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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against The Cardinals

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 17 against the Arizona Cardinals.


Q. You mentioned getting 10. That's six of the last seven years in double-digit wins.
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, that's kind of a marker for whatever reason. It's an important deal, and seven just doesn't look good at all, and 10 gives you that feeling like you almost had a good year. Those guys knew that. They took pride in that today.

Q. Do you have any more reason to believe Sweezy will play next week?
PETE CARROLL: Nothing has changed, no, but he's going to do everything he can, and if it can happen, it'll happen. We left him home today so he would be careful to stay off it and all that kind of stuff. He's been rehabbing around the clock, so he'll give us everything he's got to get back.

Q. For Jarran Reed to get double digits sacks this year, a guy who had three sacks in two years before this.
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, what a great -- what a great performance for the whole season for him, and it was great to be able to tell the guys in the locker room he had 10 and a half for the year. I don't think we've had a defensive tackle that had 10 sacks. Maybe we have but I can't remember it. Frankie to have 14 for a season, too, and Frank has just played great the whole year. He had a fantastic season. He is a factor every time we rush the passer. You can tell by the way they're trying to take care of him. He had a great season, too.

Q. Did you have any thought to put in Fluker as things progressed?
PETE CARROLL: We talked about it at halftime, yeah, did talk about it at halftime and decided not to. I think we should mentioned, too, that with 1:49 left, we get the ball, two time-outs and here we go. It's an opportunity to go ahead and go win the game. Field goal to win. We practice those situations so much that it's kind of -- there's a light moment in there when, okay, here we go, like recite the whole thing to Russ and he looks, and of course what do you think Russ said, okay, we're going to go get this done, and he found a play and made a great play with Tyler and put us down there, and we just handled the clock, and I thought our guys executed great in that situation to know exactly what was going on. Sidelines knew what was going on. Time-outs, the whole thing, was really all orchestrated. It was well done, and Russ did it again. Part of that deal again.

Q. What happened to Shaquill Griffin, and will he be available next week?
PETE CARROLL: He turned his ankle, and was kind of a slight ankle sprain. He was dying to get back in. We just held him out because we knew that Akeem [King] could play, and we didn't think we had to push it right there just to make sure that we didn't overdo it with him.

Q. What were you seeing with the protection issues?
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we had the first thing we would say to you is we had trouble with the line stunts, but I think so much of that is communication, and it just -- these guys are really quick with what they do, and they're creative, and they're really committed, and it just was -- we didn't handle it very well. You tie that together with a couple pressures that they hit that we missed, that we missed the pickup on, it was a terrible day pass protecting.

Q. What was happening with special teams today on the punts?
PETE CARROLL: Gosh, I don't know. We've got to go to work. On the first punt block, it was just a regular guy forcing the punt, and he broke down the edge and got a hand on the ball. I don't know about the other one. But the whole field position thing just messed this game up totally. We could have lost the game today just because of that. Fortunately we hung in there and didn't allow that to happen, but the big punt return was huge. That was a change of field position. Of course both blocks, enormous, a huge call in the game, too, the defensive holding play when they knocked the ball out of Russ and got a touchdown on it. Incredible turnaround, what happened, we popped the ball the very next play or whatever it is to change the field position. But that was a very -- we were very fortunate there.

Q. At what point did you guys decide to go with Germain at right guard, through the week?
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we just figured it was the right thing to do, and we thought about it because it might take a few weeks to get back, and instead of just doing -- maybe just to stick one guy in after the game, if it takes two or three weeks, we'd be better off to go that way. That's really, really valuable for us to have Germain do that. It was a fine job accepting the challenge. He was not prepared to do that, although throughout the season he's always mixed in there during practice time just so that he's familiar with it, but really proud of him for just taking on the challenge and doing a nice job with it.

Q. Janikowski has a three-game -- third game winner for you, just in those moments how --
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we're just counting on him that he's going to make it. It's incredible that both the Arizona games come down to him kicking the field goal to win the game with no time left on the clock, but we couldn't be luckier. I think, I don't know if this is right, you guys will figure this out, he went up on the list in the all-time scorers. Isn't he like ninth or something like that? Of course you guys have all that information and I don't have to bring that up to you.

Q. Are you left with encouragement or just glad that's over and on to the next step after a day like today?
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, there's -- you know, I don't see many things that aren't encouraging. But yeah, I love that we won at the end of the game. We needed a fourth-quarter drive to do it, and we had a stop to get that done, had to use the clock. All of those things are going to come in handy when it comes time in this next week or maybe the weeks ahead, and here it comes, we're coming down to Seabass to win the game, everybody is going to click right into this mentality that we've already been through this, we know what it takes, we've got the best guy we could hope for to go kick the game winner, and on and on. The pass rush really good today and there was all kinds of stuff. Whenever we continue to play good on defense and we run the ball really well, we've got a chance to be in every game, and with all of the other garbage that happened in this game that would offset the field position, we were able to maintain the game.

Q. You mentioned the defense in the game. That can be hard on defense on the field position, keeps it going like that --
PETE CARROLL: Yeah, it's hard mentally, and our guys, they have a routine about how they handle that situation, how they take the field, and Clint gets them out there all in the right frame of mind so that they can execute really well and they did a nice job in those situations.


(On the win today…)  "It was a physical game across the board. It's always tough against Arizona. They always play great against us. We always battle against them, too. It always comes down to the wire. We had a feeling that was going to be the case. That's the way of the world, it seems like. The great thing is that we were able to win. That's all that matters; us pulling out a win and finding a way. It's been a great season so far, how far we've come. Everybody thinking we're down and out, from where we started, and to be where we are right now with 10 wins again. It's exciting. Back to 10.   Going into where we're headed right now, in terms of the playoffs, we're excited about the opportunity of where we can go, because we know that if we do things right and play right and work together and play together, we feel like we can beat anybody on the right day.   We're excited about that opportunity.    We have a tough task, Dallas has been playing great. Honestly, they've been one of the best teams in the NFL in the past, however many weeks. Six, seven, eight weeks, whatever, across the board.  They have a really good defense. They have a really good quarterback in Dak. They have a great runner in Zeke, too. They have some great players; obviously Coop is making a lot of plays for them.  It's going to be a battle, it's going to be a tough test, but we're ready for it."

(On the 37 yard completion to Tyler Lockett …) "I dropped back, got some pressure, just sort of slid to the right, kept my eyes downfield. Doug was running a little out-breaking route, and Tyler was slipping behind the guy. Sure enough, we were able to connect. I think that Tyler has been special all year. We were hoping that he would get to 1000 yards this year. He's had an amazing year. I think he has 10 touchdowns, is that right? 10 touchdowns on the season, he's been special all year. His work ethic has been amazing, and he showed up once again. We love those moments, to be honest with you. We wish the game was better, we wish that we had played better throughout the game, the whole entire game.  When there's 1:49 on the clock, we look forward to those moments. We believe that we are going to make those moments happen." 

*(On making big plays late in the game…)  *"In the fourth quarter, like I've said before to you guys, I think when we were in Carolina, you have to have to look forward to the moment. You either fear it or you don't.   I know for me, I look forward to it. I know for our football team, we do, too, as well.  We've done it so many times before, this year, and also in the past 6-7 years, too. I think that it's something that we practice, as well. We visualize, we communicate, we try to communicate very clearly in what we're trying to do and how we want to execute, and just make plays.  At the end of the day, when the game's on the line, you have to make plays. We have a lot of ballplayers that can make a lot of plays."

(On the play of the offensive line today….) "Arizona had a great defensive package. I think they are one of the best and toughest defenses to play just because they do so many great things. They have great players.  Their season and their record doesn't necessarily show great their defense is. They have a lot of star players on that side of the ball. Unfortunately, we've been having to shuffle [the offensive line] the past couple of weeks, really. Guys have had to step in and everything else.  I think they're battling as much as they can and they're doing a good job of it. They made some plays today.  Like I said, it's always tough against Arizona. This isn't just this game; it's been years that it's been battles.  At the end of the day, you have to do whatever it takes to win. We were able to pull that out tonight."  

(On whether any of his personal records mean anything to him…)  "Touchdowns do matter, but I'm not a stat person. The most important stat is wins and winning, and that's what I care about the most. I think touchdowns is a predictor on how far you're going to go on offense, obviously. You need touchdowns to win. I think it's always great.  There have been a lot of great quarterbacks in front of me that have played here and everything else. I believe I'm just beginning; I'm just starting. It's not me, thought, it's the guys making plays. It's guys over the years that have been making special plays. That's always been a blessing, just to play with great players. So many guys have caught touchdowns and done some special things. That's always fun. Hitting a home run is a pretty cool feeling. Throwing a touchdown in front of 80,000 people, 75,000 people is pretty cool, too. It's always a blessing. I have goals in mind and places I want to go and everything else. But at the end of the day, I want to be known as the greatest winner of all time. I think that's my goal."

(On what it was about the Dallas game in Week 3 that helped turn the season around…) "Well, we played Dallas here and it was a battle. They have so many tremendous players. They have some guys that are young. Their linebackers are phenomenal. They were just kind of starting, you could tell how good they were going to be. They're coached really well, just across the board. They do things the right way. They play the right way. When we started off 0 and 2, the reality is this, and I've said this a couple of times. We went to Denver, we felt like we should have won that game. Von Miller had a day, near the end, there. He made really three big time plays that kind of took the game, it kind of felt like. We should have won that game, we felt like, and then fast forward we went to Chicago. They've been great all year as you guys can see. They have a great team. Obviously, the addition of Khalil and what he's been doing there, and everything else, but we didn't play our best there. Then we came back home, it was good to be back home, and pulled out a good win against the Cowboys last time. But, I think that they were kind of in the same spot that we were at. Just the beginning, it's a journey. You can't just be the first one to feel like you have to win the race; it's a journey. It takes time. I think they've done a tremendous job of staying the course, very similar to how we have. It's going to be a great showdown, it's going to be a great opportunity. We look forward to these moments, we don't fear them. I think we have to be great this week, though. We have to get better. That's the thing that we've been doing all year. If we have a tough game, we come back, we come back swinging, and we come back swinging the right way through practice, and through attention to detail and allowing us to be successful, hopefully, on game day."


(On Jarran Reed's play) "It's awesome. Just watching my boy come in from the beginning, it's been awesome. We've been with each other the whole time and the best thing we can do is grow. Grow as teammates, grow as a person, grow as a father, grow as a man. I feel like we've taken all the necessary steps to do so. That was just the sacks for a D-linemen, an interior D-linemen, a nose tackle, a three-tech, whatever you want to call him – it was impressive, I don't care what you say. For him to get 10.5 (sacks) this year, I think my high before this year was 10.5. Just seeing my boy, him being able to take on the challenge under the duress of us not having all that we had, it's just great to see. It just shows us young guys what our ceiling really is."

(On how much having the defense in tune will help against the Cowboys) "I feel like playing them is going to be like any other time we play them, honestly. I just feel like it's about us, you know. It's just about our preparation. Games like today, there will be a lot of things that get away from us. If we allow the play of ourselves, not necessarily how good the offense was executing, but on defense. Just the play of the other team's special teams allowing two blocked punts. That's hard, we're making the game harder for ourselves. We've got to make it easier. It's the little things like that we've got to go in the lab and fix. We're going to a better offense, we're going to a better defense, we're going to a better team in general coming up. We're going to the best runner in the NFL right now in Zeke (Ezekiel Elliot) as far as rushing yards goes. We've just got to be on our P's and Q's. I feel like the pressure is not on us really because I feel like everything that we are thinking about is the Seattle Seahawks.


(On Week 17 win against the Cardinals) "I'm just glad we got the W, got the chance to win. It was a hard-fought battle. Sometimes we were just trying to do our part, pick our offense up and just try to give them as many opportunities as possible. They struggled a little bit, but we're put out there to play defense so we knew we had to come correct and come and get some stops or get a turnover."

(On his fumble recovery) "It was out there for a minute, but we were all scratching and crawling, I knew one of us was going to get it. I'm happy I got it, I'm happy it put us in position."

(On Seahawks pass-rush) "We knew we had to get after him. It's a good quarterback and we didn't want him to sit back there and pick us apart, so we had to get after him."

(On reaching 10 wins and the playoffs) "It feels good. They had us going 4-12 and stuff, so to get 10, it's just really good. It just goes as a testament to the guys we've got in this room. We knew what we had here, so we just kept on keeping on." 


(On winning 10 games)"You don't take it for granted. Ten wins in this league, you can't take it for granted. A lot of credit goes out to the Cardinals. They played their hearts out today. We lasted longer than them today."

(On knowing they were in the five spot going into the game) "Yeah, I mean, you want to be able to go into the dance on a high note. We have a lot of things to clean up. We don't know what day we play yet, but we know we play Dallas, a pretty good team. We go to work from here, the real season starts now."

(On watching the Dallas from the sidelines earlier) "I'm excited to be out there with my brothers. I came back after the London game and I've been going ever since. I'm excited about getting out there and mixing it up and giving this team the best chance to win again."


(On the rushing game)"We can't stop. We've got to keep going. We have to run the ball and go on to the next play."

(On looking back on how important his sack and K.J Wright's tackle for loss was in the game) "I think they were very important because they couldn't get points on the board. We just give the offense a chance to do what they do."

(On looking ahead to the Dallas game, especially looking at their defense) "We are way better. We are just better all-around with communicating, executing plays, finishing with the ball, and running hard."

(On what he's taken from Frank Clark's game) "Everything. You can learn from everybody. Pass rushing, run games, that's the game and that's what he does. It helps me out. He helps me out with the run game, I help him out with the run game, that's part of being teammates. You help each other."


(On reaching the playoffs and 10 wins for the season) "It's fun man. Just to achieve our goals that we set out to get, it's fun to go into the playoffs. Obviously, we wanted to win the division, but that didn't happen. We can go on the road, we've got a good team in Dallas who's finishing strong, so it's going to be a fun matchup for us."

(On the Week 17 win against the Cardinals) "It was big, it was big. As you saw, everybody played and it was a lot of speculations on if they'd play the guys knowing that (we) clinched the playoffs, but we're all about winning here and we wanted to get that tenth win. We just wanted to keep that momentum going. Coach (Pete) Carroll did a good job because everybody came out healthy for the most part."

(On if he appreciates getting every opportunity to win as a player) "Yeah, let's finish this thing man. We set out for 16 games and let's go out there and make it happen. They did a good job in preparing us for the week. It's going to be fun to go on the road and we're going to try to get a win."

(On if he feels as healthy as he has felt this season) "K.J. back, K.J. back. It feels good to be healthy. It feels good not having to rotate in and out. I told (Ken) Norton today on third down I wanted to be out there next week, so we've got to figure that out."

(On Quinton Jefferson and Frank Clark) "Been killing it all year. When Mike B. (Bennett) and Cliff (Avril) left, we needed someone to step up in their room from a leadership standpoint. They've been doing outstanding all year and so I'm really happy for both of them. I'm glad they are having a good season so far."


(On the feeling after a blocked punt) "Awful. Not good."

(On his long punt) "Yeah. It was 52 yards, good hang and close to the boundary so that's my job."

(On if the blocked punts change his confidence) "No, not at all. I want to be playing already, you know? As soon as something like that happens, I just want to get more and more punts. I want to go out there and punt right now. I want to be up against Dallas and punting right now. That's what it does so I've just got to be patient this week and not punt too much because I get pretty competitive when stuff like this happens and just do all I can to make sure (it's not blocked), even if it's telling the guys to focus in or whatever it is. I'm not saying that they weren't, just saying whatever it is. That's what it does to me. It makes me want to aim higher and do better."


(On rushing for over 100 yards for the sixth time this season) "There are going to be times like that where the run game is going to take a minute to get going but like you said, we were one big play away from having a big spark and that's what happened today. The offensive line did a great job sticking with it and we came out with a victory."

(On if there is more confidence after running well against Dallas in September) "They've got a great defense. The linebacking corps and the defensive line, it's going to be a good challenge. The guys up front, Russ (Wilson) and the receivers, everybody – it's going to be a great game."

(On his 61-yard run) "That was a great job by the offensive line of blocking that up and we knew a big play was going to happen with the linebackers playing so close up to the line wanting to stop the run. They said all along during halftime that once you get past the first level, it's going to be nothing but daylight so the offensive line did a great job blocking and it made my job easier just to run."

(On if he thought he had a touchdown on the 61-yard run) "I didn't think I was gone. I know I'm not a speed guy. That defensive player, I don't know which one it was, but he did a great job trying to cover me up. It was a 61-yard run so I'm just happy I got it."


(On his adjustment to free safety…) "It was a little different. I had to find myself being a little more patient. I had to realize that I am the last line of defense and I'm back there for a reason. I have to save the day. I've got an aggressive mentality, when I see something, I like to break on it. I'm more of a downhill player, I like to make plays. It's been challenging, but it's what the team needs. They need me to stay on top and make sure nothing gets over the top. I feel like I've done that so far."

(On being named a Pro Bowl alternate…) "That was a goal of mine and it's always been a goal to get to the Pro Bowl. That's always been an individual goal of mine. I've got more work to do and I've got more people to impress, more teams to impress. And that's fine with me, I love the challenge. I have a chip on my shoulder. I'm happy for the guys that did make it on our team, a lot of our guys have been having an incredible year. We're just going to keep going and see how good we are."

(On getting to 10 wins this year…) "It means a lot, honestly. It means a lot for so many different reasons. So many people wrote us off and nobody really pictured us being here at the end of the season. ... I really appreciate my secondary guys. We had a lot of ups and downs [in terms of] whether Earl [Thomas] was coming back, then we have to see once Earl leaves, are we going to be able to shake back. We have four or five good quarterbacks come through here. We were battle tested then and we stayed together. We do all these tests and nobody in our secondary ever pointed a finger. We never stopped believing and we never stopped depending on each other and to see where we're at now is beautiful."


(On hitting his third game-winning field goal) "I mean, when they called that timeout just icing the kicker, it was a short field goal so I don't think it really mattered. (Tyler) Ott did a great job, Dicky (Michael Dickson) put it down, the O-Line protected, and it went through."

(On getting to 10 wins) "It's special. In my career, I haven't seen 10 wins in a long time but this is awesome."


(On how he feels the game went) "Not good. I mean, we never take 10 wins for granted. You never take winning in this league for granted. Arizona always plays us tough. Offensively, on the line, this was a poor performance. I'm not very happy about it at all. We had a lot of break downs of protection. We didn't run the ball consistently. We broke almost a big one that got our total up, but consistently, we weren't as good as we have been in the past. We got Russ hit way too many times. That's not the kind of product we want to put on the field. Obviously, we had to switch around a lot, but we have a lot of capable players. We were well prepared for this game. Like I said, this was not a good performance. There's a lot we have to clean up going into the playoffs. Like I said, never take 10 wins for granted and a win in this league is always good. There's a lot we have to clean up."

(On the close endings every time Arizona plays Seattle)"It's the NFL man. They have a lot of talent on that side of the ball, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. They always play us up as a division rival. They know us well, they got us on good stuff. We have to be better. Defensively, we played lights out. Offensively, we have to be better. That's just how it is. We came up on the winning side of it which is good, but we have to be cleaner."

(On if it was missing assignments or physical errors) "I think it was a mixture of both. Being beat on plays is one thing, those guys get paid too. For the mental aspect of it, there's the stuff we have to clean up. Letting guys run free to the quarterback, I'm guilty of it too, I had one in the game. As a unit, we have to clean that up. We have a very good team that we have to go on the road and face next weekend. So, we'll definitely clean it up."


(On what it means to win 10 games). "it's amazing. It doesn't matter what any critic said about how our season was going to be or how it was going to turn out. They don't understand this bond that we have as a team. They don't understand the chemistry that was built. Like I said, the foundation was laid a long time ago when we started OTAs. The type of relationship and the type of brotherhood that we have here, there's no telling what we could accomplish. Like my coach in high school said, 'It's amazing what we can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit'. That's what makes this team so special and that's what can take us so far."

(On what allowed them to pull out of the rough start). "No. I mean the biggest thing is that nobody wanted to be put in that situation. It was good for us to be able to go through something like this in the last game in the season, especially against a divisional opponent before we go into the playoffs. You never know what's going to happen. All you can do is go in prepared, but nobody can able to prepare for something that is going to happen like this. Just being able to have the ball at two minutes left, that's something that we always look forward to and that's something that we do every single day at practice. We know we've got Russell [Wilson] out there who is going to go out there and be a magician and do whatever he can to get us open and we have to go out there and run our routes."

(On his connection with Russell during the touchdown play)"I mean, I had to run my route based off of what was there. I think it was just third and three, and I think Pat P [Patrick Peterson] wanted to play the sticks and so it's just where I end up going and Russ just laid it out there for me to be able to catch it. The worse catches are the ones where you're by yourself because you have to make sure you truly catch it and luckily I was able to catch it and I have to work on my front flip.


(On how satisfying it is to get back to the playoffs…) "It's really satisfying. I think you look back and see that we had a lot of doubters, we have a lot of people think that we weren't going to be here. We were confident in our group and to get back, especially after last year ended where we were kind of borderline on the playoffs, [the Cardinals] came out and ruined that for us so it was good to get a win against them."

(On how the defensive line did on getting after Josh Rosen…) "They did a great job. They kept us clean all day. They were getting back there and causing sacks and forced fumbles and making plays. They did a good job today."

(On the message to the team as they head to Dallas…) "We have to lock in and focus. We got this win, but we have to make sure every facet of our game is good. Offense, special teams, defense, we have to make sure we're on point because now there is no next week. If you lose, you go home and I'm not trying to go home."

(On playing Dallas again after beating them earlier this year…) "That doesn't mean anything. We can beat them, it doesn't matter, everything that happened in the regular season is over. The playoffs are a fresh start. Everybody is the same and you have to come out right. It's whoever comes out and plays their best ball that day. That's going to be the one who advances. It doesn't matter what your record is, if you have the best record, the worst record, if you come and you're not good on that day, you can get beat. We're confident going in, we've played them before so we have some film on them. They've grown a lot since we played them and we've grown a lot so it's going to be interesting to see how we play them."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 27-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 of the 2018 NFL season.