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What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying After Their 24-3 Win Over The Los Angeles Rams

Watch and listen in to what Seahawks players had to say following the team's Week 15 victory over the Rams on Thursday.

Watch and listen in to what the Seattle Seahawks had to say following the team's 24-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams at CenturyLink Field on Thursday.


Russell Wilson: "For five years, we've been able to win a lot football games. It's taken a complete team effort, every time. It's special, special thing to be able to go to the playoffs five years in a row. I'm grateful for it."

Tyler Lockett: "I've been trying to make the best of what's being given to me. Whether it's on special teams or whether on offense. Today they gave me a lot more opportunities and I'm thankful for that. I just went and did whatever I could with that."

Russell Wilson: "Tyler Lockett, to be so explosive and quick and do all the things he can do special teams wise- he's one of the toughest guys to cover just because he does it right all the time."

Cassius Marsh: "That's all we talk about around here is own the NFC. That's what we did. We won our division and now we get to go to the playoffs and play at home. We're looking forward to finishing out the season and better our spot in the playoffs."

Pete Carroll: "That's the pass rush we love and we expect from our guys that went kind of quite for us for awhile. But we're really going to ride these guys and see if we can get them hot as we head toward the playoffs." 

Here are action photos from Week 14 vs the Rams at CenturyLink Field.





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