12 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Seahawks Wide Receiver B.J. Daniels

How many of these off-the-field things do you know about Seahawks wideout B.J. Daniels?


First he was a quarterback, and then he was a wide receiver. He plays on special teams, too. So is there anything B.J. Daniels can't do on a football field?

"I can't kick. I cannot kick a football," Daniels said. "Honestly, I think I could play everything except for anything on the line and kicker."

Another thing Daniels said he's not good at is accepting failure. He dreams big, which brings us to the top of our list of 12 things you (probably) don't know about the Seahawks' versatile wide receiver:

1. If he wasn't playing football…

Daniels: "I'd be playing basketball in the NBA. I was a point guard in college. [But] I was too short to play three positions in basketball."


2. His first job was at the YMCA.

Daniels: "I was a camp counselor for elementary and middle school kids. I taught them how to play basketball every summer in Tampa, Florida."


3. His childhood nickname is...

Daniels: "My dad used to call me Money Man. His favorite song was Money Man by James Brown. Around here, they call me by my official government name, which is Bruce. B.J. stands for Bruce Junior."


4. He's Team Cookie.

Daniels: "I like Empire. So far, the second season is good. My favorite is the little rapper, he's just real over the top. I enjoy it. There's a lot of controversy. I like drama."


5. He has a sweet tooth.

Daniels: "I'm addicted to candy. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite – red and blue."

6. He's not a dog person.

Daniels: "I'm afraid of dogs. I was traumatized as a child."

7. He can draw.

Daniels: "I have a minor in graphic design. I like freehand drawing. I haven't drawn anything in a while, but I like logos. I like big bubble letters of words. I like drawing action pictures of me in football uniforms."


8. His favorite app is Instagram.

Daniels: "[I like taking pictures of] scenery. I'm from Florida, and everyone thinks it's palm trees and beaches. Where I'm from, it's not. Tallahassee is northern Florida. So even when I came here, I like seeing the mountains and the trees and the lake."


9. He won't eat shrimp.

Daniels: "I'm allergic to it. I used to eat it. [When I eat shrimp], I look exactly like Will Smith in the movie Hitch."


10. He has a fear of falling.

Daniels: "I usually have dreams that scare me, like falling. I hate those dreams because I'm falling forever and my stomach drops."


11. His greatest weakness is...

Daniels: "My family. My little sisters – saying no to them. One's in college and one plays high school basketball. We used to fight all the time when we were little, but since we got older things have changed. I'm very protective. I'm daddy No. 2."


12. His parents are his idols.

Daniels: "Just the way they raised me and my little sisters, things they've faced and been through. I've gotten older, so I'm understanding some of the struggles they had to make sure we got through school and college."



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