What The Seattle Seahawks Said Following Their Week 13 Game Against The Carolina Panthers

Check out what Seahawks players and coaches said following their 40-7 win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what Seahawks players and coaches said following their 40-7 win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the 40-7 win...) "It was a really terrific night at the stadium. It was a big show by the fans being ready, the 12s were crazy tonight. We got the offense rolling, and had a big first half, 300 yards in the first half, and the running game was alive and rolling and Thomas [Rawls] was on. I think it really demonstrated how important Justin Britt has been to us, his coming back in there really cleaned things up this week. Tyler Lockett had a terrific night all around, with all the yards and the plays that he made. Russell [Wilson] had a really good solid night tonight. The guys caught the ball, Jimmy [Graham] had a good night. Doug Baldwin, all those guys. So, it was a really good night across the board.   But I think the best thing about this is the play of the offensive line, and to see the running game go like that, so we're really fired up about that. On the other side of it, to hold these guys to seven points, and we made a mistake, we didn't have to give them seven, that's a big deal, because these guys have dynamic football players, and a dynamic thrower, and all of that, and the defense played great tonight. It was a very, very good night, and I'm very pleased about it."

QB Russell Wilson

(On why they moved the ball so well...) "We were in attack mode. We stayed in it, we kept believing in each other, the defense gave us some cool opportunities, too. It goes back to the offensive line giving us enough time, they were strong upfront and they gave me enough pass protection time to be able to let the ball loose. I thought in terms of the run game, we were able to run it at a very high rate. Their run defense is really good, they're the number one run defense in the National Football League or something like that. We were able to key our blocks and make those plays and when we needed to we made the clutch plays. The good thing for us, is I think we were 7 for 14 on third downs which is 50/50, which is what we want to be at. That's winning football and I think the best part is, and the thing I look forward to, I think we're 2 for 6 in the red zone. We were able to score a lot of points, but if we're able to capitalize on those opportunities, too, that shows where we really are. We're really close. We believe that because of the work we put in during the week."

RB Thomas Rawls

(On the run game today…)"I felt like we dominated the run game. The guys up front had a great week of preparation. The same cuts that I was making in practice were the same one that I was making on the field. That's one thing that the results showed."

WR Tyler Lockett

(On the point when he felt like he was back from his knee injury…) "I felt pretty good against Arizona. I got to take the brace off so it felt really good. After that, I just had to continue to work on it. The guys did a great job in treatment by taking care of me and allowing me to get myself back in a position to where I could run and make those cuts again. It was frustrating but I just had to trust the process and I had to enjoy the process along the way. Sometimes I look back and think about how I was hurt in week two and now look [at where I am]. You see the fight and you see the passion that you had to be able to get yourself back in the lineup and to get yourself right."

DE Frank Clark

(On the difference from last week to this week...) "We got away from our identity a little bit last week, gave up those plays that we usually don't give up, and at the end of the day we can't do that. Like I say all the time, when you're a team who thrives on stopping the run, a team who thrives on stopping that big play, and then you go in there and you give up those big plays and those runs, it's hard to win. This week I think we showed."

LB Mike Morgan

(On intercepting Derek Anderson on the first play of the game in his first game back from injury...) "It couldn't have been a better story. Just being out for so long, being on [injured reserve] with an eight-week process, and then coming out the first play of the game and catching an interception, it's awesome."

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