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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against Oakland

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 6 against the Raiders.


(Opening…) Well, my first thoughts about this was this whole ordeal of coming over here and the trip and all of that, I'm so proud of our players and all of the support group that made this travel and the whole way we functioned so smooth. We had a great time. It was like going to a college bowl game, and our players' attitude about it was incredible. They practiced hard, they worked hard, they rested well, they did everything. They did a little bit of sightseeing, but didn't do too much. That led us up to the game, and as we got closer to the game, we realized how much energy there was for the Seahawks here. That was a great crowd. Somebody said it was the biggest crowd ever. Playing at Wembley was great. Anybody that says anything different, I don't think they know. The turf was really taken care of, and there's been a lot of issues talked about that, and the turf was great, even with some rain today, it held up fine. So the whole experience culminated with the game that we played a really complete football game just makes it a special week. So we're heading into the bye, feeling pretty good about that. We've put together really four weeks of pretty good football here, and I like the way that we're playing, the style we're playing with, how physical we're playing, accented -- we ran for a bunch of yards again today and finished the game on offense, running the clock out exactly how we love to do it. So I'm just really pleased with where we are right now taking up to this break. We needed to be better, but we made the most of it. So a lot of guys played well. The defense played a great game today, allowed under 200 yards and all. We should have had three turnovers or four turnovers in the game, which is a huge deal to us. We wind up plus one, but the ball was out all day long and on the field. So we had some great chances at it, which always gives us a great chance. So you run the football, you take the ball off, and you play good, hard-nosed ball across the board and you're going to have good days. Russell had a couple magical plays moving for touchdown passes. We were really good on third down again today, and again, running the ball for 150, and just one sack, that's a big day for us on that side. So, there's stuff everywhere. Frank Clark had a great game. Two and a half sacks, two forced fumbles that we recovered, and that's enormous, and he got sick in the second half. He couldn't get back out there, he'd have gotten more. He was really playing. So really pleased with the whole day and the whole event of this week being here. It felt like a home game. So we'll come back again, I'm looking forward to it.

(On the surprise of the fans outcome…) Yeah, not only were they so much for us, they made it hard on the other guys too, the other team. So for whatever reason, I know that Germany supports us well, and the people here in great Britain supported us well. I'm sure there was a bunch of other people that came in as well as our own fans that made the trip. So really grateful to them. They made it a really special event today.

(On the team's preparation…) I have nothing to say about how they did. I don't know what they did. What we did worked out great. We felt the stages of the recovery, and the guys just mentally just did not let it affect them, and we made it through it. We felt, really, I think everybody felt great today, which is the whole point. So our guys who set up this whole thing, Matt Capurro, Jeremy, and Eric Kennedy, and those guys that organize the whole thing, did the science behind it, did the science behind how we did this, I think it was impeccably done. Really the place we stayed -- I don't mean to be selling all this stuff, but it was great. The Grove was awesome, the food was great. They took care of us across the board. The facilities were beautiful, so this was just an amazing week. It was really like a big-time bowl game. I've been to a few of those, and this is what that was like. And I'm fired up about that.

(On the crowd and atmosphere…) Well, it's obvious that the people here love football. I mean, you can't turn out like that. That's an incredible crowd. It's a big crowd. Maybe the biggest crowd we've played in front of. I don't know. It's a huge crowd. But they had a blast. I mean, they weren't just there. They were part of it. They contributed. They were involved with it. They were classically there early and having fun with the guys coming off the field and all of that. This would be a great place to have this home-field advantage. So, you know, whatever the league figures out, I don't know. But, it looks like it's set up to be the right -- it's a great venue.

(On Russell Wilson…) I thought he did fantastic. He played with his pass protection today really well. He was able to use it and find stuff, and just missed on the bomb to Doug, which was another great pass pro play for him to give that look and that shot. So these guys are doing a nice job. I don't want to say the number, but the first couple weeks the sacks were horrendous, and we've come back in the last three, four weeks here and totally flipped it. And you can see, when we make those kind of conversions on third down, what was the number today? 9 of 13. When we're in that kind of mode and we mix some runs in there to get that done, I like us. I like our chances of winning football games. I don't care who we play.

(On this unique experience…) Yeah, we've already come together, and I think what we did today is we celebrated it. We embraced this challenge, and the guys attitude was perfect the whole week, throughout the whole thing. Everything we threw at them, every challenge of what was coming up, they were perfect about it. This team has already come together. These kinds of opportunities though are always special, and they add to it, and they add to it. They had a great time in the locker room. They're so fired up. As tough as this trip is going back, they're going to have a great time on it and with it, and it will be as good as we can make it.


(On the crowd…) The crowd was impressive. Just to come all the way to London, I noticed when I came here this summer, Ciara and I came here this summer, we noticed all the fans and the people and the energy around football, around the Seahawks and all that. But to come out here, you know, it was an amazing experience. It was kind of a, you know, it was kind of a Super Bowl atmosphere, really, to be honest with you. The energy was amazing. It was loud as could be. You know, it was just an amazing, amazing atmosphere in front of an amazing crowd at an amazing stadium in Wembley. So much history and tradition, and to come out with a huge win was huge.

I think, too, just to see how many Seahawks fans traveled all the way from Seattle to here, and just how many fans around the world. There were fans from obviously, London, Seattle, New York, Germany, all these different places to come see us play. And you know, the Seahawks fans travel the best in the world. It was just an amazing experience to play here in London. When you're a young kid growing up, you know, when I was a young kid growing up, I never thought I'd be playing football in London, but now the fact that it's real and the fact that the NFL is growing worldwide and how much that means to the sport and everything else, and how the fans can really get into it around the world and the more they get to see, the better it's going to be. It was an amazing experience. Just an honor to play here and get a huge win for our team.

(On heading into the bye week…) Yeah, we're fired up about what we can do and where we're going. It's one game. One game doesn't matter. You look at the journey and go ahead. But to look at the bye week on a tough, tough challenge, coming all the way to London, I thought our coaches and our organization prepared us the best way possible for us to come here and be ready to roll. Every guy took on the challenge and the opportunity and looked at it as an opportunity versus a problem, and we looked at it as, hey, you know, let's go bond, let's get together. Let's go prepare at the highest level and be great professionals and do what we do best and find a way to win. We were able to do that, you know. I thought we had great practices all week, I thought the flight over here was great. Everything was just top-notch in how we prepared. And I think that showed on the field.

(On the defense…) Well, I think our defense has been lights out. Leading off of Bobby, I think being one of the star players in the National Football League, you know, him being the captain of the defense, just how he sets the tone and how he brings it every day at practice, I think Frank Clark coming off the edge, those type of guys, I think, are secondary. Making so many different plays, you know, and just, I mean, they're ball hawks. They're just going after the ball and they're hungry for it. It's tough going against those guys every day. They make us better, and we make them better, and vice versa. So, you know, I think the best thing about our football team right now is that we're playing together. You know, there's no other thought but to win, to do it together and enjoy that process of it. So many times people, players or teams even, you want to -- you love -- so many times people love the result more than they love the process, and I think the key to being successful is loving the process more than the end result. I think you have to love the process just as much if not more. I think that every guy from the left to the right, from the front to the back believes in that and is doing that.


(On adjusting to London…) It's different, that's for sure. The travel was interesting. The time change was interesting, and trying to adapt to it all. It wasn't easy. I'm so grateful that we have a bye week after this.

(On the offense…) I feel great about it. This is winning football. You run the ball, you convert on third down on passing game when you have to. You play stifling defense and stopping the run, and you don't turn the ball over. Usually you win the games when you do that.

(On big catches…) We threw the ball in my direction (laughing). I mean, that's really what it is. Like I told you guys this last week, sometimes it's like that. Sometimes you don't get any targets, and sometimes you get 20 targets. It's just like that sometimes. But I had an opportunity to contribute to the win tonight though.


(On the fans…) Amazing. Felt like we were playing in another home game. About nine hours all the way down here, and all I seen was green. I mean, blue, yeah, green and blue. Seeing Seahawks fans out there, even when we were traveling to London, out there screaming our names, taking pictures with us when we were looking at the London Eye, and being able to come out here and play in front of them and play in front of all the fans in London. Never knew we had a lot of Seahawks fans out here before we came out here. It was amazing just to be able to interact with them even before I came in here. Being able to take selfies with them, and talk to them, and hear some of them say they look up to me, and I'm their favorite player, like little things like that. I don't think people realize how much that actually motivates us and inspires us to keep doing what we're doing.

(On the touchdown celebration…) Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Having a great time. When J.B. scored, we did the Drum Line celebration. The Drum Line was a movie that was a long time ago, and the guy ended up playing, and I was Nick Cannon, and I believe Nick Cannon started playing on the other person's drum. So I was playing on Doug's drum. That's when the dude got mad, and Doug fake punched me, and I kind of fell out. So it's just things like that that we think of during practice to just have fun with it whenever we score.

(On the four touchdowns…) Amazing. When you look at the teams we're going to play next, they've got to figure out the scouting report and figure out what to do. They've got to decide whether they want to stop the run or the pass. If they decide to try to stop the run, we're just going to sit there and pass the ball. You've seen what David Moore did today. You saw what Doug did today. What J.B. did today when he set it off with the first touchdown. Even when we threw that slant to Brandon Marshall. We feel like we have a really great receiving corps, and we can really be able to play and feed off each other, and that's what we do. We go out there and have fun. We don't care about who gets the credit. We don't care about how many yards somebody gets or how many touchdowns somebody gets. As soon as you see somebody score, we've got a touchdown celebration for it every single week. Just to be able to enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the more you realize your plays are going to come.


(On running into the barricade…) I didn't see that coming at all. I don't even know why I was back there. Kind of figured just because it was hard. It hurt a little bit, but I looked up and just saw the whole thing, and I was like. Oh, shoot, just take it, just take it (laughing).

(On the offense…) We feel great as a group. As a whole, that's one thing we always want to do is just get this thing rolling. It seems like we've found ourselves, so we're just going to try to keep going.

(On celebrating touchdowns with the group…) Man, we love it. That's all we talk about, honestly, I'm telling you. Every time we say we're going to celebrate, no matter who scores, no matter what happens, just get the touchdown dance going.

(On if anything has changed…) No, man, just the preparation we take going into the game. That's all that really matters.

(On the atmosphere…) Yeah, it did seem like they were Seahawks fans out there. Felt like we were playing at home, with the rain, and the weather and the fans just being loud, that keeps us moving.

(On what the win means…) It means a lot. That's what we wanted to do. We wanted to come out here, get a win, and have a safe flight home. Just go in to the bye week with a W in our heads.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 27-3 win in London in Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season.