Breonna Taylor - “I have Breonna Taylor on my helmet decal and I’m wearing it because the reality is, when somebody gets shot while asleep in their house on a no-knock warrant something has got to change. The way the news cycle works, it’s easy for things to fall out of the news and for people to forget, and you can’t forget what happened. You have to make something change and I think the best way for us is to keep this in the news and keep people paying attention is to put it in a place where millions of people are going to see it every weekend when we play.” - Ben Burr-Kirven

About Blitz

BOOM hitched a ride in Blitz's time machine.  BOOM has requested to serve as the "official sidekick" of Blitz.

BOOM is an adolescent member of the Seahawks family and will be very visible in the community, attending many of the Seahawks family friendly events.


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