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Seattle Seahawks Paul G. Allen Ring Of Honor


Paul G. Allen


Paul G. Allen was inducted to the Seahawks Ring of Honor on October 3, 2019. Allen, who passed away in October 2018 due to complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, was the 12th member of the Ring of Honor. Under Allen's guidance, the Seahawks achieved new levels of success over two decades, first under head coach Mike Holmgren, who was one of Allen's most important early hires, and then under Pete Carroll and John Schneider, who Allen brought together in 2010. Prior to Allen purchasing the team, the Seahawks had eight winning seasons, won 10 or more games twice, earned four playoff berths, won their division once and advanced to one AFC championship game. During Allen's ownership from 1997-2018, the Seahawks reached the postseason 13 times, won nine division titles, enjoyed nine seasons with 10 or more wins, and played in three Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XLVIII to bring the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle for the first time. In addition to owning the Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers, Allen was a technology pioneer who co-founded Microsoft, then later launched Vulcan, Inc., Stratolaunch Systems, the Allen Institute and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He was a philanthropist and conservationist who used his considerable wealth and influence to make a difference in so many ways around the world, giving more than $2.5 billion to causes near and dear to his heart; he enriched Seattle's art and music scene while also playing a mean guitar himself; he made amazing discoveries at the bottoms of oceans; he rebuilt Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood, and did so much more to make the Seattle area and the world a better and more interesting place.

Ring Of Honor: Paul G. Allen

A tribute to Paul G. Allen, who was inducted into the Ring of Honor in 2019