Seahawks Stories: Paul Moyer

Introducing Seahawks Stories, hosted by former Seahawks running back Robert "Turbo" Turbin! Each week, Turbin will sit down with a current player or Seahawks Legend to share stories from the locker room to the playing field and discuss their career both on and off the field. Our first guest: former Seahawks safety Paul Moyer (1983-1989). Show outline: the road to Arizona State (02:41), Paul's journey to the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent (07:49), playoff runs in the 80s (13:06), 1983 AFC Championship year (20:40), Moyer's favorite QBs to intercept (26:31), LOB vs. DBs of the 80s (35:47), and Moyer's coaching experience with the Seahawks (45:56).