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In Seattle, we're all teammates. That's why the Seahawks have committed to strengthening small businesses through our new program, "Hawks Huddle."

Seahawks Legend Jordan Babineaux, who joined the team's corporate partnerships group as a business consultant in 2023, helped launch the program.

As a part of the Hawks Huddle, small businesses will work together with the Seahawks to amplify their advertising and have their message reach 12s like you. Check out our 2023 partners below to start supporting!

2023 Partners

Argosy Cruises Logo

Argosy Cruises

Argosy Cruises has been part of the Northwest fabric for over 70 years. Their family-owned and Seattle-operated company has become the area's premier cruise company.

About Argosy Cruises

About Argosy Cruises

Argosy Cruises was founded over 70 years ago by Captain Campbell and has evolved over time to become a locally connected premier cruise company. Argosy's owners Kevin and Cary Clark take pride in creating unique experiences for local customers to view the beautiful city of Seattle from the water. 

Argosy is proud to give back to its community through waste mitigation (annually eliminating 15,000 plastic bottles), educating locals on Native American stories and history with their Tillicum Village School Program, maintaining low speeds and regulations to best protect wildlife in the water, and more.

Baynes + Baker Logo

Baynes + Baker

Baynes + Baker is dedicated to making the custom suit experience accessible and extraordinary. Everyone should have the opportunity to exude style, quality, and comfort without compromise.

About Baynes + Baker

About Baynes + Baker

Baynes and Baker creates completely custom suits, designed and tailored specifically to each client's unique needs. The company was founded by owner Ravi Punn in 2016 with the goal of disrupting the custom suit market- making dressing well more accessible and user-friendly. They have implemented a measurement scanning technology that allows for quick and easy style consultations worldwide instead of limiting them to their New York base. Baynes and Baker is heavily involved in the community, partnering with colleges and other small businesses to create social impact.

Bell's Cookie Co. Logo

Bell's Cookie Co.

Bell's Cookie Co. is a gourmet cookie company that creates homemade nostalgic flavors with unique recipes and high-quality ingredients. Enjoy at their storefront, or have them delivered nationwide.

About Bell’s Cookie Co.

About Bell's Cookie Co.

Bell's Cookie Co. was founded by owners Brooke and Tomas Perez who started with a vision to bring people joy during tough times of covid- something cookies certainly help accomplish! Each cookie has a different story and personality, but all are baked with the inspiration of bringing back happy memories. Bell's Cookie Co. includes the community in activities at the shop while providing outreach and support for various organizations to continue bringing people together. 

"I am from Seattle - the Seahawks have always been around and a part of its community and culture," said owner Brooke Perez. "To be able to partner with them is an honor for the company. The Seahawks bring people joy which goes hand-in-hand with our cookies."

C. Davis Texas BBQ Logo

C. Davis Texas BBQ

Washington's favorite BBQ!

About C. Davis Texas BBQ

About C. Davis Texas BBQ

Founded by owner Charles Davis, C. Davis Texas BBQ came about through a dare by one of Charles' friends who challenged him to buy a smoker. He started selling cooked meats to his local community, which became a popular food choice. Charles' inspiration stems from growing up underprivileged and learning how to smoke meat with his grandma in the backyard. Now, Charles makes it his mission to feed the underprivileged himself. He feeds roughly 500 people twice a month, and feeds about 1,000 people each Thanksgiving and Christmas. When asked what the opportunity to partner with the Seahawks means to him, Charles replied: 

"This is huge, a bucket list for me - more exposure, business growth, the ability to help give back more, just to be in this atmosphere and to be mentioned along with the seahawks, it's phenomenal… the fan support is great!" Charles said.

Dingfelder's Delicatessen Logo

Dingfelder's Delicatessen

Dingfelder's Delicatessen and Bakery Seattle is where "It's all about the meat." Offering mouthwatering Pastrami, Corned Beef, Brisket, Salami, Turkey, Smoked Fish, Hot Bagels, Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes, Knishes, Fresh Baked Rye Breads and Rolls, and even their famous "Better than NY NY Cheesecake." The best in NY Lower East Side Delicatessen!

About Dingfelder’s Delicatessen

About Dingfelder's Delicatessen

Dingfelder's Delicatessen was founded by owner Vance Dingfelder who saw a perfect opportunity to bring a NY Deli to Seattle. At his local temple, Vance used to host deli comedy showcase nights. Every year, more and more people attended and urged him to open his own delicatessen. A dear friend battling breast cancer further supported Vance. Before she passed, she encouraged him to open the deli, and even with his refusal, open it in his own last name. "To be able to feed people is a blessing. And that's what we do, we feed anyone," Vance said. Vance makes it a mission to support those in need. "The goal is to bring them to a place that they remember when they were younger. It's a place of comfort."

"The opportunity to partner with the Seahawks, it's a dream come true," Vance said. "I have been a season ticket holder since 1998-99… I feel that the Seahawks organization is as good as it can get in the NFL as how they've run the business of football is from a place of respect in the community….provide an environment for people to work in that is world class. And I want to be a part of that."

Emerald City Fish & Chips Logo

Emerald City Fish & Chips

Emerald City Fish & Chips, a cornerstone in the Seattle community, is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

About Emerald City Fish & Chips

About Emerald City Fish & Chips

Emerald City Fish & Chips was founded by owner Stevie Allen. His inspiration came from his grandma who had dreamed of opening a restaurant. Now, Stevie shares grandma's personal recipes at ECFC. As a black owner, Stevie hopes to serve as an example that finding success is for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

When asked about the opportunity to partner with the Seahawks, Stevie shard his excitement saying: "Spread our wings so to say, let them know that we are here."

Guild Golf Carts Logo

Guild Golf Carts

Guild Golf Carts specializes in new, used, and custom golf carts. They are a proud dealer of evolution electric vehicles: a partner that shares their values when it comes to being custom, cool, and affordable.

About Guild Golf Carts

About Guild Golf Carts

Guild Golf Carts was founded by co-owners and siblings, Demi and Dakota Guild. They grew up driving golf carts in the summer and were inspired to begin making custom golf carts throughout high school. When the pandemic hit, the golf cart market took off and opened the door for the siblings to further share their passion with the community. 

Dakota and Demi take pride in their connection and giving back to their local community. They offer discounts to veterans, first responders, and nonprofit organizations on their products. 

"I've been a long time Seahawks fan and recently opened a store in Seattle. To partner with the biggest sports franchise in the city is amazing," Dakota said.

Jed’s Big Slice Logo

Jed's Big Slice

Jed's Big Slice excels in the food industry by providing excellent quality pizza based in the greater Pierce County area. Jed's provides reliable service, cost-competitive prices, and a friendly atmosphere!

About Jed’s Big Slice

About Jed's Big Slice

Jed's Big Slice was founded by owner Alex Davis with the vision of giving back to his community. The pizza truck makes their pizza with authentic pizza dough - and serves, to say the least, huge slices! Jed's proudly serves the east side of Tacoma, which is one of the city's most diverse and underserved areas. Alex wants to present an example of success to his community through his entrepreneurship, and illustrate that when you put your mind to it, no idea is too big. Jed's gives back to the community through many facets including job training, mentorship, and sponsoring events such as The Sickle Cell Walk in Seattle and Kid's Achievement Program. 

Jed's mission is to feed and help struggling families while encouraging them through a difficult time. Alex believes their partnership with the Seahawks can help them "win" through their connection to the Seahawks fan base, giving them opportunity to spread awareness and create a "different world" for their company.

King & Bunny's Logo

King & Bunny's

No matter what appliance you need, you'll find it at an affordable price at King and Bunny's. They believe in providing the greater Seattle area with trusted, name-brand appliances!

About King and Bunny’s

About King and Bunny's

King and Bunny's appliances was founded in 1982 by King Parker who had worked for 20 years at Sears and envisioned starting his own company. Today, current owner Jason Parker carries on his father's vision and champions community. 

"Community is King," he said.  To Jason, having a strong local connection is a huge step for any new business.  

He and his dad would always sit by the TV watching sports, and say "It would be cool to get a super bowl commercial." In 2021, Jason's company did just that, checking one piece off his father's bucket list. Now, Jason is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Seahawks and better the community we live in.

Urban Interiors Logo

Urban Interiors

From residential homes to commercial design projects, Urban Interiors is your turnkey full-service design firm and home furnishing resource.

About Urban Interiors

About Urban Interiors

Urban Interiors, a 4th generation family-owned business, has proudly served the greater Seattle area for over 75 years since its founding in 1946 by Sam and Al Moscatel's grandfather. Originating from a humble vision selling sundries in Pike Place Market, the company has evolved with a dedicated team committed to Urban Interiors' mission: "creating environments that you love to live in by furnishing and designing your space." Today you can visit Urban Interiors in either of their showrooms located in Bellevue and Cle Elum, WA.

The collaboration with the Seahawks was a natural partnership, driven by the family's ties to Seattle's local sports scene. With Sam's 20+ years of coaching high school basketball and Al's background as a basketball player at the University of Washington, the partnership with the Seahawks holds a special significance. "We feel privileged to join forces with the Seahawks and align ourselves with such an iconic team—an incredible opportunity," expressed Al, Owner of Urban Interiors.