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What The Washington Redskins Said Following Their 17-14 Win Over The Seahawks

Postgame quotes from the Redskins following the Seahawks' 17-14 loss during Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.

Postgame quotes from the Redskins following the Seahawks' 17-14 loss during Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Jay Gruden

(Thought on the two big Washington pass plays at the end of the game…) "We took some shots down the field on first down early in the game a couple of times but the protection didn't allow him to get down there. With the game on the line, he made a great throw to Quick, a great throw under duress, then obviously the great throw to Josh Doctson."

(Will throwing the ball down the field more help the team…) "I'm not going here and fight over who gets the deep balls. We just want completions, we just want to win games. That's all we care about at the end of the day. We just happened to have one called. He made a great throw and Josh made a great catch. Hopefully there will be more of those, if the coverage allows it and the time allows it. Right now I'm just happy we got out of here with a win."

(How were you able to finish this one out…) "We had a couple of turnovers and the bad snap on first down. We did a poor job offensively once the defense got us the ball back. We at least need to hold the ball and flip the field position. The defense at least kept us around for the most part. The guys battled and battled and battled. It was fun to watch those guys play and compete. Some of the guys didn't perform as well as some of the guys would have liked to but I'm very proud of the way they came out and played."

(Is it positive reinforcement that the guys were able to hold down the fort despite all the injuries…)"Oh yeah. I challenged the defense last week but we didn't get the win. This week, I told them that we were going to have to lean on them until we get our big guns back. Even then were still going to need to lean on you. We have great leaders on defense. They are all playing hard, they are all playing physical and they are keeping us in games. Right now we can lean on them and their leadership on defense until we get our offense going. We did today which is good to see."

(Was this one best games of Kirk Cousins career…)"Yes, that's just big time. When you get hit like that as a quarterback, it just makes it hard to set your feet and get your eyes down the field. But he did that, he got hit a couple of times, he got sacked like five, six or seven times. We needed him to step up into some throws at the very end, he did it and made two big-time clutch throws. Our offensive line even though they knew we were passing it and they have great pass rushers, they did a great job of giving him just enough time and the receivers finished plays. Obviously a great job by Kirk Cousins sticking with the plan and having the confidence to step into those throws late. We were able to get the victory on the road against a great team."

Quarterback Kirk Cousins

(On his final two completions, to Brian Quick and then to Josh Doctson…) "Brian did a phenomenal job creating separation versus man coverage, running the route the way we had wanted it to. The protection was a little loose, so I really didn't get a chance to see it. I just threw it to a spot and got hit, and then you're just kind of waiting for a reaction, trying to look through guys' legs on the ground to see what happened. Man coverage—you can just trust it and put it out there, and Brian did a phenomenal job of coming down with the ball."

(On the pass to Josh, after hearing all week, "Go downfield"…) "We just called an audible there at the line of scrimmage. Jay had said if you get if you get press man, give him a go ball. So we gave him a hand signal and he took off at one. I put it out there pretty far, and he went and got it and showed why he has a lot of potential, why we're excited about him. I hope it's a sign of things to come, just the start of something, hopefully."

(On if he felt mental freedom to throw deep in that situation…)"There's certainly . . . we talked about situational awareness all offseason. I was asked to get better at that. There's situational awareness. There's times when you do have to throw the ball into double coverage, and it's not a bad decision. There's times when you have two guys in your face and you still let it go even though it's blind, because the situation dictates you've got to take a chance. If you come down with an interception, you shrug your shoulders and say I'm doing what I need to do. But fortunately there was separation, he was open, he made the play. Yeah, you have to be a little more aggressive in that moment—against man coverage. If it's zone, you can't make that throw. But man coverage, you have a chance."

(On the offense overall and the defense…) "First of all, I'm so proud of our defense. They kept us in the game. If they hadn't have stood up so well, play in and play out, that game could have gotten away from us. On offense, there was a lot of adversity. The injuries made things tough. We felt like we just had to keep grinding, and you never know when you defense is able to keep you in the game, your special teams, that you may have an opportunity in the fourth quarter. We found a way. It wasn't easy. But I was just proud of the resilience, the character, the grit. I think more than anything, it's great to get a win, but even if we lost the game on an unfortunate thing at the end, I would have said, you now, the resiliency and the grit of this team is a reflection of the whole organization. It's the kind of thing you can build on and do something with, not just in one season or one part of the season, but hopefully for years to come. We want to have a reputation that when we come into a place people say, 'This is a well-run organization; classy players, classy people, total pros. You need wins like this to be able to solidify that kind of reputation."

Cornerback Kendall Fuller

(On how tough it was to keep eyes on Wilson…)"In this league it is just a part of the game. Guys are going to make plays, guys are going to get out of the pocket and scramble, and you just have to stay with your guy. It is something we were preaching a lot during the week."

(On the turn in emotion as the game swung their way in the final minute…)"It was big, especially for us. Feeling like we gave up the game, and for them to pick us up emotionally, physically, spiritually and go down and score was definitely big."

Running Back Rob Kelley

(On the challenge of running with several backups on the line…)"I really don't care. I was a backup myself, so it doesn't matter. If you weren't good enough you wouldn't be here."

(On what it shows for their team to get this type of win on the road…) "It shows that we can play in this league and we are just as good as anybody else… Just imagine what we can do when those guys get healthy."

Linebacker Will Compton

(On the feeling of being on the brink of losing to coming back to win in the final minute…) "It's awesome, man. We thought we blew it there in the first opportunity, but our offense found a way to drive the ball downfield and score. Hats off to everybody. Hats off to the D-line for keeping those guys off of us. Credit the secondary for always being on the same page and understanding the adjustments we needed to make. Russell got out there on us several times and that's never what you want, but we knew that going into it."

(On what went differently when they were able to stop Seattle at the end of the game…)"We just didn't make a couple plays in the series before. It wasn't the calls or anything like that, we just didn't make the plays. That last drive we made a couple adjustments on the sideline and it worked out for us. Coaches did a good job, players did a good job communicating with coaches. Just an all-around team win."

(On what goes through his mind as Wilson scrambles…)"It's frustrating, but that's why he's Russell Wilson, he makes those things happen. We knew going into it he'd be a problem spreading it out, getting out of the pocket. He's a hell of a player. They have a good team and most of it runs through him."

Defensive Back DeAngelo Hall

(On the Hail Mary the game ended on…) "I had to take it out of somebody's hands, was it Jimmy Graham? I'm just happy they didn't get the catch. We got that win and that's all that matters."

(On adjusting to the game in his first action back…) "It was a little different. I've always told myself that I'm a pretty smart person. I really didn't understand how important it was to physically get the reps as opposed to just seeing it in the classroom and knowing it. I was able to pick it up. Like I told D.J. Swearinger, he's a hell of a football player, man. Probably one of the best I've ever been around, played with, including Pro Bowls I've played with guys. Without him, there's no way I'm able to go out there and play, so hats off to him for real."

(On if this win can be propelling for them the rest of the season…) "You would like to say that. In this league every game is its own kind of beast and battle to try to handle. We kind of knew what to expect from these guys and their offense. We knew Russ was going to be hard to deal with. Each game is it's own challenge. I don't think we played this team better than we played in Oakland a couple of weeks ago. If you can't continue that kind of standard after doing it in Oakland, that was one of the best games I've probably ever seen us play….Everything is always something to build on and kind of look at and make corrections."

The Seahawks fall short 17-14 against the Redskins in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.  

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