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2008 Sea Gals Auditions - Rules & Regulations

Audition information.


  1. Each Sea Gal shall, (a) be at least 18 years of age and, (b) must have obtained a high school diploma by August 31st, 2008.
    The Seahawks organization reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine who shall be allowed to try out for the Sea Gals.


  1. The basic uniform is provided. Any article, including jewelry, to be worn in addition to the basic uniform must be approved by the Sea Gal Director.
    Each Sea Gal is responsible for the uniform issued to her. It must be kept clean at all times. Each Sea Gal must pay for her uniform which is lost or damaged.
    The uniforms are the property of the Seahawks. All uniforms must be returned to the Director upon leaving the squad or before the tryouts for the next season begin.


  1. Two to five rehearsals will be scheduled each week for several weeks before the season begins. Each Sea Gal is expected to attend all preseason rehearsals.
    Once the season begins, a regular schedule of rehearsal times will be established.
    All rehearsals will be scheduled in the evening or on weekends for the convenience of those who are working or attending school.
    Any Sea Gal who has an absence for a rehearsal the week prior to a home game will not be allowed to perform at that home game; nevertheless, attendance at that home game is required, and such an attended game will not be considered to have been missed for purposes of Rule 5 (below).
    Any Sea Gal who misses three rehearsals, or three games, or two rehearsals and one game, or one rehearsal and two games without an excused absence from the Sea Gal Director, will be dismissed from the squad (suspensions are deemed unexcused absences).
    Vacations, among other things, are not an acceptable reason for missing games or rehearsals.
    Sea Gals must be at home games three and ½ hours before kickoff.
    All Sea Gals must be available to participate in all home games, home playoff games and the Super Bowl.
    For purposes of Rule 5 , any Sea Gal who is more than 15 minutes late to a game or rehearsal without an excused "tardy" from the Sea Gal Director shall be considered to have missed that game or rehearsal.
    Any Sea Gal who is sent home from a game or rehearsal by the Sea Gal Director for reasons including, but not limited to, weight gain, poor attitude, or incapacity shall be considered to have missed the game or rehearsal.


  1. Sea Gals will be paid an hourly wage and any applicable overtime required by law, for all hours worked. A record of hours worked from the 1st day of each month to the last day of each month, will be maintained by the Sea Gal Director and each Sea Gal will be asked to review and initial the time record prior to its submission to the Seahawks Accounting Department. Each Sea Gal will be paid on the last day of each month.
    Each Sea Gal will receive two (2) game tickets for guests for each game in which they are eligible to perform.


  1. The Seahawks and Sea Gals are members of the professional athletics and entertainment industries and that fact must be reflected in the appearance and performance of each Sea Gal. Personal appearance and dancing skill are the major factors in the selection of the Sea Gals. Each Sea Gal must maintain the personal appearance and level of dancing skill upon which her selection to the organization was based and must learn and practice the Sea Gals' dance routines. Sea Gals undergoing changes in weight, muscle tone, skin condition, hair condition, or any other changes which, in the sole discretion of the Sea Gals Director, are detrimental to appearance and/or performance will be instructed to correct the problem and in the Director's discretion, may be suspended or dismissed from the squad.
    Sea Gals are subject to public scrutiny. Each Sea Gal's actions reflect on the Sea Gal, other Sea Gals, her family and the Seahawks.
    The Sea Gal Director may dictate policies regarding gum chewing, smoking, eating, drinking, use of drugs and other activities whenever such activities may reflect negatively on the Seahawks organization.
    The Seahawks strongly discourage fraternization between Sea Gals and Seahawks players, coaches, mascot, and management personnel ("Seahawks Personnel"). Fraternization, dating, cohabitating or marrying current Seahawks employees may result in removal from the squad at the sole discretion of the Director.
    Posing or performing in the nude, semi-nude in or for any media, publication, or public audience in whatsoever form or in any other manner deemed to be in poor taste by the Sea Gals Director, and the performance of any other activities which may or will be detrimental to the Seahawks' image are strictly prohibited. Any Sea Gal engaging in such activities immediately will be dismissed from the squad. The undersigned hereby represents that she has never posed or performed in the nude or semi-nude in such a manner as stated above.
    Uniforms are not to be worn in any public establishment, except where directed by the Sea Gal Director pursuant to an approved public appearance.


  1. There will be a voluntary public relations personal appearance bureau. It is not mandatory that Sea Gals participate in commercial appearances through such bureau; however, those participating will be compensated.
    The Director will issue rules regarding public appearances.                  
    All requests for public appearances, media interviews, television appearances, photo sessions, and like events must be approved by the Director.
    Sea Gals may be required by the Director to make public appearances for charitable, educational or civic purposes.


In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Sea Gals, the undersigned agrees and understands that if during the course of the game, rehearsal, or personal appearance on behalf of the Sea Gals, the undersigned suffers any injury or incurs any medical condition or problem arising out of or in any manner relating to the game, rehearsal, or personal appearance, the undersigned shall have no claim against the Sea Gals, the Seahawks, or Football Northwest LLC, or any employee, agent, or officers of the Sea Gals, the Seahawks, or Football Northwest LLC for any compensation or damages whatsoever, other than applicable workers compensation benefits, if any. The undersigned hereby releases the Sea Gals, the Seahawks and Football Northwest LLC, their officers, agents and employees from any and all claims or demands of any kind or nature now and hereafter arising relative to any injury, medical condition or problem above described.


The trademark for the "Sea Gals" and the uniform are registered service marks of and are owned by Football Northwest LLC. All rights in and to the trademark are reserved. Any Sea Gal using the trademarks without prior authorization by the Sea Gal Director is subject to dismissal from the squad and to a lawsuit for damages.


In addition to any rights the Seahawks may have at law or equity, each Sea Gal agrees that within five years of termination she will not do anything in competition with the Seahawks or Sea Gals specifically in the areas of:

  1. Commercial engagements or appearances, public or private, with any references or identification to the Seahawks or Sea Gals.
    Engagements or appearances wearing a Sea Gal uniform or a facsimile thereof.
    Acts that might hinder, interfere with or compete with the rights of the Seahawks or Sea Gals.


The Seahawks have the right to use each Sea Gal's name, voice, or image, individually or collectively for advertising, publicity, commercial (including by third parties) and promotional purposes. Each Sea Gal hereby waives her right of approval for the stated uses.


The Sea Gals Director has the right to dismiss any Sea Gal member from the squad, at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice, the employment hereunder being "at will".


Each Sea Gal's membership on the squad shall terminate on the first day of squad practice tryouts for the next year (2009 season).

I have read the foregoing rules and regulations and by signing agree to comply fully with and be bound by such rules and regulations.


Dated this day of____, 2008.


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