Seahawks Stories: Sam Adkins

Former quarterback Sam Adkins joined the show to swap stories with two of his longtime teammates, Jim Zorn and Steve Raible. Adkins played for the Seahawks from 1977-1981 and bears the distinction of being the only player to wear No. 12 before it was retired in honor of the 12s. Today's show: driving into the stadium with fans (03:20), winning a car (05:13), NFL salaries and food in the '70s (06:20), $1,500 hot dog (07:44), crowd noise penalties in the Kingdome (08:21), Howard Mudd's influence on the game (11:38), Adkins memories of being a Seahawk (17:53), only Seahawk to ever wear the No. 12 jersey (19:39), life after football (24:20), success in 1978 and 1979 seasons (27:11), and fondest memories with the Seahawks (32:41).