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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 29-26 Win Over The Commanders

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 10 win over the Commanders at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

PETE CARROLL: This was a really impressive finish for us in this game. The basics of what happened was we didn't turn the ball over one time. We were plus one for the day, which we didn't take advantage of, but to not turn it over, we need to go in that direction. We've been screwing it up for the last few weeks. It was a tough game the whole time. These guys have been kind of on a roll, feeling pretty good about themselves, and for good reason, they've been putting some games back to back. They were very confident and played that way. For us to finish like we did, I thought it was really impressive to see our offense finish scoring the last three times we had the ball. Geno did a fantastic job of leading us down the field, and the guys -- Tyler and DK made the big plays in there with a couple cool runs by the young guys. I thought that was just a really impressive way to finish the game. Again, we saw Kenny Walker, a big factor that he played in the game with the huge catch and run, 60-something yards, whatever, an enormous play that we needed a breakout just to kind of get going. I thought there was a lot of things that felt normal for us. We played really hard in the fourth quarter. Even though we couldn't get that last stop on defense, we did what we needed to do on offense and got the game won. They had two big plays in this game that are amazingly similar, almost the exact same scenario what happened, and that was the difference in the game for them. Those are plays -- I have not seen that happen once, let alone happen a couple times in the same scenario. But something we can certainly fix that doesn't have to happen again. We can get that out of our football. Jason Myers had a great day today, not just the five field goals, but the five field goals under pressure. He needed some pressure kicks today, and Chris Stoll and Mikey came through with him to function just perfectly to get the kicks done. It was a great day for Jason. We're going to need him. We're going to need him all the way down the stretch. This was a good game for his confidence boost, reminding us who he is. A lot of cool things today. Leonard had his first sack today as a Seahawk. That was fun. Mafe continues -- does he have a record going here or something like that?

Q. Seven straight.

PETE CARROLL: Seven straight? I don't know how the heck you do that, but he's doing it, and really proud of him. As we've talked about him so much during the season about his growth and really the transition from year one to year two, it's obvious he's playing with the big boys now. He's up in there and having a chance to really put together a great season. He's already had a terrific season. Really fired up for him in that regard. I'm sure I forgot somebody to talk about here, but this was a big deal for us. It's a big deal after last week to come back and play good football and play hard. We came right back and played the way we've been playing the last six weeks from start to finish, playing tough and hard. They haven't been all pretty wins all the way, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the way we finished today and the attitude and their resolve about getting this win done. That's going to help us right down the stretch. So we turn the corner. Here we go.

Q. What did you think of Geno on the last two drives?

PETE CARROLL: I thought he was almost perfect, all but maybe once perfect. The throws he had to come up with, the calls, the poise, the cadence, running the club, the whole thing. He was perfect. I thought he was just exactly what we would hope we can see in him. I'm sure he had great numbers today. Must have had terrific numbers. But more than that, he just came through,

just like we're counting on. Third downs weren't quite good enough, but we were close, and we've got to keep working to get those better.

Q. Third game with a game-winning drive. What about his style and personality lets him --

PETE CARROLL: You guys don't get a chance to see how poised he is, how calm he is. We talked just before the last drive to say if we've got to go to overtime, we'll go to overtime. Let's make great decisions here. He was totally in tune with what we were talking about, and he just picked away and knocked us right down the field. But he really is poised, and he's really confident, and he's clear as a bell to talk to. There's no distraction in him at all. That's why he was available for that moment, and he came through.

Q. Sometimes one play can really change things for an offense. This has been a group that's been struggling quite a bit the last few weeks. How much do you see that touchdown catch by Ken Walker really awakening everything?

PETE CARROLL: It was Kenny doing what he does. He's awesome in the open field. Made it look easy to go 60-something yards. But it was just a lift. It was a lift because we have been fighting every step of the way. We needed something big to happen to have some fun and feel it. He came through in a great way.

Q. Utilizing both running backs, how do you like it?

PETE CARROLL: Oh, man, you've got to love Zach. He comes in there and lights us up with his downhill running, his physical nature. They're totally different styles, and I couldn't love that more. I've been saying that for a long time. I love that we have a one-two punch or a two-one punch. It doesn't matter. Those guys can really make it happen.

Q. You guys really had it in control defensively until the fourth quarter. What happened? Was it the last two drives?

PETE CARROLL: Well, it was the play. It was really one play. It was a scramble and we lost coverage on the scramble and he dumps it over the top to the back and he runs down the sidelines. Those were just two huge plays in this game that just didn't have to happen. Give them credit; they figured out how to make some yards out of it. But the likelihood of that coming up and happening again are not very good.

Q. What happened at the end of the first half? You guys had an opportunity to get a field goal --

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we didn't get it. I should have got us time-out. I was fighting to reset the clock with the official and I couldn't get it done, and I should have called time-out before we had a delay of game. That was the one I was worried about.

Q. How do you think you and the team helped Geno Smith all week and even today?

PETE CARROLL: I think it was a beautiful illustration of it. Everybody did right down the stretch. That's all we ever hope to do about finishing is just keep doing stuff that's right and

outlast them and have the chance to win if it takes us until the last play of the game. That's exactly what it felt like out there. It was really a great illustration of everybody around him because he had great play from everybody. The catches and the catch-and-runs -- DK had a marvelous day. Tyler starred on this day. And the running backs did great stuff. That's what we're talking about. He doesn't have to be the whole show. He needs to be the point guard and be in the middle of it, and he was exactly that today.

Q. On Devon Witherspoon.

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, and a great caused fumble. It was a fantastic play. So clear the intent. He knew exactly the situation he was in. I've got the quarterback, I got him held up. I've got a chance. He just out-competed him for the football and got the ball out. It was a great play. But the pass breakups -- I think a couple of them might have been against McLaurin, too, and challenged him right from the get-go. One of the first passes of the game, he's all over him, makes a play. He continues to show us he's a very special football player, and we're lucky to have him on our side.

Q. There were moments certainly where Geno, the whole offense, just kind of buying yards but not able to return it for touchdowns --

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we didn't fire just right on a couple of the 3rd down opportunities. He took some tough throws, and there was a couple balls where the receiver kind of pulled out and tried to adjust to what he was seeing in coverage, so it looks like the throw is bad. We have to work together. That's what I'm talking about. Everybody has got to help. It's not just a one-man show. Sometimes guys make some decisions that don't work and don't work for the QB. You look at him like he can't throw the ball to anybody. So it's just a matter of just getting better and staying with it. This was really important for us. It's the turn of the half of the season. We're in the second half, right? You can't figure it out these days. But we're in the second half of the season, and to get a win here at home is just marvelous for our fans and for our players.

Q. Tariq Woolen, you had talked this week about he needed to take that step forward. Is this the kind of game you needed to see from him?

PETE CARROLL: I've got to look at the film. I really don't have much to say about that. I don't know how he did. But those guys didn't have a big factor. Good receivers and the throwing game that they've really been having a lot of success with, I thought we held up okay out there.

Q. Jason has made like 16 out of his last 17 but had struggles early on. What made you confident early on that he was going to turn that around?

PETE CARROLL: Because we know his way, how he handles stuff, and the competitor that he is, his habits. His mentality is just unwavering. As long as he's strong, he makes me strong. I've got all the commitment in the world to back him up. I think I said something a long time ago about that. He's the real deal, and he's a great kicker, and shoot, he showed you again today. It doesn't mean everybody hits everything forever. They go up and down and they have a couple misses here and there and then you fight your way back to who you are, and he's a fantastic player.

Q. The second-to-last drive you went 4th and 5 and I think it was a 57-yard field goal at that point. At what point were you going to kick --

PETE CARROLL: You're going to have to find that out when it happens. There's no reason for me to tell anybody that.

Q. Tyler took that shot early. For him to play through that --

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, just the fact that he got up, it was -- the kid didn't mean to do that, but he runs into the hit like that, and it was obviously a big hit, and I think they handled it right. He didn't waver. He had a great game after that. He's a total pro. He's the consummate pro, and he showed it again today. The poise that he has -- we all know him well enough to feel the poise when here comes the ball and he goes down to make the catch or he works to the sidelines or whatever he has to do, he just does it in just classic Tyler fashion. We had a great game from him today.

Q. DK got a lot of passes down the stretch, too, including that last one. What's in him --

PETE CARROLL: His focus was great today. He was just tuned in. I don't know if you noticed how much he was hustling around and all that, but his focus was excellent. There wasn't a play that seemed like he wasn't there and available for it. It was really clear to us. I thought he had a terrific game.

Q. Did it seem like he came through pretty clean injury-wise?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, the only thing we had is Dareke Young's abdomen thing. Something might have happened there. He's the only guy on the injury report.

QB Geno Smith

Q. How did that one feel?

GENO SMITH: Great to get a win. Great to get a win, especially at home in front of our fans. I thought the crowd was electric once again. It's always good to get a win.

Q. What was that chemistry like with DK on the final drive? You targeted him three times, I think.

GENO SMITH: Yeah, DK, he's such a special player. Anytime we get a chance to get him the ball, especially when the game is on the line, he continues to show up and show you exactly who he is. I believe he's one of the better receivers in the game. I felt like he played a tremendous game today, and we've got to keep that up. We've got to keep building on that.

Q. The drive before that was four balls to Tyler Lockett.

GENO SMITH: Yeah, as you could see, D-coordinators are trying just about everything to guard those guys. It's really hard for them to do it. Either they're going to double DK or they're going to double Tyler, and my job is to find the single, the guy who's matched up one-on-one. Typically those guys win their one-on-ones, and I felt like Tyler had a great game. But it really started with protection, started with play calling. Felt like all 11 played together today no matter the circumstance, started out a little rough but we still found a way to get it done.

Q. You've always prioritized winning above everything else, but you've also been hard on yourself when you don't play the way you want to play. 367 yards today, no turnovers, to have a day like that, how important is that for you?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, it really doesn't matter to me personally. Like I always tell you guys, I know who I am as a player, I know exactly what I can do, and I always remain confident in that. But I felt like just to get a win coming back after last week, felt like we did a lot of uncharacteristic things in that last game, and it was important for us to kind of get back to who we are today, and I felt like we did that. Like I said, I feel like Shane called an amazing game. I felt like the O-line did exactly what they were supposed to do. They were great in the run game, great in the passing game. It allowed us to really dial up some plays and get some guys going. Even with that, I still feel like we left some stuff out there, so a lot of room for improvement.

Q. When you dump off that pass to Ken, are you thinking, hey, this is maybe a five-, ten-yard gain, and how did you see that play out?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, anytime Ken (Walker III) gets the ball, it's a chance for a touchdown. Whenever you dump it off to him, three-yard pass, 60-something-yard touchdown, I'll take them all like that. Ken is such a great player. You've just got to figure out ways to get him the ball in space. We were trying to attack a different part of the field on that. They took it away. I felt like I did something I was supposed to do, which is check it down, and was rewarded by a great play by Ken.

Q. Pete said he told you that going to overtime was okay. Did you change your approach in any way at all because of that?

GENO SMITH: Not at all. Not at all. I think that was coach's way of reminding me not to do nothing crazy with the football right there. When we're in that situation, we're right at home. We practice that every single day in the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. We knew exactly how much time we had, how many timeouts, just about everything that we needed to do, we knew what to do, and like I said, I feel like Shane called a great game down the stretch. DK made some tremendous plays, just being exactly who he is, and how about J-My (Jason Myers), just going in there and finishing the game off, really doing what he did, making five field goals. We needed every one of them.

Q. In games like that, how important is level-headedness? What does that provide you clarity-wise?

GENO SMITH: It's everything. Coach (Pete) Carroll did a great job last night talking to the team. He talked about quieting the voice in the head, quieting the mind. For me and maybe some other players, I feel like I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. I'm pushing myself to be the best I

can be, and sometimes that gets to me. But coach did a great job of making sure that I was level-headed and had a clear mind, and that allowed me to go out there and play the game I play.

Q. What did you remind yourself in that moment? What do you go back to? Is there a cue or something that gets you back there?

GENO SMITH: Not really a cue, just playing football. Going out there and finishing the game, do the next right thing, whatever that is, and making sure that I'm always being in the right frame of mind so I can go out there and play clear, level-headed and make the right plays.

Q. You said sometimes you're your own worst enemy, but what do you think it is that allowed you to be in the right head space in those moments?

GENO SMITH: I think, like you said, poise. That's a key factor in it. You've got to be calm. The guys got to feel that calmness from you. You don't want to get antsy or anything in the huddle and guys get a little nervous. Being calm but also just being in that position so many times throughout my lifetime playing football, knowing that you're either going to make the play or you're not. It's kind of ironic, I was listening to Kobe Bryant, one of his interviews, and he was talking about missing a game-winning shot, and he was like unpacking what are you worried about; are you a failure if you miss it. I truly believe there is no failure, you just learn. Whether you win or you lose, you've got to continue to learn. I think today we got it done, and that was all that mattered.

Q. What were you thinking at halftime because you guys put up a lot of yards but only had nine points?

GENO SMITH: Yeah. I felt like we were moving the ball. I felt like we moved the ball up and down the field and just weren't able to finish in the red zone. That's something we talk about always, just trying to finish in the red zone. We knew that we'd get those opportunities again in the second half, and we all collectively said we're going to finish. When the time comes, we're going to finish in the end zone, and it felt like we did that when we needed to.

Q. It looked like you guys were protesting the grounding call at the end of the half there. What did the officials tell you about that?

GENO SMITH: Just called intentional grounding. I thought it wasn't, but they called it, so just some things I can correct on that, maybe get the ball out faster so they don't have to make that call.

Q. Were you just trying to draw them offsides on that one 4th down?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, just trying to get them offsides.

Q. You said it's not failure, it's learning. What did you learn?

GENO SMITH: That you've got to keep playing. You've got to keep on playing. The game is never over, which we know. We've done this time and time again. It's always a constant learning experience. That's just life in general. So just trying to learn from every single test, every single opportunity.

Q. He does it a lot, but are you still just wowed with some of those toe-tap catches that Tyler (Lockett) makes?

GENO SMITH: Yeah. Every time you see it, it's like a wowing thing, man. Tyler, again, has got those small feet. He just knows how to get them inbounds. He's going to continue to make those plays. He practices that. But he's really great at it.

Q. Are you surprised to see how wide open he can get?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, not surprised but very happy. I'd love for him to get wide open every single time so it would make the throws easier. But he's a great player. He's a guy we depend on, and he comes through every single week.

TE Will Dissly

(On the offense getting going) "This was a good test. Just to come out here and keep playing ball all the way through the fourth quarter. This shows the kind of guys that we have in our locker room. Especially coming off the game that we had previously. Just a credit to our guys for winning all four quarters. Big shoutout to DK [Metcalf] for making those catches in overtime. And [Jason Myers] too."

(On what changed for the offense from the first half to the second half) "I should get this out of the way here and say we need to watch the tape to see what it was, but what I'm going to say is the [offensive] line protected their tails off, they blocked. You can see some explosive runs, you can see them wearing down in the second half. A lot of those three, four-yard plays turned in to six, seven yard plays. I think we had a whole drive where I don't know if we threw a pass. It was fun. It was a fun game, good team win. Everyone contributed and we came out with the [win]."

RB Kenneth Walker III

(On his touchdown reception) "I looked at my protection first and no one came through, so I kind of just leaked out and when he dumped it off, I just ran. I think T-Lock (Lockett) and (Jake) Bobo were over there blocking so I just attacked the safety and went up the field."

(On whether he felt that touchdown got the offense kick started) "Yeah, I think that was good for our momentum. We haven't been doing as well as we have been wanting to on offense. I think that was good, and practice was good to just come together the way we did throughout the week."

(On the benefit of those final two drives, getting scores when they needed to, and getting the win in this way) "It was good. It just showed that we keep fighting. It was a close game and they're a real good team. But, yeah, I felt it was good that we were able to score."

(On his confidence in Geno Smith in late game situations) "We have a lot of faith in him. He's a great leader and we trust him. I see it day in and day out. In those situations, I'm glad that we've got Geno."

(On how Geno Smith shows his leadership) "Throughout practice. He's a vocal leader. I feel like he keeps the team together."

LB Bobby Wagner

(On getting a win like that after last week's result) "I think in this league, it's definitely good to get a win. Last week, it didn't turn out how we wanted to, but we were able to come out [today] and through all of the things that happened, we still got a win."

(On Geno Smith's ability to provide leadership late in the game) "We see it all week. He's always very, very composed, regardless of what's going on in the game, regardless of what's happened. He comes out and he's going to make the right read, make the right play. Especially in crunch time, he did a really, really good job of making plays. DK did a very good job, too. To come back after last week and be able to close the game out, put us in a chance to win, speaks a lot about Geno."

(On how the defense played today) "I think we did OK. We had moments where we did really well. We had moments where we need to clean things up. So, we just got to get better."

(On Washington's success in their final two drives) "I don't think it was anything they did, new, or anything like that. I think it's just us needing to be disciplined and make sure we make the plays we need to make."

(On seeing some of the young guys be impactful) "The growth of those guys has been really, really fun to watch. Mafe, he gets a sack every week. It's really been cool. Not just the sacks, but the composure. Everybody keeps talking the record, talking about him being able to do those things, but he doesn't let them bother him. He just locks in and he just does his job and he does it at a high level. Spoon is Spoon, he's going to make plays, and he's going to bring the energy. There are a lot of guys that we could talk about. Every week they're making more and more plays and it's helping our team."

(On whether the defense bumped into each other on the Antonio Gibson touchdown) "I don't know, I haven't watched the film."

(On whether the sideline catches by the running backs are like playground plays, and how can those be prevented) "I think we just got to do a better job of understanding that sometimes, when the quarterback is out of the pocket, you want to kind of leave coverage and go make the play, but it's tough. If you don't leave, then he gets the first down, but if you do then he throws it over your head. It's just plays where we have to do a better job of not letting him get out in the first place to make those plays."

(On the importance of winning after last week's result) "It's so hard to win in this league. Any win is a good win because you can go back and you can fix the mistakes that you made. You want to keep getting better and I think that's what we're doing. We just need to speed it up."

(On whether Leonard Williams said anything about playing his first home game in Seattle or getting his first sack for the Seahawks) "No, he's a professional, so he just came in and I think we were all excited because watching the film, they played New York and he got a sack against them, and this is his second time playing against them. So it was cool to see him get that sack and be able to celebrate in front of our fans."

DE Dre'Mont Jones

(On what he saw) "We just got to be better, we won at the end of the day, but we got to be better still. It's a lot to clean up and improve on from top to bottom, inside and out, we got to fix that."

(On what he thinks about the team ability to bounce back after losses) "We did a good job at turning the page, things like that aren't easy to turn over and us being us we we're eager to get back out here and play on Sunday again, we did a good job at winning the game."

(On what's it's like working with Leonard Williams) "That's my dog man, Leo (Leonard Williams) is a hell of a player, I love being around him. I can just say so many positive things about him, really just one of those guys you need in the locker room."

WR DK Metcalf

(On how Geno Smith responded to hearing the boos in the crowd) "I didn't hear any boos. I'm not paying attention to any of that. I know Geno Smith is a great quarterback and he's led us to a lot of victories, even last year, this year, two years ago. I just continue to believe in him."

(On if he and Geno Smith have chemistry built up in late-game situations) "Geno (Smith) has built chemistry with me, you saw Jaxon (Smith-Njigba) early on, (Tyler) Lockett, some of the tight ends getting involved. The more we can incorporate everybody into the game, the harder it is going to be for the defense to try to keep them from getting the ball. It's going to make Geno that much more comfortable in the pocket."

(On winning the game like that) "A win is always good. After a win or a loss, you enjoy it, today, tomorrow, but Tuesday you kind of reset, and Wednesday, time to move onto the Rams."

WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

(On being so efficient in the screen game) "Just get the ball in my hands. I tell coach, anytime you get the ball in my hands, I feel like it's a good thing. They've been running screens here for a long time. O-line does a great job getting out there, blocking, and our receivers do a great job blocking. As long as we get the ball in our hands, get a quick little 10 (yards)."

(On if he was aware of Tyler Lockett's toe-tap ability before he got to Seattle) "One thousand. Everybody knows Tyler (Lockett), Tony, toe-tap. He's been doing it for years. It's always awesome every time he does it."

DE Leonard Williams

(On playing at Lumen Field for the first time) "It was pretty electric, not going to lie. On that two-minute drive with the defense I had to have Bobby (Wagner) scream in my ear what the play was because I literally couldn't hear anything. I love the energy, I love the atmosphere here, I love the team, it was a great first home game."

(On how it felt to get his first sack as a Seahawk) "That felt awesome. Coming into this, I felt like I wanted to show the team what I've got. It felt great to get a sack in my first home game, in front of the crowd, in front of my teammates and coaches, hopefully the first of many."

(On Boye Mafe's play) "I kept telling him congratulations today. He's a great football player, and he's also very humble. Last week I found out he was on six (sacks in consecutive games) and I kept trying to tell him congratulations and he kept saying 'that's nothing, that's nothing.' I think having that type of mindset is the reason why he's continuing to make plays. You even see it in practice, he's a big effort guy. He has the talent, but he also plays with a lot of effort."

LB Boye Mafe

(On having sole possession of the Seahawks most consecutive games with a sack) "For me, it's just another accomplishment. Biggest thing for me is just understanding that it's bigger than me. This is a testament to the things that we were working on in the offseason. It's a testament to a lot of guys who wanted to buy in and understand what we had to do this year. Especially [with] where we were last year and how we were getting better in certain situations. It's one of the things we want to strive to get better at and now it's coming to fruition."

(On how tough the Commanders right tackle was today) "There was a lot of different situations, they had a lot of variations of chips and running back chips and tight end chips helping off in a situation to keep the outside open so it's one of the things that you have to understand and adjust to and get ready for. You have to understand that you have to adjust your game plan and how you may have thought you were going to attack them this week may change a little bit."

(On if he feels like he's receiving more attention recently with blocking schemes) "I feel as if every team has a different way they want to neutralize teams. Sometimes they set double chips, sometimes they set quick hot routes [or] one step drops, cutting. There's a lot of different variations of ways that teams can slow edge rushers down."

S Jamal Adams

(On how important it was to win this game) "Couldn't walk out of here without a dub(win), so it was very important."

(On the practice week and how he felt about the overall play tonight) "I think the practice leading up to the week was clean, we were flying around the ball and obviously trying to get our adjustments right, fixing any mistakes we made from last week. we knew going into it they were going to try and attack us using some of the play calling that we gave up last week. Obviously, they had some big key yardage. A couple things I can speak for myself as far as the first touchdown, I should've made that p

(On if he was too free on the missed sack) "Man, I was almost too free boss. Honestly, my eyes were just so big like a kid in the candy store and obviously I didn't make the play like I wanted to. But, we move on and we learn."

K Jason Myers

(On his game-winner) "Just trying to keep it all the same, every kick, first quarter, game-winner, keep it all the same. That's kind of the best way that I've learned that I like to go about kicks, no matter what the situation is. Trying to keep it all the same is kind of my goal and my mindset every kick."

(On if he cared when the Commanders called time-out) "No, it's cool. You know, with the big catch from DK (Metcalf), it felt kind of like everything was kind of moving quickly anyway. So I was like, 'It's good for us.' (Chris) Stoll got a few good practice snaps; again, that was his first NFL game-winning snap, which goes unnoticed. The thing was perfect, just like he's been all year. Happy for him and happy for the whole team."

(On if he gets nervous during game-winning opportunities) "I try to keep it all the same. You know you learn through different kicks, different situations, how to prioritize that more and more. But that's the nature of being a kicker in the NFL. You are going to be in those situations. I love those situations, so it's been fun."

WR Tyler Lockett

(On Geno Smith and the offense after the last two drives) "I think it was big, man. We had some tough times during the game, but we kept fighting, we found a way. Those last few drives, we were able to drive the ball down and take some time off the clock. Everybody was making plays, and I think that's the thing we want to be able to see in our offense; everybody getting the opportunity to be able to make plays. Jaxon (Smith-Njigba) was able to start the game off and he had us rolling on offense. I think the best part about this team is that it's hard for defenses to try to just focus on one person. It opens the scheme; it opens the game plan for a variety of players on our team. That was just big, those last two drives were very big, because it seems like the Commanders did a great job adjusting. We were able to find a way, keep going, and the rain helped us out a lot."

(On Geno Smith's poise during the game winning drive) "I thought he did a great job, obviously we've seen some things he can do, the poise that he had last season. So, just to be able to see how everything is carrying on now, a lot of it goes without not pressing. Just going out there and playing, understanding it's just a game, it's just football. At the end of the day, you win or lose but you just try to keep getting better. I think he did a great job going through his progressions, going through his reads, not letting things affect him and he made a lot of great plays out there to help us win this game."

(On Jason Myers and his five field goals) "Man, five field goals, five for five, big time. Especially in games like this, when every single play matters, every type of point matters, regardless of if it's a touchdown or field goal. The defense did a great job of holding the other team to field goals which kept us in the game and allowed us to be able to find ways to either

kick a field goal or score a touchdown. When it all came down to the last play, Jason Myers was able to hit it right down the middle."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 10 vs. the Commanders at Lumen Field on November 12, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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