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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against The Packers

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 11 against the Packers.


*(Opening…) *  "Well, it's kind of a wild Thursday night. Really, really happy about this win, for our guys, for all of us. For the 12s that were waiting for us, it took us a long time to get going in the first half, we just didn't play well at all. But it does show you that that doesn't decide the game. Our guys went in at halftime, we made a few adjustments, the defense put some stuff together, and it turned the game around, really, by the stops they kept getting, and just played entirely different football for us. It was a great turnaround. I think I'm probably most happy with the way we finished the game. We kicked them the ball with something like 5:10 or something like that, and we get three and out and get off the field. We get the ball back with like 4:15 or whatever and then we run the clock out, and that's as good as you can do. I love it. Another good night running the football. 170-something. The consistency has continued to be there. That's those guys up front. All three runners ran really well tonight. All had good numbers and it was a committee going at it, but they did a great job and I'm really proud of them. I thought Russ came back. Russ didn't hit some stuff early on, and then came back and played a fantastic game by the time it was over. Hit some great balls, great play actions, great play calls by Schotty to give us some space and get those guys open. So all of that worked together. Also, as we see the whole thing coming together, you can see the kicking game is really finding the consistency, the coverage guys are doing great. Mike's kicking the ball beautifully and Sea-Bass did his thing, too, so everybody's coming through, so it makes it a good formula. It's what we're trying to put out there. I was really fired up there for the guys, that they finished the game, came from behind and won it. At 14-3, it didn't look very good. It was a great night."

(On the play of the defense after getting behind 14-3 …) "We had to turn it around. We were off. We were not getting the stops that we needed early on. I was upset about that. Guys rallied, though. They rallied and we stuck with the plan and we went back to some stuff that we needed to do in the second half. Kenny did a great job of making the adjustments in the second half and the guys responded really well, and we needed it. We needed every bit of it." 

*(On their final touchdown, was that the blitz look he expected…)  *"It was one of the looks that we were working on, you're right. They actually, I think they popped out of it. They faked the blitz on that one, but Russ's timing and Ed's timing was just perfect. Ed had to peek over his shoulder on that like he was coming out hot because he didn't know whether it was a blitz or not, and Russ saw it, he saw it, and they hit it and it was just a great veteran move by Ed Dickson. A beautiful play."

(On the pass rush getting 5 sacks on the night….) "Yeah, I was really fired up about that, because we know these guys are hard to sack and it's hard to get to Aaron, he just doesn't let you have him. But, it was a lot of guys working at it. A lot of four-man rushes. We did pressure some tonight, but most of the sacks came off the four-man rush, I believe. That's really good. Guys worked together and we spread it around to a lot of guys. Frankie had another great game, just causing problems." 

(On Chris Carson coming back after fumbling on the first carry…)  "Yeah, he had a really solid game. He just didn't protect the ball the way we are supposed to. The guy got underneath him, put his helmet on the football and knocked it out; it was a good play by them. That happened to Chris back, it might have been the Chargers game, or something like that, way back early on, and he's been great about it ever since. First play back, maybe he just wasn't quite right, I don't know. But, he finished the way he knows how to play, it was a great night for him."

(On the play of Doug Baldwin…) "I thought Doug played really well. It's great to get Doug in the end zone, finally. We missed him once, or a couple times really, and he's ready to have big games. Again, we didn't throw the ball very much tonight, so there's not a lot of throws, but he's such a good player. He's such a good come-through guy. I thought he played terrific tonight and I'm glad to see we had a chance to get him in the end zone finally." 

(On the play of the secondary helping to cause coverage sacks… )  "I'm an old secondary guy, and I'm not feeling real good about the way we played tonight. Aaron did his thing, you know. Those two scramble bombs that he threw were just phenomenal throws. He's the guy that does that. There's not very many people that can even think to throw that ball, let alone put it right on the money. I don't know, it must have been 50 or 60, at least 50, maybe 60 or more, just gorgeous throws. And that's just what he's always been able to do. Unfortunately, in our attempt to get that done. I can't think of anything about being a good night, after that happened. But, I will take a look at it. I don't know, I can't tell you about the coverage aspect of it, in the sacks. But, yeah, he didn't get rid of the football. We weren't just running in there and knocking them down. It was sustained rush and guys coming off of blocks and stuff to make the plays."

(On the play of Russell Wilson…)  "I think he was fired up. I think he was pumped up. You saw him throw a couple balls over the top of guys that he generally hits. He came back and found it and did a great job. I said something to him, and he said, 'I'm going to be all right, I'm going to be all right.' And he was exactly right. 'Shut up, coach' is what he could have really said, but he didn't."

 (On the David Moore catch being overturned, was that a result of the new rule interpretation this year…) "I think it's definitely an interpretation that's made now to give the guys credit that he had control of the ball and even though there was some movement from side to side a little bit. But, that's a new interpretation and that's what I was hoping they were going to see it that way. That was a big play at the time, we really needed that."

(On the key to avoid getting down after falling behind 14-3…) "I would like to think that we've instilled a belief that it ain't ever over, and that they'll keep hanging. We have for a long time, there's a lot of games on the record, it's hard to beat us when we just keep battling. Scores, even when we lose games that we think we should have won, they're always close and we've been really good at that for a long time. I think the belief is deep, and that's what sustains you when you keep thinking something good's going to come if you just keep working. We've been preaching that for years and I think it's in the mentality." 

(On his reaction to the Packers punting with about 4 minutes remaining….)  "I was a little relieved. I really did like that they punted the ball to us right there, because we knew we had a shot to kill the game if we could, and kill the clock, and we did it. The thing about that that's important is our belief in the running game, and we get the ball in that situation. It was like, oh here we go, this is our time. It's 4 minute time. Thrilled to see that happen. The mentality that's coming around in those guys up front and the runners and all that, it's really important, it's obviously really valuable too, and it's great to see that happen."

(On what Wilson saw on the third down touchdown pass to Ed Dickson…) "They were in a blitz look. You'll talk to Russ about it, but I don't think he knew whether they were coming or not until the moment the ball was snapped and they popped out of it. But the fact that they were disguising it gave him a chance, with really good rhythm and timing, to beat them before they got out of their disguise. So, whether it was a blitz or not, the read was there for him. I'm telling you that we practiced that a ton this week and it was beautiful, from a coaches perspective, to see something like that happen in such a crucial situation. I think the experience of Ed was apparent there, because he had to see the exact same thing. He had to peek, too, and take advantage of the opp, and it was beautiful execution right there."

(On stopping the Packers running game…)  "Boy, it didn't seem like that. The second half, I think the stat was 14 yards in the second half, and it just didn't seem like that. I didn't feel like we played a lot of stuff very well in the first half. I thought we were really kind of off our game. But, the recognition goes to the coaches and the players to come back and get it right. We had a heck of a halftime, terrific adjustments and mentality change, and the guys came through." 

(On Rodgers' last pass, hitting the ground…) "That was good, we liked that a lot. I don't know what happened. I thought the ball might have got tipped, did anybody see that? I thought it did, but maybe not, because it was so far off. I thought the ball got tipped by the left end."


(On what he saw on the final touchdown…)  "We got a lot of work on it during practice and everything else. Ed made a vet play, and we were able to see what we were trying to do. I thought that whole drive was pretty exceptional. I thought the offensive line did a tremendous job and we were able to get the ball down the field. We knew we had to throw the ball, let's go win the game, let's go do it. We had to run the ball, occasionally, here and there, but let's go win. Tyler made a few exceptional plays down the field. On third down we got a huge one. I think I had to slide to the left, they gave me great protection sliding to the left and Tyler just kept coming across the field and made a great catch on third and nine or whatever, I don't know what down and distance it was. He made a great play on that. We took a shot down the field and made a great play on that one, too. Ran the ball well. When it came down to it, on third down you have to win in the red zone and we were clutch in the red zone there at the end of the game."

(On the read on that touchdown play…)  "I think, if they got out of it or did something different, we'd have to adjust it, but just trying to read it out, just see if he would come open. Sure enough, he did a tremendous job, Ed did, got his head around and the ball was coming his way, and he made a great catch and went in the end zone. That's pretty exciting."

(On the four minute offense…) "We were very confident. We were very confident in what we were going to do, and how we were going to do it. One of the things that we talked about this week, and I brought up to the guys is that we have to think big, we have to believe big. We have to believe that great things are going to happen. We've been through the fire this season, we've had some amazing games against some tough teams. Back and forth. Rams last week; Rams twice this year. Down to the wire. Chargers. We've had some amazing games, going back and forth. We're a young team, but a team that has a great faith in what we're doing. We're completely together in what we're trying to do. We just stayed the course and we were able to be clutch at the end of the game. We were able to get the first down. I kept telling the guys in the huddle, hey, if we get a couple of first downs, this game is over. They don't have any time outs. And we were able to run over there, and I ended up sliding and they called that time out, so they didn't have any more time outs with three minutes to go. So, I think for us, we just wanted to get first downs, and then sure enough, we were able to. Guys made some great runs. The offensive line blocked up, did a tremendous job, and closed out the game."

(On whether he might have been a little amped up…) "I felt pretty good. Sometimes you just miss some here and there. But, we were able to make the throws when we needed to in the fourth quarter and third quarter, and stuff like that, and stay the course."

(On what Coach Carroll said to him on the sideline…) "I don't remember exactly what he said, but he was basically trying to say calm down, and I said hey, I'm good. I'm great. I feel confident in what we're going to do. Coach always has this funny story about Rick Barry, one of the greatest shooters, scorers of all time. I'm not going to tell the whole story, but basically, Rick Barry, one of the greatest shooters of all time, he said he saw him when he was coaching with the 49ers, and Rick Barry said that if he's missing some, then watch out. I just believe that, I know what I'm capable of. Great things can happen. We have great receivers, guys that can make plays. I missed a couple here and there, but we stayed the course and had a great night."

(On Doug Baldwin getting a touchdown…) "Doug, he looks great. Doug and I were talking about that this week, and really the week before. He was looking really strong and making a lot of plays. I want to get him involved, he's a superstar. Doug and I were talking about going back to 2015. We were 4-5, I think it was, and we got on a hot streak. This is one game, we have a lot of games to go. We have a tough game ahead of us. Just a reminder of where we've been and where we've gone and how we've done it before. Doug got on a hot streak, I think he scored 14 touchdowns or something crazy, in a row. We have great players. Guys are going to make plays. The great thing is that we have so many guys making plays. We have Chris Carson running the ball, we have Mike Davis running the ball, Penny's running the ball well. Then we have receivers catching the ball and tight ends catching the ball, so there's a plethora of guys making plays, and Doug Baldwin is one of those guys who can make a lot of plays for us, so that's exciting for us."

(on the catch Baldwin made on the bubble screen…) "That was pretty crazy. He has great hands. That was pretty awesome. He made a lot of great plays tonight."

(On the play of the offensive line…) "They're fun guys to hang out with, just to be around them and their work ethic. Their work ethic is amazing. Coach Solari is doing a tremendous job coaching them up, too. It's been pretty cool playing with those guys every day and just the energy they bring to practice, the focus, the detail. It starts all the way from the left side to the right. Duane Brown being an all-pro tackle. You have Sweezy who has been a Super Bowl champ, who's been through the fire. Justin Britt, whose done everything you can imagine and is a great leader for us at center. D.J. Fluker is super passionate about the game. 360 pounds is a grown man who can throw people around, and then Ifedi is doing a tremendous job this year, too. There is a lot more to do, and a lot more things. We have our heads down. We are right in the midst of the fire, right in the midst of the storm, right where we want to be. We just believe that we have everything we need, and we have everything that we've got. So, we're going to make the best of it."

(On why the offense was clicking better in the second half…) "I watched some on my own the other day, just to watch. I think part of it is that you go through the season, and not everything goes the way you want it to. I'm not trying to make it complicated, sometimes the things don't happen to win the game, and whatever happens. And, you have good teams in the NFL. It's not just us. There are 31 other teams that can play ball. The thing that we were able to do back then is we just kept our heads down and kept working. That's all I know. That's all Doug Baldwin knows. That's what Tyler Lockett knows. Bobby Wagner. That's what we know. That's what we've done our whole lives just to get to this point. I think that, for us, we're continuing to just develop and mold and become who we want to become. Each guy is just growing. I'm growing. Duane Brown is still growing. Doug Baldwin, all the way to Flowers. Every guy on our team is continuing to develop and grow. The great thing is that you want to keep progressing. You want to continue to grow, and just go where you want to go.

(On what he's thinking when the Packers don't convert their last third down….) "We have to go finish the game. We have to be great in our four minute offense. We have to go finish the game and let's go get it done."

(On the end zone celebration…) "You may have to ask him. Are you talking about the one where they are swimming and doing that whole thing? That was pretty good; they have to work on their technique a little bit. I thought it was pretty entertaining, that's for sure."


(On playing to the end of the game) "I mean, like I said last week, I think this is one of the best groups of guys to go down and score when we need to. … But we do it, we get the job done and that comes from the model of always competing and that's something that's always been said around the whole Seahawks building – just always competing and just picking up your brother with a helping hand."

(On being in close games) "I mean, that shows you where we progressed at during the whole week of preparation and just getting ready for the game. It showed you where we lose by that margin, by three or four the next game and then come back and win. It shows you the progression of what we've been preparing at practice the whole week."

(On his 30-yard run in the first quarter) "I've been saying it the whole time – you've got to take advantage of your opportunities. You see one thing on the other side and then you feel like the whole defense is on that side so you just reverse fields. I don't know, I credit everybody who was blocking. It just wasn't me on that one – that was a big run."

(On running the clock out at the end of the game) "We got great running backs and we're led by a great running backs coach in Chad (Morton) and we just do an amazing job of reading our keys and just playing technique sound. I think that's something that I'm still working on. I feel like I bounce a lot of runs where I'm a big dude and I can just plow in there – that all comes with being in and being more involved and just getting that opportunity. I've got to take advantage of the opportunities I get so once I go from there, I just start finding my game slowly."


(On winning a close game) "I mean, it's real good. Sometimes, you've got to have games like that. You've got to deal with that adversity and see some of the things that you did wrong so you don't put yourself in that position again. The biggest takeaway that we had from it was, we were down 12 points against the Chargers or 12 points against the Rams – I don't know who it was – but we had a go down and score possession and we did that. Then we stopped them and got the ball back and had a chance to win so we had to figure out like, 'what is it that we need to do to keep ourselves in the game so we don't shoot ourselves in the foot?' and we overcame that today."

(On what message the Seahawks sent with this win) "We're not really worried about that. I mean, as soon as we started doing good, everybody tried to get on our side and the same way they love you, they hate you and critique you. We just take one game at a time and we try to go out there and do whatever we've got to do to be able to win. As long as we're proving ourselves right and we believe, that's all that really matters."

(On being back in the thick of the Wild Card race) "It's real big to be able to beat the NFC teams because when you get to the end of the season, those are going to be the things that they're going to start comparing if everybody has the same record. You've got to be able to just go out there and take it one game at a time, put yourself in a great position to be able to win and sometimes you've just got to hope the chips fall in your favor."

(On the touchdown celebration planned for the Rams game) "No, no, no, no, no, no, no – I'm not telling you what we had planned. If we would've scored, we probably would've done that. It was going to be next up if somebody had scored but we got more time to practice it and get ready."


(On recording his first touchdown) "I should've had three just today. Finally, right? It feels great to contribute to the team and points. (I'm) feeling good finally for the first time so I'm just excited to keep continuing to improve."

(On if it was the game plan to get him more involved) "No, I mean it just happened that way. Grateful for it, though."

(On if his first touchdown catch got him pumped up) "Nah, I'm a savage regardless so whether I score touchdowns or get any catches, I'm going to put wins on film and that's all I can do. Getting that touchdown, yes, made me ecstatic to be able to celebrate with my teammates. We got to do another touchdown celebration. That's really what it comes down to."

(On the touchdown celebration) "No, we had a different one against the Rams but it's for the Rams. Tyler (Lockett) screwed it up. We did plan this one, although I don't think it went as well as we wanted it to."


(On winning a close game after recent struggles) "You look at the Chargers game, we got to the one-yard line there. We were right there. You look at the Rams game, we had the ball, we had the opportunity, (but) we just couldn't close it out. You look at the Rams game at home. We just kind of had to get over that hump and strain harder, finish more, and do right. Good things come to those who run and do things longer – whatever the saying is. I botched that bad. But, no, it feels great to be on the other side. A win is a win and it's hard to win in this league."

(On finishing the game using the running game) "At this point, it's normal. We rushed for our average so it's another day of the offense (being) normal. They have a really good defensive front in Green Bay and they made us work for it and it wasn't easy by any means. Of course, a run like Rashaad Penny's run definitely helps the yards and the average so we appreciate the backs and I'm sure the appreciation is mutual but they run their asses off and they deserve all the credit."


(On being wide open on his touchdown catch) "Those are the hardest ones. You watch it game in and game out, you're wide open (and) you've got to concentrate on it and you've got to avoid coughing up the ball right there. You've got two tacklers coming in and trying to tackle you. I'm thankful for Russ (Wilson) getting time in the pocket and throwing the ball and these are the types of plays I can make. I'm glad I'm back. It's been a long time coming after sitting out six weeks and watching my team battle and just to be in it right now, we're not where we want to be record-wise and everything like that but we're fighting for a playoff berth. We take these games one game at a time and just keep battling."

(On taking extra reps with Russell Wilson) "Yeah, I mean that's one of the main reasons I came here, to play with a quarterback like Russell. His expertise, the way he's passionate about this club and this game, even my play – I'll go to war with that guy. Just to see some of it paying off, it's kind of gratifying, so to say. We're not done yet."

(On the Packers blitz disguises) "Well, you've got pre-snap (and) you've got to see everything because like I said to somebody a couple of minutes ago, it's my route that went across the field or it could've went vertical. The void was vertical so I took off vertical and Russ (Wilson) put a good ball right there. By then, (the blitz) was too late. Russ put a hot ball out there and I got a catch for a touchdown."

(On if he thought the Packers might ignore him in the pass game) "Oh, heck no. I can't sneak up on anybody in this league. They know what I'm capable of and I just worked all week to get my opportunities and it's all about opportunities. As long as they throw me the ball or I made a block, I'm going to try to be a positive asset on the team, not a negative."


(On win against Packers) "We just tried to finish them off. We played a great team, really good offense and a great defense as well – they were scheming up pretty good. We stayed consistent, battled throughout it and found a way to win – that's the making of a great team right there. (Our) defense against one of the best quarterbacks of all time getting us the three and out to get us the ball back with four minutes left, and we found a way to stay on the field to finish it out. That's the kind of killer mentality we've got to have and we were able to showcase it tonight."

(On maintaining possession at the end of the game to run out the clock) "It's a great feeling. When we scored that touchdown, I told the guys that if we get back on the field, it's a wrap. (We knew) if we got back on the field, we got four, five, six minutes – whatever's left, leave it all out there and everyone responded. I'm so proud of my guys. They did everything they could to stop it and we found a way to tough out yards and stay on the field – and that's how you want to win."


(On the improvements in the second half) "We were able to apply a lot more pressure. We kind of got in his face and affected his throws. We had a lot of guys get some sacks and we did a better job in coverage. He is a good quarterback, he made some good throws. We're happy we came away with a win."

(On the importance of the late game defensive stand) "I think it was really good, especially for our confidence. We've got a very young team, young defense. We've been through a lot throughout this whole season and it's time for us to get over that hump and pull out these wins. We've witnessed the other side enough and I think everybody feels that – that's why I feel confident about us winning these next few games."

(On the how much credit he gives the Seahawks defense for the sacks) "A lot of credit- Frank (Clark), I think it was (Austin) Calitro, J. (Jarran) Reed, those guys just apply pressure. Like I said, it was helping us out in the coverage because he was not as accurate and rushing some of his throws – especially the one on third down when he threw it into the dirt. We felt like because of the pressure, that helped us a lot. Those guys did a great job."

(On if he felt like they dug a hole for themselves early in the game) "Nah, we remained confident. Like I said before, we've done a lot throughout this season. It's been a long season and we've kind of experienced everything outside of just getting over that hump and pulling these wins out. That's why I felt like it's time for us to take everything we've learned thus far in the season and start making it equal wins. That's kind of how it was, we didn't falter at all."


(On Aaron Rodgers' ability to extend plays and make tough throws…) "We know he's one of the best in the world to do that. He made some great plays, but great quarterbacks do. He definitely showed that."

(On getting a close win after losing a few close games this season…) "It feels great. I've been talking about it this whole week coming in to this game that, sooner or later, these close games are going to turn in our favor and it did tonight. We're going to be in some more dogfights, but we're going to continue to fight the way that we do and we're going to finish the whole game, from the beginning to the end. We've been on some bad sides of the ball, but after a while, it'll turn in our favor and it did tonight. We're going to continue to do that."

(On if the secondary could start to feel the pressure increase on Aaron Rodgers in the second half…) "I felt that. We work with each other, the [defensive] line and the [defensive backs]. Everybody is working with each other. We tell them that we're going to cover them as long as we can. We're going to continue to do what we have to do. Eventually it'll lead to some sacks and we did that tonight."

(On the overall second half improvements…) "We held our ground. We knew he could extend plays so we had to cover a lot longer than we usually do. But we were prepared for that. It was cool to see everyone make plays the way that they did. We work for each other."


(On the adjustments they made after the first half…) "Coach Hurtt, our defensive line coach came in here and gave a passionate speech. It was something that we needed to hear. He lit a fire under us. He woke us up a little bit. We were out there and we weren't playing like ourselves. We were giving up plays that we shouldn't have. It was enough of it. Everyone was tired of seeing it and we were tired of doing it. We just needed a little spark and he gave us that."

(On if a speech from Coach Hurtt has happened previously this year…) "That was the first time that our defensive line coach has stepped up and spoke. It's a passionate group. It's a very smart team. A lot of guys want to step up in moments like that and we have the leaders and the voices to do that. It was just different. You could really tell the sincerity and the passion behind his speech and I think a lot of guys felt that."


(On what it says about the defense getting 5 sacks against Aaron Rodgers)"That's effort, playing as a unit, I love being a teammate, just all the necessary things you need to win a game like this on Thursday night football. The one thing we didn't want to do was make it more than what it was. It's just football. At the end of the day, it's a different day of the week. We are used to playing on Sundays, you know, we have that quick turnaround. At the end of the day, you've got a guy like Aaron Rodgers, so we have to be on our Ps and Qs."

(On how Rodgers changes their pass rush) "The biggest thing he does is he makes everyone around him greater. When you're a hall of fame quarterback, that's what you're going to do. When you're a hall of fame pass rusher, or you're a great pass rusher, you're going to make everyone around you better. I think that was the goal today."

(On getting the defense to step it up in the second half) "You've got to step up. At the end of the day, what you think is enough is not enough. When you think you did great, you can do greater. I feel like we had a couple of guys who were lax and a couple of guys who were just taking our position for granted. I just wanted to finish the game. I feel like all season we had many opportunities like this and we didn't finish. At the end of the day, you've got to finish. That was the one thing we did the second half."

(On his feeling when Rodgers threw the ball into the ground on the final drive). "Yeah, it just shows the pressure we put on him all day. I feel like if you look at that film, you look at anything across the board all game, it's going to show that. It's going to show our effort. Especially in the second half, it was relentless. I give all the praise and honor to my defense and my defensive line. My DBs, they played excellent. My linebackers stepped up as usual. We had a young guy, [Austin] Calitro, and he stepped up today and was amazing today. He made plays. Bobby [Wagner] continuing to be the best linebacker in the league. We've got a young defensive lineman, man, I feel like my guy Jake Martin stepped it up. Rasheem [Green], they both got their first career sacks tonight. That's my highlight. That's the biggest thing I'm proud of. I'm so happy they finally got there to the quarterback. And not just any quarterback, but why not say my first career sack was Aaron Rodgers? They'll be able to say that forever, no matter what"


(On how his brother got his first sack against Aaron Rogers and he matched what his brother did). "You know, I don't even know. I can't really describe this feeling. I'm just happy to be part of a team that's hungry enough to fight back and win that game. Is it cool to share the same experience with my brother? I think it's awesome. It's an amazing feeling. Now, it's just trying to get them to come in bunches."

(On what was working for him personally to know it would be a breakthrough day). "I was just tired of getting close, that's what it comes down to. I was challenged this week by Frank [Clark] 'You've got to get there. Close isn't good enough. Getting the quarterback off the spot isn't good enough, you know what I mean? Being fingertips away isn't good enough.' They were on me all week about my pass rush plan and my plan to rush and making sure I was on top of it on the short week. That was the biggest thing, that trust in me that J [Jarran] Reed and Coach Hurtt, and all those guys just said to me 'make sure you got a plan. Even though it's a short week, you've got to be on top your game.' Make sure we are all rushing as a unit and not as individuals."

(On how Aaron Rodgers impacted his plan). "That dude is electric, that's an awesome quarterback right there. He's electric. It doesn't matter if he's in the pocket or out of the pocket, he can sling it from anywhere. That was the biggest thing we've got to get home. We've got to get home."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 27-24 win against the Green Bay Packers in Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.