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Why We Wear Seahawks

The Seahawks Pro Shop talked with four diehard 12s to find out what being a Seahawks fan means to them.

The Seahawks Pro Shop caught up with four diehard 12s to find out what being a Seahawks fan means to them.

For fans on social media, you're encouraged to post a photo of yourself using the #WeAre12 hashtag and tell us why you choose to wear Seahawks gear for a chance to be featured on the Seahawks Pro Shop's Instagram page.

Jay de la Peña

A Seattle native, Jay has loved the team since birth. Born the same year as the Seahawks, he often pretended to be Curt Warner as a kid. Now a gym owner in Seattle, he loves incorporating gear and team philosophies into his business. Jay isn't the only one in his family that's a diehard 12, but his wife has also been a fan since the beginning. They frequently attend games, and cherish that experience together. Jay's three kids also love the team, wearing their gear to school on Blue Friday.

Quotable: "I think it's just another thing that we can enjoy together, very serious passion and heart. Anything you can do like that with your loved ones, that's what you're going for."

Phyllis Figueroa

Born in Tacoma, Phyllis has been a fan since 1976. Although she had tension with her father, the Seahawks were the one thing that brought them together while being able to sit and cheer on the team they both loved. Phyllis has been a season ticket holder through thick and thin, now holding charter seats where her name is engrained.

Quotable: "When you see another 12, you don't have to know them, you just know it's family."

Lani DiJulio

Whether it's on her daily run or wearing her jersey for Blue Friday, Lani incorporates Seahawks gear into her life daily. Keeping souvenirs around her apartment or at work acts as a reminder of the excitement to come. The offseason is long for all 12s, but Lani stays connected by running the Seahawks 12k or attending events.

Quotable: "I don't think you go to too many other cities and every day of the week you see someone wearing their team's gear around town, and I just think it really shows how passionate we are about our team. It's never the offseason, really."

Trey Walker

Born in Vancouver, Washington, Trey Walker has been wearing Seahawks jerseys since he was in diapers, and some of the earliest photos of him can support this claim. In high school he started 'Jers'day, or Jersey Thursday, when he would wear his jersey of choice. Having a specific ritual for every home game, Trey keeps tradition alive by attending games with his brother. Every gameday they stop at grandma's for breakfast then head down to the stadium.

Quotable: "I think that a lot of people will say that the Seahawks have a lot of swagger, and I feel like I almost share that personality when I put the jersey on."

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