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Zach Charbonnet dedicates My Cause My Cleats To Younger Sister 'She Definitely Has A Special Place In My Heart' 

Through My Cause My Cleats, Charbonnet is raising awareness for Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic condition.

Zach Charbonnet is supporting Williams Syndrome Association for 2023 My Cause My Cleats during Week 13 vs. the Cowboys.
Zach Charbonnet is supporting Williams Syndrome Association for 2023 My Cause My Cleats during Week 13 vs. the Cowboys.

Family means everything to Seahawks rookie running back Zach Charbonnet, so much so that when transferring colleges, he took into consideration how close he'd be to family once he transferred.  

During 2019, Charbonnet was at the University of Michigan which is over 2,000 miles away from his hometown of Los Angeles. And one reason he decided to transfer to UCLA was to lessen that distance.  

"I would definitely say it was a big part of my decision to come home, Bella was a big part of it too, especially during COVID," he said. 

Family means so much that he dedicated his cause for My Cause My Cleats this season to his younger sister, Bella.

Bella has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects 1 in every 10,000 births and Charbonnet is supporting the Williams Syndrome Association with his cleats. 

While checking out his cleats for the first time Charbonnet said the organization means a lot to him and his family. 

"It's cool to be able to represent [Williams Syndrome Association] for my family. It will definitely be a big moment and opportunity to represent," Charbonnet said.  

Williams Syndrome is a lesser-known genetic disorder. Charbonnet said in his experience growing up, it's not something that you hear about often. He said that if he didn't have a sister that had Williams Syndrome, he probably wouldn't be familiar with it. 

"That's one of my missions to just continue to spread awareness on [Williams Syndrome]."

One of his cleats has the Williams Syndrome Association's logo, which is a blue and green hand with a red heart above them, and the other cleat has the association's name. Charbonnet says that just having the name on the cleat is very important to him and his family.

Charbonnet explained that Williams Syndrome sometimes can affect the cardiovascular system and causes delays in cognitive development. But he explained that people with the syndrome can also have an affinity for music.

16-year-old Bella's favorite music? Backstreet Boys.

"Every time I go home, she's blasting it at 6 a.m. every day," Charbonnet laughed.

When asked if Bella liked the Backstreet Boys more than NSYNC, Charbonnet asked "Who?" He'd never heard of the popular boy group and joked that the only reason he knew about the Backstreet Boys was through Bella.

But music isn't the only thing that he's learned from Bella. It's her positive outlook on everything in life.

"She always looks at the positive side of every single person. She definitely has the best interest at heart," Charbonnet said.

When asked about his favorite memory that he has with his sister, he couldn't choose just one but said that her smile is his favorite.

"Her smile is really infectious. She always lights up the room wherever she is, especially in big crowds," he said.

She has yet to experience the loud and big crowd at Lumen Field, but Charbonnet says she will be coming to a game very soon.  

"She loves to come out there and support me," Charbonnet said. 

"Regardless of the outcome, after every game she just tells me how much she loves me, how fun it was and how much she enjoyed it. And I really appreciate that from her."

Check out the custom-designed cleats for this years My Cause My Cleat. Some players will wear their cleats during the Week 13 Thursday Night game at Dallas.

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