They fought their butt off today, both sides of the football. It's going to help us down the road. We're going to keep playing hard, keep playing tough, and make it hard on everybody we play."

Was there any common theme to the red zone issues?

           "I have to watch the film. I don't know."

Did anything change defensively for you guys in the second half?

           "We hung tough on so many situations. Joe Burrow is a heck of a quarterback and he showed you that right off the bat. First couple of drives, he was nails. Our guys then tightened things down, we got more pressure, and made the throws more challenged. We made it hard on him. I don't know how many yards they had today, but it wasn't a lot. I thought we played the way we've been playing. We played the game plan we went in with, stayed with it all day long, and it worked for us. We did a really good job on third down in the second half. Both sides of the ball, third down was an improvement today, which is a step in the right direction. It wasn't quite enough, but a step in the right direction."

On that last fourth down where both teams called timeouts, was there something you were looking for there?

           "Yeah there was. We had the opportunity to do it so I wanted to make sure that we were really clear and everyone knew exactly what had to be done. That was the play."

Does a loss like this make it more frustrating, considering how hard the team played?

           "It makes it more frustrating, of course. That was a game to win, right there. We came out here on the road, their crowd going crazy, and we're right there. We're inside the 10 a bunch of times to win the game. Unfortunately, we couldn't get it in."

How did it look having Jamal Adams back for a full game?

           "It was great he finally made it through. I'm really happy for him. That's a good accomplishment, and now he can take the next step. He had some really nice plays today, good contributions."

What happened with DK Metcalf? Is he fine?

           "He got hit in the hip. He went back in, he sucked it up and went back in."

The plays Tre Brown made today stood out ...

           "It was another impressive game from him, terrific with the interception. It was perfect coverage, and he finished the play, which was great. I think it was on third down too. It's nice to have him back out there. Michael Jackson played also; we rotate those guys a little bit. Tre did a nice job."

Geno Smith took a sack on one of those fourth downs ...

           "Yeah I'd love to get the ball out there. It's killing him, so he knows."

QB Geno Smith

What was the issue in the red zone today?

           "We didn't finish. We didn't finish in the red zone. I think that's pretty obvious. I thought we moved the ball well pretty much all day and stalled out down there. We'd have to actually look at the film to see exactly what happened but just from thoughts after the game it felt like we didn't finish and didn't execute as good as we did in the open field."

What were you looking for on the two fourth downs?

           "Just trying to find the open guy. Going through my reads trying to find the open guy. Like I said, I'll have to go back through the film to get an exact observation of what I should have done better, but overall I just should have been better. I feel like my guys and the defense played a tremendous game. I feel like the offensive line played a tremendous game. You felt Charles Cross out there when he got back in the game, he did a tremendous job. I thought Jaxon (Smith-Njigba), I'm so proud of Jaxon and the way he played. So proud of DK and the way he played as well as Tyler, man. I felt like the guys deserved to win today. Obviously, I didn't do my best job today to get that done. So those are things I put on myself, I lay right on my feet right, on my shoulders and I look forward to the next opportunity."

The first interception, what happened there?

           "I need to be better. Can't do that, especially in the red zone. Can't put the ball in harm's way. Like I said, the defense played a tremendous game, and we had points right there. I've got to protect the ball and I've got to be better."

On the second interception, it looked like there was a miscommunication there between you and DK Metcalf?

           "That's on me. Again, another chance for us to go down there and make plays and score points with our defense playing great, and didn't do the right thing on that play. Those are things that are not characteristic of the way I've been playing, and I know that I can be a lot better. I need to look myself in the mirror and figure those things out, so I will."

On that last fourth down there were two timeouts called. Did that change anything following the timeout call?

           "Not for us. Maybe for them but not for us. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. We had a great play. I thought Shane (Waldron) called a great game today. As well as Coach (Clint) Hurtt. On that play, Shane gave us the right play call. There was a guy who was open. I was trying to get it to Colby (Parkinson) there, he had a chance to maybe score in the end zone right there and it just didn't work out. Like I said, those are things that I need to fix myself and I look forward to that."

Was Colby Parkinson the primary target there?

           "When it's fourth down for the game, they're all primaries. Just find the one-on-one and get it to your guy. He did a great job, and I just didn't get it to him on time."

On the replays it looked like you were looking left the whole time, so is that who you were looking at the whole way?

           Yeah, once the defense doubled DK (Metcalf) and doubled Tyler (Lockett), Colby (Parkinson) was one-on-one."

Is this one you're going to flush easily, or will you beat yourself up over it?

           "You've got to flush it. If you play long enough in this game it will happen, but you have to flush it and you have to move on to the next one. We have a lot of football left to play. I believe in the type of player I am. I know today is not indicative of who I am as a player. A few mistakes that I'd love to have back but sometimes that happens in a game. You've just got to flush it and move on."

You guys moved the ball so well on the first drive. Did anything change after that?

           "It's the NFL, man. They get paid too. It's going to be tough. Every week is going to be tough. I say that all the time that every week is going to be a new tough opponent. They're going to bring some different things to the table, and we were able to move the ball pretty much all game. They stopped us a few times, but I felt like we moved the ball pretty well and we just have to finish in the red zone."

What do you make of the offense being so good on early downs but not so much on third down?

           "Like I said, I'll have to go back to the film on that. I can't give you a proper answer without doing that but overall, it always comes down to execution. It always comes down to how we execute as players. Never putting it on anyone else, always pointing the thumb right back at myself, and I know that I can be a lot better on third downs and I know I can be a lot better throughout the game for our guys, so like I said I'm looking forward to that next one."

You mentioned the defense earlier. How encouraging is it even in a loss seeing the way they play, knowing what it can mean moving forward?

           "Really, really proud of those guys and that's what we expect from those guys. They have a lot of great players on that side of the ball. They're a big reason this team is going to win a lot of games. We are going to need them to play like that and continue to play like that for the rest of the season. As an offense it really hurts, especially as a quarterback. Seeing those guys battle the way they did — I think they only gave up 50-something yards in the second half. For us to go down there with two or three opportunities to take the lead, and for us not to do it, that's really on me. Like I said, have to be better and I will be."

You were OK physically?


What's the attitude in there after a game that probably was winnable?

           "Obviously after a loss, no one is going to be happy about it, but you have to look at it the proper way. It's always the process over results. Like I said, I feel like the guys played a tremendous game and if I make a few less mistakes and a few more plays then we're in here talking about a win. Really that just falls on my feet, on my shoulders, and like I said that next one is what it's all about."

S Julian Love

What changed for you guys defensively after those first two drives when they went down and scored, and then didn't really make it to the red zone the rest of the way?

           "They had good scheme. They were doing some good things on the first drive or two. A lot of scripted plays on that first drive. Then, we kind of brought it up to what they were doing and what we had to do. We switched it up a bit scheme-wise. It was going to be tighter in coverage and make plays."

Even in a loss, is this still something you guys especially as a defense can build on?

           "Yes. I quickly looked at the numbers, but we accomplished a lot of the goals that we wanted to accomplish on defense. I think it's a step, but it's not end-all be-all. I think that next step for us to be great is we have to get the ball. We had opportunities. Tre Brown made a great play, but we have to create three turnovers. That's what can make a team great. So, we're always pushing for that. That's a goal that we didn't hit. So, I think there's always things that you can build on to try to be a little sharper."

How frustrating is it that you guys had the win there for the taking, but didn't quite come up with it?

           "It's extremely frustrating. We played, all in all, a good game. We could look objectively at the stats sheet and all that stuff, and it doesn't represent fully what happened out there, but that's football. Their defense, they made some crucial plays in critical situations. That's something for us to take. To be considered one of those teams, you have to capitalize on those. So yes, we're leaving frustrated, but we know what's ahead of us, and that's the message that coach Carroll shared."

The way the guys as safeties have had Jamal Adams' back, how do you feel like that's all coming together?

           "I think it looked good. I think we were pretty effective when all of us were on the field today. It's different for sure. Last year, I didn't leave the field too much at the beginning of the season. But, I understand that my goal is for us to be winning games, and to win games, Jamal needs to be on the field. So, I think that was pretty effective, and I know we're going to do some things that are going to be fun moving forward. We have a lot of talented players on this team, a lot of talented DBs especially on this team. There are going to be a couple that aren't on the field every play, and so the people on the field have to make the most of their opportunity."

S Jamal Adams

It wasn't the result that you guys wanted, but how did it feel personally for you to be out there the whole game?

           "I'm grateful, man. Grateful heart. Obviously, that was the goal. I was just taking it one quarter at a time. Obviously, I was on a little rep count. That was killing me to be on the sideline, but I understood the routine, and I understood the plan. I feel great."

How did the game change as it went on? It seems like you were blitzing a lot early, and then maybe not as much later on.

           "Joe (Burrow) was getting the ball out quick. Obviously, we figured that out early on. He wasn't around when our rush would get there. Obviously, we were trying to hit him from different angles, coming up the middle or whatever the case may be. He was doing a great job of getting the ball out. We were just trying to rally and do our best to get to him, but honestly, it wasn't happening as much as we needed it to."

There were seven stops in a row on defense. How encouraging is that for you, even in a loss?

           "It's phenomenal. Obviously, you come out and you have a mission. We got started really slow, kind of putting ourselves in a hole as far as penalties and killing ourselves. But, I felt like we finished the game strong. We felt like we came out there and we had swagger, we had juice. That's just Seattle; that's just what we do. That's our DNA."

What were these last couple of weeks like for you, after coming back in New York before your concussion and all of that?

           "Obviously, that was a lot going on. Obviously, I was just focused on the next week. I was excited to get back out there, and I knew I had an opportunity. We treat it like a championship opportunity every week. Obviously, we don't make it bigger than what it is, but it was exciting to get back out there and play a full game, for sure."

Where do you feel like you guys are at defensively through five games?

           "I feel like we're just getting started. Obviously, just having everybody out there, that's the key. Just flowing and understanding where everybody's going to be. Communication-wise, playing as one. But, the sky is the limit. We just have to keep working, put our heads down and just continue to get better."

WR Jake Bobo

Let's talk about that catch you had. How do you hang on to that ball?

           "It was a great ball by Geno (Smith). He put it in a spot where I had to go up and get it — gave me time to get down, and protect myself a little bit. It was a great call. Great call. Got the coverage we wanted, and got it done."

What did Cincinnati do different with their pressures the last couple drives?

           "Yeah, a little bit — I felt like we were prepared. We knew what we wanted to do, we knew what we were going to get, but they're a good defense. So, it's execution on execution at that point, and they obviously had the advantage."

It hurts to lose any game, but to be in the red zone twice ... does this one sting more?

           "Yeah, it stings a lot more only because we couldn't finish a couple times. It hurts a little bit more, because our defense played the way they did. So, we wanted to get it done for those guys. They came out here, and did what they needed to do, and what they expected to do. So, it's tough not to be able to get it done for those guys."

Kenneth Walker said one of the things he takes away is just the fight and resiliency. Would you agree with that, or is there something else to add?

           "No, this team's going to be just fine. We're going to keep battling, keep following No. 7, keep following those guys on the other side of the ball, and we'll be alright."

What was fun to watch what the defense did today?

           "Our secondary. They have arguably one of the best receiving corps in the league, and they got it done. No. 21, No. 27, Tre Brown — they got it done, and it was fun to watch."

RB Kenneth Walker III

Talk to me about the touchdown ...

           "We ran to the right side, and the O-line did a great job, and they had to hold, so it was pretty much a walk-in touchdown."

What was their defense doing to you in the second half in the red zone?

           "I believe it was one of those things (where) we didn't finish and execute, so we just got to go fix that."

CB Tre Brown

Can you talk about how this secondary was able to hold their receivers down after they had a big game last week?

           "Shout out to everybody in the secondary — the whole defense really. Guys were able to get pressure, and then ended up getting Joe Burrow out of his game to make those type of throws, so the back end was locking down and doing our thing. We haven't even scratched the surface of what this secondary can be, and this is the first time really we've had everybody healthy. To see that, and realize what we've got in front of us, it's going to be special."

On that interception, how'd you read that play?

           "We were in three-by-one backside, Ja'Marr Chase by himself — I'm on an island — so it's going to be a fade or hitch. I knew I was by myself, I saw him look back early, turned around, turned into him, caught the ball."

On a back shoulder throw is the trick to get your head around before the receiver?

           "Yes. It's pretty tricky to play a back shoulder throw. Good thing I was able to be in position to make that play."

Did you guys dial up more pressure in the second half?

           "Yeah, we dialed up a lot of pressure. Guys were able to get home, we were able to cover on the back end. The coaches trust in us — we're able to play man-to-man — and it worked out for us."

How were you guys able to make them one dimensional? That run game never really got going today ...

           "The D-line has been doing a really good job this year stopping the run. Everybody's been averaging 2.5, 2.3? That's Top-5, Top-3 in the NFL. We knew what those guys were about, we just had to come play our game."

You mentioned the secondary playing together for the first time today. What did you think about the overall effort from the defense?

           "I like that because I know the offense is going to fix their problems. If we keep playing how we're playing, we're going to be one of the best in the NFL soon. Like I said — can't point the figure, we've got those guys' backs, so whatever goes on, we know they're going to fix it."

DE Dre'Mont Jones

Coming in, one of the focuses was making the Bengals one-dimensional. How did you guys go about shutting down the run?

           "I thought we did a hell of a job shutting down the run — side to side, top to bottom, doesn't matter what it is — we held them to like 45 yards? You can't do better than that against that team."

If you look at total numbers, I think they were just over 200 yards of total offense. Where can you say where the defense stepped up and did exactly what you wanted?

           "We just played the best we could, and when it was time to go get Joe (Burrow), we did what we could to go get Joe."

How could you tell that pass rush was getting to him in the second half?

           "He was getting a little frantic. I know Joe, and he likes to be comfortable back there, and he likes to get dinking and dunking and taking his time."

How can dinking and dunking catch a defense off guard?

           "He didn't really catch us off balance, we just (made him off-balance). The first 15 plays by an offense are usually scripted anyway, so it was just going to something they knew would work real quick, and it worked real quick, but everything else was smooth sailing for us."

You did get to Burrow, and he's a former teammate from your college days. Did you have any advantage having seen him enough?

           "I ain't no DB, so I have no advantage. Our advantage is playing against the O-line, and watching them, and seeing if I can pick apart what they do wrong."

What did you say to him after you sacked him?

           (Laughs) "No comment. I can't speak on that one."

What did you think about what the defense did overall today and what you can build on?

           "I thought our energy and effort was there. That's something we always want — we never got discouraged. We really believe we had a chance to win this game, but if we keep up that attitude, there's going to be more numbers in the win column for sure."

What did Tre Brown's interception do for everybody on the defense?

           "It gets everybody going, gets everybody fired up. Tre had been battling an injury, came back strong with a crucial PBU, and a crucial pick, and that's a testament to how hard he's working and how hard he studies."

LB Boye Mafe

Let's start with you getting to the quarterback. You had a free run — what happened on that play?

           "As you noticed, we had a blitz on, tackle slid down to pick up the blitz, I came free off the edge and took advantage of the opportunity. I appreciate the guys helping me out on that and making the lane open for myself."

You guys put more pressure on in the second half. What were the other adjustments you made?

           "We understood the situation, and had to settle ourselves down. Everyone had to come together, regroup, and reset ourselves and our focus. We just took that accountability, and said we had to be better in the second half."

Tre Brown had the interception and a big PBU. What do you like about his game?

           "He's playing confident, he's taking his chances, and we love that. To see him step up in coverage, and making those plays up top, that's the stuff we need, and the stuff that energizes our defense. Those are big, explosive plays."

The defense had a couple big stops in the fourth quarter. What's the confidence level for you guys in the way you're playing together?

           "It's that chemistry we're building — that chemistry and that trust in each other, seeing how to play off each other and with each other. Just understand that when you look at the guy to your left and your right, that you can trust them."

What's your confidence level in the offense?

           "Very confident — our offense has been clicking all year. It's nothing to us. Now we know just as much if they give us opportunities to go out there and play defense, we have to give them opportunities to go out there and play."

As you turn the page to next week, what do you build on?

           "We build on that by understanding we have to come out strong. We're going to start fast, put ourselves in a better position, hold that accountability, and figure out where we have to get better after that. Take that accountability, digest the film, and get ready for the next one."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 6 at the Bengals at Paycor Stadium on October 15, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery. This gallery will be updated throughout the game.

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