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Seattle Seahawks The Kingdome

The Kingdome

Seahawks DT Byron Murphy II celebrated being drafted in the 1st round on April 25, 2024.

About the Kingdome

March 27, 1976 to March 26, 2000

The Kingdome was originally located on 35.9 acres. Due to construction of the new parking garage and event center the acreage is now 23.9 acres.

The Kingdome had the largest concrete roof in the world - 7.85 acres. A new roof and ceiling was completed in 1994. The new ceiling had improved acoustics through the use of a spray on cellulose material.

The building itself, contained 52,800 cubic yards of concrete and 443 tons of structural steel.

It was 250 feet high and 660 feet across to the inside walls making it wider than the Space Needle is tall.

The Kingdome hosted football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rodeos, motor sports, concerts, meetings and trade & consumer shows of all types.

The Kingdome boasted the 43rd largest facility exhibition space in North America.

More than 72 million people entered the Kingdome through a variety of entertainment over 23 years.

Over 3,250 major events were held and many hundreds of smaller special events.

The largest event attendance at the Kingdome was 74,000, set on May 14, 1976 during a Billy Graham Crusade.

Original cost, including property, was $67 million; another $47 million in capital improvements was added over the years. The remaining debt on both the original cost and capital improvements is $57 million.

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