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12s In Virginia: Look Who Came To Kam Chancellor's 'Spring Jam' During Memorial Day Weekend

Hundreds of 12s attended Kam Chancellor's 'Spring Jam' this past weekend in Norfolk, Va.

Kam Chancellor and his Kam Cares Foundation hosted a celebrity basketball game in conjunction with the foundation's Spring Jam.

A closer look at three 12s who attended Kam Chancellor's 'Bam Bam's Spring Jam' this past weekend in the Seahawks strong safety's hometown of Norfolk, Va.

The Memorial Day weekend events benefited and raised awareness for Chancellor's Kam Cares Foundation through a silent auction, community cookout, and celebrity basketball game.


Name: Wade Wessels, who runs 12th Man of Virginia

Age: 26

From: Everett, Wash., but now resides in Portsmouth, Va.

Fan Since: "Since they tried to move them out of Seattle," Wessels said of former Seahawks owner Ken Behring's plans to move the franchise to Southern California in 1996.

Favorite Moment In Seahawks History: "It's got to be 'Beast Quake 1,' it has to be," Wessels said of Marshawn Lynch's 67-yard touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints that came in a 2010 wild-card playoff game at Seattle's CenturyLink Field. Celebration from the play registered seismic activity at the stadium.

Favorite Kam Chancellor Moment In Seahawks History: "The Super Bowl against the Broncos where on one of the first plays of the game he lit up Demaryius Thomas. Just lit him up over the center [of the field]. You heard the hit for miles. It was just beautiful."


Name: Michael West, who was accompanied by his wife, Erin

Age: 33

From: Everett, Wash., but now resides in Virginia Beach, Va.

Fan Since: "Since 2005, when I joined the Navy."

Favorite Moment In Seahawks History: "The first 'Beast Quake,'" West said of Lynch's rumble against the Saints. "It was pretty awesome. I remember jumping up and down. There's a lot more recent ones that take it out of you, too, but that was one of the first, so I've got to say that one."

Favorite Kam Chancellor Moment In Seahawks History: "The first Super Bowl hit he laid down to set the tone," West said of Chancellor's hit on the Broncos' Thomas. "He just railed the guy and set the tone of the game."


Name: Jeremy Blake, a 17-year Navy veteran who was accompanied by his wife Carrie, 12-year-old daughter Kaylee, 11-year-old son Jaden, six-year-old son Braxton, and 3-month old son Brendan

Age: 38

From: Yakima, Wash., but now stationed in Virginia

Fan Since: "The Steve Largent era," Blake said of the Pro Football Hall of Fame wideout who played for the Seahawks from 1976-89.

Favorite Moment In Seahawks History: "The Super Bowl win. There's been some pretty good moments back when they went to Super Bowl XL and I've obviously been a fan for quite a while, but we hadn't made it that far. The last couple years have been pretty good, though."

Favorite Moment In Seahawks History, Other Than The Super Bowl Win: "That would probably be that comeback this year against the Packers," Blake said of this past January's NFC Championship win against Green Bay. "Every fan in the NFL's dream, everything you want to happen, happened that day. I think that's probably the best for me."

Favorite Kam Chancellor Moment In Seahawks History: "All the plays he made in Super Bowl XLVIII. I think he could have been MVP of the game that year."

Kam Chancellor's Kam Cares Foundation hosted its 6th annual Bam Bam's Spring Jam this Memorial Day Weekend in Norfolk, Va.

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