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What The Cowboys Said Following Their 22-14 Preseason Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from week 2 of the preseason at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Q. Beyond the outcome, just talk about the disappointment of Overshown's injury.

MIKE McCARTHY: You never want to see any of your guys get hurt. That's what so tough about these games. We had a couple young guys go down, and you just say your prayers and hopefully the imaging points in the right direction. He's had an incredible camp. We talked about him seems like almost ever other day. I just hope he's okay.

Q. Looked like you were really using him in a lot of ways, outside of special teams.

MIKE McCARTHY: Absolutely. He was climbing. He was climbing the charts. I mean, he showed up right away in the offseason program, just his ability to fly around. Really has excellent command for a young player, young linebacker. So just hopeful. See how tomorrow goes.

Q. (Regarding Rico Dowdle.)

MIKE McCARTHY: I thought Rico did a lot of good things tonight. Like I said, these young running backs really can pour it up in there. We just frankly between tonight, I would like to have maybe given them some more opportunities, but we got to make sure we get a really good, you know, evaluation, particularly this upcoming week against the Raiders because this young group has a chance to be pretty dang good.

Q. Seattle played Geno Smith, first team. Talk how your defense held up against him.

MIKE McCARTHY: Yeah, definitely. It's similar that we talked about last week against Jacksonville. It's an incredible for our young players to play against their first guys. And the way the game started, I thought they went out there and did some really good things. Offense had a chance to move the ball around the field and had the sack on the first series, but put points on the board in the second series. So there is always a lot of good football that comes out of these games, and that was definitely the case tonight. Just hope it's not overshadowed with injuries.

Q. Waletzko last season subluxation. Sounds like it's a subluxation at the top, the shoulder. In the event he misses time, who would you like to see step up?

MIKE McCARTHY: Yeah, I'm not there right now. I'm saying my prayers these images go right. Yeah, I think the young linemen, if there is a position that's been given a tremendous amount of opportunity this camp, it's definitely been our young offensive linemen. They'll have a full week and an opportunity against the Raiders to step up.

Q. You always talk about second-year jump. Guys like Jalen, continue to show that?

MIKE McCARTHY: Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, just the confidence number one. It just jumps off the field. I think that's really attributed to his hard work. He's had a heck of an offseason. He's cashing in on opportunities. He's going up and making plays. I like the instinct of plays, the

scramble plays, the extended plays. So I just think it shows you how much he's grown. He's on the same page as the quarterbacks, so I thought he had a nice night.

Q. Just talk about Juanyeh Thomas and Sam Williams...

MIKE McCARTHY: Yeah, I saw the replay on Sam's. I didn't get the communication an Juanyeh's. It's just not clear right now what went on there. Sam's a tough one. I don't know what you tell him there. He's coming around the corner and tackle is hanging on him. That's just playing football. I think the -- I don't want to use the word violence of it -- but I think the action of it is something that probably played into it. But seeing it on the replay, what do you tell Sam there?

Q. He had three last year. I don't know if it's something that he has to be conscious of.

MIKE McCARTHY: Yeah, no, that's an excellent point. He's definitely conscious of it. Yeah, I don't see that. I think Sam is definitely -- has already taken that jump. He took a big jump for us again the last year. I thought Sam did a lot of good things tonight from what I saw.

Q. Coach, Luke Schoomaker, two catches, two first downs; what have you seen from him in his return?

MIKE McCARTHY: Just growing. Missed a lot of time early and he's done a nice job with his opportunities. Football comes natural to him. You can tell. He's high in his awareness, but good to see him get into the flow of the offense.

Q. Look at the tape on the interior guys, but Mazi playing a lot today, just how important is that for him?

MIKE McCARTHY: I mean, there is a reason why you sit the number of players do you. He's right there at the top of the list. He needs this work. Definitely that's another opportunity to go out against their first group. So, yeah, it's exactly what Mazi needs.

Q. Grier (indiscernible). Can you talk about his play?

MIKE McCARTHY: I thought Will was in total command of the offense. Did an excellent job particularly in the keeps and quarterback movement schemes. I thought the scramble drill was extremely productive. I mean, if you take the one throw out of there, he probably has a good night. So I thought Will -- I think Will has put together two games where there is a lot there that excites me. He has really grown since last year.

Q. Devin Harper, Jabril Cox combined for about 13 tackles on the early talley. How impressed are you in the young linebackers?

MIKE McCARTHY: Definitely, that's going to be a tough -- some tough decisions there. That linebacker group has really improved clearly from last year. It's good to see Jabril back from the

injury. I think Harper, from what I saw, I thought he flashed a bunch tonight, too. Looking forward to seeing the tape.

QB Cooper Rush

(On how he would assess the team play tonight) "We had a couple of sustained drives which is awesome. Upfront, those guys set the tone up front. First play a nine-yard run, they pretty much set the tone."

(On third downs) "I think we stayed in manageable ones, nothing too crazy. Some, we could throw slants first down, throw it under first down. That shows us how we can run and move the ball. When you're in third-and-manageable you have to make your move."

(On the pass to KaVontae Turpin to get in the redzone) "It's huge, great route not the best throw. Kind of found the opening due to the hole and he made a great catch. The guy can play receiver too, I know he is a punt returner, he's a heck of a receiver too and it's fun being out there with him."

RB Deuce Vaughn

(On if he was surprised to hear 'Deuce' chants in the crowd) "No, it was pretty cool. Of course you know that the Cowboys fanbase is worldwide and they showed it today, so that was pretty cool."

(On scoring a touchdown today) "Big time push up front. I can't take all the credit. Great scheme, great call, and great blocking up front and then putting the ball in the end zone for the second time in a row. Just doing that consistently and trying to put my best foot forward."

(On what he did better this week compared to last week) "I feel like I was more comfortable as far as playing faster. Last week I felt like there was a couple times, whether it was in pass protection or running the football, I wasn't playing as fast because I was thinking a little more, but another game under my belt and I felt like I played faster."

RB Rico Dowdle

(On how he thinks the game went) "I think it went pretty smooth. Guys up front did a good job finding small creases and trying to get more."

(On how it felt to score a touchdown) "It felt real good especially after last week being so close to the endzone and dropping it. It felt real good."

(On the opportunities he got tonight) "I think I made the most of the opportunities that I got, but like I said there is always room for improvement. Another week to go."

QB Will Grier

(On how younger players performed) "I thought they did well, they fought. We've got to clean some stuff up, but that's a part of the preseason. They're learning, getting reps and keep moving forward."

(On Luke Schoonmaker) "Big body, big target, I think he is going to be a good player. I like what he's doing."

(On his overall game and the interception) "When I threw the ball I thought it was a touchdown to be honest. I was not on the same page as the receiver. I thought I played great."

WR Jalen Tolbert

(On his confidence level in today's game) "I am just building on what I have been trying to build on the whole training camp. Continuing to grow and build confidence in playing, and playing fast. It was fun to go out there, compete and show what I can do."

(On his takeaways from a game like today) "My takeaways can be play speed and being able to play faster than everybody else. Being decisive on my reads, adjustments or what I think I should do. Not thinking too much, just going out there and really trying to be comfortable and confident. That's my takeaway from the game, and just continue to grow on that."

LB Damone Clark

(On how he would assess today's game) "It was fun to go out there obviously, play the game that we love to play again. We didn't come out on the end that we wanted to come out on, but I mean obviously look at the tape and correct the things and get ready for next week."

(On if winning matters during the preseason) "Yeah, I'm a competitor. Every time you get on the football field you want to win."

(On if he sees the progress within the team) "Yes definitely, I mean just coming off training camp and coming out here, got the competitive edge, just have to correct the small things and just move forward."

(On how competitive the linebacker room is) "It's real competitive, every guy wants to play in there, every guy in there, flying to the ball. Everybody just wants to make each other better, if you don't have competition that's a bad thing. We have competition in the room, everyone just comes to work every day."

Check out some of the best action shots from Preseason Week 2 vs. the Dallas Cowboys at Lumen Field on August 19, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery. This album will be updated throughout the game.

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