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Who Wears Short Shorts? Apparently The Seahawks Wear Short Shorts

A strange trend is gaining momentum in Seahawks practices.

When Bob Gaudio and Tom Austin wrote "Short Shorts" in 1957, it's safe to say they never had this in mind.

Yet as training camp got going this summer, it was hard not to notice that a couple of Seahawks players, including rookie guard Jordan Roos and running back J.D. McKissic, were wearing shorts that were significantly shorter than what you usually see on an NFL practice field. Slowly, a couple more players joined in—one day it was Frank Clark, another it was Earl Thomas.

On Thursday, this rather strange trend culminated in 10 players—Roos, Clark, Russell Wilson, Luke Willson, Nick Vannett, Tanner McEvoy, Neiko Thorpe, Trevone Boykin, David Moore and Tyrone Swoopes—posing for pictures after practice while showing a little bit of… OK, a lot of… leg. That picture came moments after quarterbacks broke their end-of-practice huddle by shouting "short shorts!" Seahawks coach Pete Carroll even got in the action, jokingly rolling up a pant leg after practice.

So what exactly is going on here anyway?

Roos, one of the pioneers of this movement that seems to have, um, legs to it, didn't have anything to say after practice, but let Willson speak for the group.

"He was the inspiration, he inspired me," Willson said as Roos stood nearby. "That's the type of guy he is. And he's not done yet. Next week, he might have even more, but we'll save that for next week."

Willson added that short shorts have combined with another odd tradition, "techno Thursday," a musical change of pace at practice that was spearheaded by Seattle's tight ends.

"It's kind of like the techno Thursday ensemble for us is short shorts," Willson said. "No tights. You can have the compression shorts."

As for how the short shorts/techno Thursday crew got their starting quarterback on board, Willson said, "I just said, 'Hey, techno Thursday, you in?' He said, 'Yeah, let's go. Let's go do this, let's go do this.' Plus to be honest with you, I like the short shorts better. The baggy shorts, they're just in the way."

So what's next? Willson hopes there comes a day this season when the entire team embraces the short shorts movement.  

"It's a movement, you know?" Willson said. "We've got the core group of guys now. I'll bet by Week 12, 14, somewhere in there, we'll have 53, plus 10 practice squad, so 63 guys all wearing it. That's what I think."

The best photos from the Seahawks' Thursday practice at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in preparation for Sunday's Game against the New York Giants. 

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