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What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying About The Carolina Panthers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Panthers before the two teams meet in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Panthers before the two teams meet in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On this week's game against Carolina...)"This really feels extremely important to us, coming back home again, knowing we're winding down with the season almost. We only have a few chances left, we have to make the most of it, coming back to CenturyLink. A great matchup that we've played for years, it feels like playing a team that's in the division, I'm that familiar with these guys. They've had a tough start to the season but they still look like a very good team and a very dangerous team. They've had so many close games, we know that they're going to be fighting like crazy and we're going to have to play very well. That's a week for us to bounce back and play good football. We have set our sights on that and we're going to really work at the things we need to clean up, and hopefully we can put together a much better football game. These guys are good and we know it and they've got highlighted players everywhere."

(On whether the Panthers offense looks different compared to last year...)"It doesn't look different. It looks very much the same. They have a tremendous variety of runs. We always talk about that when we play those guys, nobody has as many run styles as they do because of the quarterback and what he adds. They're in wildcat every snap and then they're in shotgun. That's a loaded running opportunity, they've got an advantage in that numbers wise. They know what they're doing and they run everything they need to do to take full advantage of that. They're still chucking the ball down the field and making plays with their big guys. They have a tremendous receiving crew with nice variety and anytime you have Jonathan Stewart back there, he's a problem. We've played against him forever. Some day we won't have to play against him but right now he's still balling and doing good stuff, it seems like we've been playing against him for the last 20 years."

(On Carolina's offensive line...) "In particular, I think a good indicator was last week. They came right back into that football game against the Raiders and went out ahead and had a great finish to that game, all but the last drive. [Tyler] Larsen jumped in and did a nice job, Trai [Turner] jumped out at tackle. They did some nice stuff with those guys. Everybody's got tough situations at this time of the year in some spot or another and they're battling through it."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On the Panthers' offense battling injuries at multiple spots…) "They're still a good team. They still have really good players, they still have a really good quarterback. Obviously we're well aware of what's been going on up front for them, but it doesn't change the fact that they can turn around, hand that ball to number 28 [Jonathan Stewart], or number 1 [Cam Newton] can keep it for himself."

(On the unique challenge Cam Newton presents...) "It's just physical nature. You're talking about a big, massive running back. He can throw the football and before you know it, it turns into wildcat. There he is, he's keeping it and they're going power and counters and sweeps and things like that. It's the extra running back that you really can't account for but you better be prepared for."

QB Russell Wilson

(On playing the Panthers for the seventh time in the past five seasons…)"You see familiar faces, that's for sure. They have a great football coach, coach [Ron] Rivera, he really coaches them up very well. Their defense flies around, makes tons of plays. I'm not sure obviously if Luke Kuechly is playing, he's a tremendous football player and I have tons of respect for him. He's one of their leaders for sure on their defense. Obviously Thomas Davis too, he's physical and fast, he can make all the plays, he can do everything. You've got tons of respect for him, I think he's one of the better linebackers in the National Football League, for sure. A.J. Klein stepped up in that position and made some plays for them too. They got a lot of guys and their front 7 is physical, fast, they have guys that come in and out of the game. It's going to be a battle for sure and we're looking forward to that challenge."

(On if he thinks back to last year's playoff loss to the Panthers…)"None of those emotions come back. You win, you lose. I think for us in the past four or five years, we've played some very tough football teams, tough environments, tough games, had some unbelievable moments, had some tough moments. A lot of them have been really good ones, and all memorable. I think that for us, the best thing about all those things is we've always been in the moment. It's never been too big, it's never been too small. When you stay focused on the moment, you enjoy it, you trust the process, you respect the process and you enjoy the idea of practice, of studying film and getting with the guys and talking and discussing and communicating, being engaged throughout the whole entire week. When you play with that conviction, it gives you a great chance to win. Obviously this year is a new year, it's a new week, and we're looking forward to it."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

(On this week's game against Carolina…)"Carolina coming in here, obviously an opponent that we have great respect for. We've played them quite a bit over the last couple years so we have some familiarity with them. Always a great challenge, they have a great front, great backers. Their front 7 is probably as good as we're going to face. We have to be right."

(On Carolina's defense without cornerback Josh Norman...) "I still think it's a pretty stingy defense. Up front is really where it starts for those guys. I think all four of their front are playing great. Their backer's amazing, I mean 58, Thomas [Davis], is all over the place. He's running around, he's hitting people, he's playing as good as ever. The corners, I guess that's where you would talk, you have two rookies that are out there that are starting, so that's the first place you would look. I don't think it's shown up that big of a factor because of how well they're doing on the front. They're giving good pressure and I think they're one of the top teams in sacks. It's not just one guy, it's really all of those guys."

DE Michael Bennett

(On if he has a good relationship with Cam Newton...)"I talk to him but not really. You don't have time to talk to other players during the season, unless it's defensive players. You kind of talk about what other teams are doing and what you see. If they did something good what works. So most of the time you talk to the defensive players in the NFL."

CB Richard Sherman

(On how their playoff game last January against Carolina relates to this week...) "Not much, don't make mistakes. Guys have to play a better game, don't turn the ball over in your own red zone. Things like that I guess."

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