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10 Ridiculous Questions Overheard At Super Bowl XLIX Media Day

Yes, reporters actually asked these questions in advance of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

1. "If you win, would you trade the Lombardi Trophy for my underwear?"

2. "Will you tell us the first play you'll run in the game if we promise not to tell anyone?"

3. "What's your guilty-pleasure food?"

4. "What does your mom call you when you're in trouble?"

5. "Playstation or XBOX?"

6. "Which teammate should never dance in public?"

7. "Who wore the ugliest outfit coming into Arizona?"

8. This line of questioning to Seahawks punter Jon Ryan:

9. "Do you have a favorite Avenger?"

10. "Who would play you in a movie?"

Thousands poured into downtown Phoenix Tuesday, for Super Bowl 49 Media Day featuring interviews with the Seattle Seahawks.

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