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What The Texans Said Following Their 41-38 Loss At CenturyLink Field

Postgame quotes from the Texans following the Seahawks' 41-38 Week 8 win at CenturyLink Field.

Postgame quotes from the Texans following the Seahawks' 41-38 Week 8 win at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Bill O'Brien

(What did you think about your defense's performance…)"It was up and down but it was a team game. I just have to do a better job though."

(Thoughts on Russell Wilson's performance…) "He is a great player. He is a Super Bowl winner. He makes plays inside the pocket, outside the pocket. He is hard to stop. Give a lot credit to them, Pete Carroll is a great coach. They have got a great team."

(Thoughts on Fuller's second touchdown…) "That was all Deshaun and Will. Deshaun made a great play on that. He escaped and Will was open, it was a great play."

(Did you meet with your team's leadership group…) "I meet with guys every day and yes we met. We had some good talks and some great meetings. In the end it was about playing and we didn't get enough done in today's game and that's what is disappointing. We had it and I just let it slip away."

(What about (DeAndre) Hopkins performance…)"He is a great player. He is one of the best receivers in the league. You guys have seen it for a longtime. He is a competitor. We try and get the ball in his hand as much as possible. We just didn't get it into his hands enough. We will try and continue to do that."

(Thoughts on Fuller having so many touchdowns, so early…) "He is a great route runner. He is very smart. He is fast and has really improved his hands. He and DaShaun have a great connection. It's just sick that we didn't win."

Quarterback Deshaun Watson

(On how it feels to lose a game like that…)"It's heartbreaking. Just, almost having it, to end like that is tough."

(On what he thought of Russell Wilson's performance…) "He did a great job of managing the game and hitting the receivers whenever they were open. Receivers did a good job making plays, and they won."

(On if during the last series he was surprised he didn't have the ball in his hands on third down…) "That was the play call that OB wanted [sic] it, the game plan. He's the play-caller. He's the one who watches the most film. We just didn't execute."

(On if he blames the coach or the players…)"I blame myself. I'm the quarterback. Maybe we could have gotten a different play or something, but just live and learn from it. Watch the film, correct the mistakes, and then get back on track."

(On the play of DeAndre Hopkins…)"He did a good job. He made the plays that were there. He made a big-time touchdown run, about 80 yards on a screen pass. I mean, he's an All-Pro for a reason."

(On why he threw at Richard Sherman…) "Of course, that whole defense has a lot of playmakers, lot of guys who are future Hall of Famers, All-Pros, a lot of veteran guys. It's a very good team, a very, very smart team, so they make you earn it."

(On playing in a loud environment…) "We had a couple mistakes, miscommunication, but we just try to move on, just take it one play at a time, continue to focus on the task at hand and can't get distracted. There's always that next-play mentality, and regardless if it's good or bad we just try to move forward."

(On what he's learned about the team in the last 48 hours…) "Just the mental toughness. Just being able to put everything to the side and focus on the real focus and control what you can really control, and that's going out there and trying to play the best football game you can, especially on the road."

(On if his runs were by design…)"I just keep an open mind. You have a game plan, but you can't really pick and determine on what really is going to happen because you just have to go out there, and it's a chess match. Whatever you defense is doing, do what's best for us to move the ball."

Tackle Duane Brown

(On the level of emotion going into this game…) "It was a lot of emotions for our team, but just a huge sense of unity. Coming out, making sure we are playing for each other. That was it, forgetting everything else once kick-off started. Being able to block out any distraction that we had and try to go to work."

(On the play of his QB Deshaun Watson…) "Special, man. Special talent. There's a lot of poise, a lot of talent. He can make every throw, he can run, he's a great leader. It's impressive to be a part of."

Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins

(On how he feels about the offense after their performance today…)"Good question. I feel great about this offense moving forward. We didn't come out with the result that we wanted, but we fought to the end. Duane Brown came out, and for a guy to sit out a long time, he played a good game."

(On what he thought of the play calling with the game on the line…)"I go out there and do my job, whatever play they call, I run it to the best of my ability. Run or pass."

(His thoughts on his performance today…) "Good question. You have to thank number four for putting the ball in my hands, giving me a chance to make plays and the coaches for calling the plays. We didn't get the results we want, so for me it's not a moral victory at all. I would rather have zero yards and get a win, than have 300 yards and lose."

(On what he thinks of the performance of WR Will Fuller V…) "Good question. He's a beast. How many of his catches are touchdowns? Almost every-one it seems like, so that helps me out. When guys want to cheat to my side, you have to watch Will and Bruce (Ellington), as well, but Will has been playing his butt off and we have been seeing that all season. Even before he got hurt he was doing good things, improving his hands and his routes and it shows throughout the season."

(On if he is proud of how his team came together…) "I am. We came out and fought the Seahawks to the end. They got the victory, though so that is not the result we wanted, but we have next week and we have to come out and practice hard."

Wide Receiver Will Fuller

(On how he feels about the offense after the loss…) "I think we scored 38 points. Whenever you can score 38 points, that's really tough to do. We have a lot of confidence on offense that we can put up points."

(On how he feels about his ability to contribute to the team's offense…) "It feels great. We help each other out. He's (WR Hopkins) opening me up, I am opening him up. It feels real good to be back with the team."

(On what it is like have a quarterback like Watson…) "It's great. On one of the plays I scored today, I broke free and I was looking and I didn't see him, I just saw the ball in the air. Just things like that, him keeping the play alive is getting us a lot more touches."

Cornerback Kevin Johnson

(On getting back to being a lockdown secondary…) "We just need to keep grinding. We need to keep getting better and better and learn from our mistakes. We have good players in our secondary and great players on our whole defense."

Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney

(On how it feels to lose a game like that…) "It hurt, man. We've been here before. We had New England on the ropes, it comes down to the last minute. That's the difference between a Super Bowl team and us right now. We've got to come together and regroup and get ready for next week."

(On Russell Wilson and his battle with Deshaun Watson…) "I'll take Watson over him, in my book. I love him. Since he came here he improved our team. But Russell Wilson is still a great quarterback, don't get me wrong. He's hard to get. It's hard to sack the guy. He runs around all game. We've got to finish games better than we have. That's what it's going to come down to."

(On success against the run…) "We're pretty tough stopping the run every week. This week we did a good job at it but we didn't get the win, so it's still bad."

(On if this game was somehow satisfying…) "I don't think so. I'm all about the team. I'm all about winning. When you don't get no win, man, it's hard to look at individual plays. You want that W. You want the win. In the NFL, wins don't come easy, and I know that, and we've got to compete at a high level. We've got to finish games to get the wins. That's a good team over there. They've been to the Super Bowl, and that's the difference between us and them right now. They've played the game, and we have to figure out how to close games. This has happened twice, and both teams have been to the Super Bowl. We've got to start doing better at the end of games."

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