What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying About The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Buccaneers before the two teams meet in Week 12 at Raymond James Stadium.


Take a look at what the Seattle Seahawks (7-2-1) are saying about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5) before the two teams meet in Week 12 at Raymond James Stadium. 

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On Jameis Winston...)"I think he's really good. We've seen him for years, I've been watching him through his Florida State days. He's a terrific competitor, he's just a great ball player. He has sense and savvy and guts and the confidence that the really good players have. He demonstrates the confidence in the choices that he makes. How he throws the ball and when he throws it and the kind of traffic he'll throw it into. He has belief in his arm and accuracy, it jumps out. He's not sloppy at all with the ball, he's very good. I think he's going to be a great player. I don't think there's any question. He can move around well enough for a big man, he'll take off and make yards with a scramble as well. I think he's really good and they're using him in great fashion."

(On the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 19-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs last week...) "That was a really tightly fought game. Kansas City is a really good team and they do a lot of things right. They took advantage of their opportunities, they had a big pick and withstood a turnover. They just hung in there and hung tough. Their defense really gave them a chance to play with 19 points in one game. That's a big outing by the defense any time. They were able to do well. They played tough and hard on the road and Kansas City is as hard of a place as it is to play. I just thought it was a great game for them, in a lot of ways."

(On Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans...) "The scheme, he might have had 100 targets already, I think it might have been something like that, to get him 65 catches. They really go to him and they do because he can make all of the plays. He can make them in tight quarters, he can get deep, he can get open in the third and mediums and the third and 6s and things like that, he can be a guy to go to. He's got quick bursts, he's got great catching range, come through guy. He's really tough and a great player."

(On Tampa Bay's ability to convert on third down...)"They're just gaining in confidence and getting better. Getting Doug Martin back was a big deal for them, he's really good, Jacquizz [Rodgers] is coming back too we think. They got all their guys back. You just feel like they're using their personnel. [Adam] Humphries gets open really well on third down, they just do a nice job with all their guys. Cecil [Shorts] does a nice job. It just seems like they're fitting together. I think it's just a young team growing with a new coach and all of that. They survived a difficult start already, and they're kind of going, I just think its their confidence. They have plenty of ability now, they have guys who can make plays and the quarterback is the center of all of that."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On Jameis Winston...) "It's just the maturation of a quarterback, it's remarkable from first to second year. He is an extremely talented individual, he has a powerful arm, he has good body strength, he's fearless and he's a really awesome competitor. He's a guy who goes out there and he's willing to take it as far as he possibly can on each and every single play. He's a guy that we know we're going to have to contain and keep him in the pocket. He's a pocket passer, so it's kind of pick your poison with him. We certainly want to keep him bottled up because he's a guy that can certainly make plays with his feet, but he's got a powerful enough arm and faith in his receivers where he's going try to put the ball in, whether they're covered or not."

CB Richard Sherman

(On if Mike Evans reminds him of any receivers he's faced...) "I mean maybe Mike Floyd from Arizona a little bit. They're both kind of similar in the way they move and maneuver."

(On Jameis Winston now that he's in his second year...) "He's doing good. I think he's thrown 20 touchdowns, thrown a couple interceptions. He's progressing well, he's still young, he still makes some decisions that are questionable, he also trusts his arm and makes some great passes. I think it's been up and down for him and I think he'd probably say the same thing."

WR Doug Baldwin

(On if the Tampa Bay game is a bit of a homecoming for him...) "A little bit. Getting back in the atmosphere. Feeling the humidity and heat. That will be nice for a change."

(On Tampa Bay's defense...)"Their linebackers are really solid. They've got Lavonte David stands out to me. Gerald McCoy, I'm sure you guys know about him, he's fantastic, he's an elite player at his position. Lavonte David he creates some problems for us. His speed and versatility, he's a top tier guy. So I look forward to that match up with a guy he has to go against but also just matching up with him as a whole."

QB Russell Wilson

(On meeting Jameis Winston at the Pro Bowl...)"He's a great competitor first of all, Jameis. I love him as a quarterback. He's phenomenal, makes a lot of great plays, a lot of great throws. Like I said, he's the ultimate competitor. Being around him was great, to spend time with him and we really connected, we really clicked in a really good way. Asking a ton of questions, he was, and I remember when I was a rookie and I was able to go to the Pro Bowl and I was around Drew Brees and Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, those guys. I was able to ask Drew and Peyton, specifically, a bunch of questions and just trying to gain knowledge of the game and how they do it and how they go about their professionalism and all that. Those were a lot of the questions I guess Jameis was asking in the sense of how I go about the week, how I go about the offseason and different little things. Like I said, he's a great player, I have tons of respect for who he is and what he's been doing. He's a great football player and he'll be a great football player for a long time."

In their all-time regular-season series, the Seahawks and Buccaneers have faced off 12 times with the Seahawks leading the series 8-4. The two teams will play again this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

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