What The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Said After Their Week 12 Game Against The Seattle Seahawks

Check out what Tampa Bay players and coaches said after the Buccaneers' 14-5 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Check out what Tampa Bay players and coaches said after the Buccaneers' 14-5 Week 12 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

(On the emotion of the game...) "Alterraun [Verner] and Kevin Pamphile, who lost his mother in the preseason, Alterraun, who lost his father on Friday. Our guys, man, we've got some great guys in that locker room. It was emotional before the game. It was emotional at the coin flip. Then we backed it up. It's one thing to be emotional, but it's another thing to back it up. The crowd was awesome. The fans were fantastic. That place was rocking. I was trying to talk to guys on the field and it was a waste of your breath because they couldn't hear a word you were saying.''

(On the Buccaneers' pass rush...)"Six [sacks] is the most we've had in a long time. We were worried about that all week because Russell Wilson is a tough quarterback to sack. He did get out a few times, but we hit him, we kept him in. Noah Spence was big tonight. Gerald [McCoy] had a sack and a half. Six sacks, we hit him a bunch of times, too. That also tells you that your coverage is good on the back end because he's having to hold the ball a little bit.''

(On Mike Evans vs. Richard Sherman…) "Mike has been so steady for us all year. We've seen a totally different Mike Evans this year from a preparation standpoint and from a keeping his composure standpoint. Mike is just playing so much more under control and he's just letting his talent do it. That first third-and-long where Jameis [Winston] hit him on that deep crossing route, that was a great throw and catch. I don't need to give Mike any advice. He knows what he's doing.''

(On Tampa Bay's third-down defense...) "I think they were 1-for-11. Our D is playing lights out. I'll tip my hat to the crowd. When it's loud like that on third down and they've having to go silent count, it's tough. It's tough on the road when it's that loud.''

QB Jameis Winston

(On the first two drives that went for touchdowns...) "That was good, but that's what our offense is capable of. What was special was to see the way these guys just persevered, the way that we kept fighting and the way that we finished this game. The defense just played an amazing game. Gerald McCoy – we pray [before the game] –Gerald McCoy, he was in tears. I know he probably don't want me to share this, but he was just explaining how he knows how it feels to not have his mother on Thanksgiving. He was so passionate. It was the first time I've really seen a man really share his emotions with the team. I really think the team fed off that. When you see one of your leaders get emotional and he's speaking from his heart in tears, you know how much he wants it. I really believe him doing that really helped us out a lot.''

(On his end-zone interception...)"I'm just happy we won. That's the main part. You're trying to bring up negative stuff again. I want that back. I really want it back. I just wanted to put the nail in the coffin and throw a touchdown to Mike Evans. But I've got to be smart. Playing against one of the best cornerbacks in the game, you can't give him that chance.''

LB Lavonte David

(On not having experienced "meaningful football" in December until this year...) "I haven't. That's a great thing, hats off to this football team, hats off to this coaching staff, for everybody sticking together and playing Buc football the way we know how to play. You've got to tip your hat off to the Seattle Seahawks, you all know they're a great football team and for us to go out there and put up a performance like that against a tremendous football team, it's a great thing. But we've got to take this win and learn from it."

WR Mike Evans

(On a win over a challenging team such as Seattle...) "This is a great team, Seattle has been one of the best teams in the league for the past four or five years. I'm a big fan of [Seattle cornerback] Richard Sherman. He's a great player. It's just a good win overall for this team."

DT Gerald McCoy

(On if this is one of the best defensive performances he's seen by the Buccaneers...)"Yeah, that's a great game defensively, but our offense – I'd rather talk about our offense and how well they played. That first drive, even one of the refs came to me and was like, 'Geez.' I'll take drives like that all game. It was very impressive. When we needed to make plays, they made plays and guys just worked together today. But that just goes to show the unity we have on this team and the family atmosphere we have."

S Bradley McDougald

(On if a win against Seattle is sweeter because of the caliber of team they are...)"No sir. Chicago [win] was just as sweet. When we won, it felt just as good. But you can only relish in it for so long. Each team has a different component or a different level of difficulty that we're going to have to overcome and Seattle definitely has their share. The quarterback, [tight end] Jimmy Graham, the running game, you name it. But we're just going to have to come in and keep playing good ball."

DE Noah Spence

(On what the defensive line was doing today that gave them success...) "Rushing together. Like, one man goes up underneath and someone else helps to get the contain. And when one dude goes too high, the other guys come underneath. So, we're rushing together."

(On if he enjoys playing against mobile quarterbacks…)"Yeah, it's always a good challenge to go against a dude that can run around and use feet and everything like that because I know they hold onto the ball a lot more than someone that can't really use their feet. It was nice."

CB Alterraun Verner

(On if he could have scripted a better performance to honor his father today...) "I really didn't have any thoughts on if I was going to play well or not. All he ever asked of me every game is just to play my hardest. I could give up three touchdowns or I could get three interceptions, he would still love me the same. So, it's a blessing on how it happened for us to get the win and everything, but all he wanted was for me to play hard and that's what I did for him."

(On the shirt he wore under his uniform today...) "It was something my wife made for me. It was one of my favorite pictures of me and my father when I was at UCLA. It was the one thing that I won't ever forget about him was his smile and that was one of my favorite smiles of his. It's just to show that he's always with me and he's always going to be with me in every game. Every step of the way, off the field or on the field because of the type of man that he was is what made me into the man I am today."

(On how he would describe his father as a man for those who did not know him personally...)"He was the most caring, loving person that you will ever know. I mean, he'll talk to a stranger that's standing next to him at a bus stop. He was just so caring and loving. He cared about everybody. He was willing to take his shirt off and give it to that person that he never knew. That's the man I know and that I'm going to cherish forever, that love and support that he always gave me through the bad, the good, everything. That's the type of man he was."


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