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What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying After Their 31-25 Win Over The Buffalo Bills

Watch and listen in to what Seahawks players had to say following the team's Week 9 victory over the Bills on Monday.

Watch and listen in to what the Seattle Seahawks had to say following the team's 31-25 win over the Buffalo Bills at CenturyLink Field on Monday. The victory moves the Seahawks season record to 5-2-1.


Doug Baldwin on Russell Wilson: "It's fantastic to see him be more of himself, be more of the athletic version we know him to be. That was really encouraging to see."

Doug Baldwin on Jimmy Graham: "You can't be more happy for him just because he's fought so hard to get back to this point."

Frank Clark on Damontre Moore: "All you can ask from them is to take our lead and follow us. We're going to lead, you just follow us and he did a great job of that."

Frank Clark: "This what we practice. We rehearse going through these late game situation and it's about going up and getting it the job done at the end."



Bobby Wagner: "When we had a chance, I did what I had to do."


Frank Clark on Redzone Defensive Stops:"That's our defense. We did it last week and we continue to do it."


Doug Baldwin: "We're used to being in tough situations. We'll find a way to overcome the obstacles. We don't really look at them as negatives."


Jimmy Graham On His One-Handed TD Catches:"When the ball is in the air I think of my guys. I think of all the days I had this offseason and all of the moments I wasn't out there… I just want that ball so bad."


Kelcie McCray on Bills Final Drive: "We knew what was at stake. We wouldn't want it any other way, the game on the line. We feel like we are the best defense in the league."


Tyler Lockett:"I'm starting to get back to normal. I'm starting to get things going again."


Damontre Moore:"The guys here, they welcomed me with open arms. Helped me learn the scheme."

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