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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Victory Over The Eagles

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-10 victory over the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-10 victory over the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…) "I hope that was as good for the 12s as it was for us, because they always want us to get out ahead and have a chance to feel what that's like, we got to feel that tonight, and play with it all night long.  They were awesome. The stadium was just ridiculously good.  So much fun to see it happen like that.  I thought it was a really terrific night of football because of the respect that we have for the Eagles.  This is an excellent football team.  There isn't anything that they're doing that isn't at the top of the mark across the board, so for us to play our game and really be in command of the game throughout, it was really a great step forward for us.  So, we were real pleased with that win. I thought that the defense did a fantastic job.  This is an offense that just rips.  This is a running game that rips, and none of those things were the big factors.  We gave up the one touchdown drive with two miraculous plays by their quarterback, which is nothing new.  He's been doing it all year.  He's an amazing player.  So, the defense did a terrific job.  Special teams were on it throughout the night; really solid.  And I really liked the play of the offense.  I thought that we ran the ball better.  Mike did a nice job with his opportunities; Mike Davis.  And I thought Russell; his guys caught the ball across the board beautifully, everybody did.  I thought that Russell was spectacular tonight.  I just thought that the stuff that he was able to create, it doesn't really show up in the stats as much, but it was just an amazing night of football.  That was fun to watch, and I loved it, and I hope you guys did, too.  It was pretty exciting."

(On the play of the defense, holding Philadelphia to 10 points…) "They did great.  And it's all in respect to the team that we were playing and their offense.  They've been able to convert on third down, they've been able to run the football.  They've been able to score; they're averaging close to 30 points per game.  They haven't even been in a close game, they've been so dominant.  In my mind, I was hoping that we would be close with these guys in the fourth quarter.  We've been in so many tight games, it wouldn't be anything new for us.  I thought they might be in a situation that was a little different.  They obviously came firing back, they gave it everything they had to get close.  I thought that our guys handled the whole closing of the game really well."

*(On the spark provided by Mike Davis…) * "I thought he was a real spark.  The last time we saw him play before he hurt his groin, he did the same thing.  That's what we got excited about, that's why we kind of jumped him ahead of the guys, because we thought that he had something that just kind of made him more unique than the other guys at this time.  He showed it again tonight, he had some beautiful runs in the open field.  You can see that he's always working to get another cut, another break.  You give him enough chances, he's going to score some touchdowns in those kinds of situations.  He came through great."

(On McDougald having the penalty early, and then 12 tackles…)  "He had a big night.  He missed that one tackle on a big third down shot, but he had 12 tackles for the night.  That's a huge night of activity for him.  He had their best guy covered until he went out.  Zach didn't do a lot early in the game.  He got going a little bit in the third quarter.  I think it was a tribute, really, to Bradley who played a very, very good football game." 

*(On the importance of the offense scoring 10 points in the first quarter… ) *"I thought it was great.  I don't think they had been scored on with a touchdown in the first quarter this year.  That's an accomplishment in itself.  It's an accomplishment for us.  Really, we were moving the ball.  Unfortunately, they held on to the ball for quite a bit.  It seemed like the first half went so darn fast.  I didn't feel like we had many chances.  But, we made a lot of it, and we felt it all night long.  We felt the movement all night long and the ability to do it.  The guys up front, now you're seeing Duane and Luke get together on that left side, and fitting together with Justin and the guys.  I think you could see that we have the chance to really improve.  Really, even this late in the season.  We can feel and sense that, and there's no better time than the fourth quarter, which is coming up right now, so we're excited about that."

(On Tyler Lockett scoring his first touchdown of the season….)  "I was pretty excited for Tyler.  It was such a beautiful throw and catch, and the execution and the concept that Bev put out there worked beautifully for us.  But, I'm always fired up for Tyler.  He's such a great kid.  He's been through so much, physically, and he's overcome so much, physically, and he just keeps battling.  He's just so small, but it doesn't enter in.  He's such a great competitor, and so to contribute like that was great."

*(On some well-timed blitzes…) *"I thought we really finished strong.  We dialed them up at the right time.  We got some explosive rushes and finishes to get out of drives and stuff.  I thought it was really well done."

(On the overall play of Russell Wilson…)  "I thought Russell was phenomenal tonight.  I thought that was Russell showing you everything that he's all about.  From start to finish, from the first play of the game on.  He was on it.  He created.  His execution was excellent.  We didn't turn the football over.  Working the clock; beautiful tempo.  Decisions, checks.  The whole night, and the big plays were just coming out everywhere.  Just phenomenal big plays in the game.  Some legs-oriented, by moving around, and some just by pure execution in the pocket.  He did everything today.  I really think that he had one of the best games that I've seen him play."

(On starting faster in this game than they had previously…) "What are you saying?  We have those plays all the time.  You just can't tell, because sometimes he isn't able to keep it.  There was nothing really different.  But, the result of the play was fun.  It was fun to have him out there running. I loved it.  I was hoping he would make about 20 on that play."


Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

(On the game in general…)"We knew that it was going to be a big game. We didn't want to treat it any differently than the games that we've had previously. Obviously we knew that they were a great team. They have a great offense, a great defense and we just had to go out there and execute. That's exactly what we did. We did a good job on special teams. Defense did a tremendous job stopping them and their explosive offense and we were able to go out there and get the win. It's hard to win in the NFL and we did it against a great team."

(On the team having more bounce and juice today…)"When you're going against a great team like that, everything has to be clicking and that's exactly what happened. Obviously there's some games where our offense might have been going a little slow and the defense was getting their groove on but today everybody clicked. It just shows how great of a team we can be when we're all clicking together."

Defensive End Frank Clark

(On Russell Wilson's play tonight…) "He's just doing things that he's been doing his whole career. His study before Sunday's is the key. That's one thing that he does better than anyone else. Bobby [Wagner] as well. You see it through their play consistently. Our defense and defensive line did a hell of a job."

(On how they were able to hold the top scoring offense to only ten points…)"I think execution. I think that was the biggest thing, execution. The one thing they challenged us to do this week was create more turnovers, rush the passer better and also just to execute. When we stay in our gaps, I believe against the 49ers, one thing that they did and what they got a lot of big runs on was the zone-wide cuts. Early in the game, they tried to do that with [Zach] Ertz coming back and then with [Brent] Celek coming back. We stopped that and we held them to two or three yards. That was one thing that we wanted to stop. We said in the beginning of the game, if we're able to stop the run, we'll be fine on the other downs. Although they had 50% or better on third down, that's something that we have to work on, but we did hold them to only ten points. That's the goal."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On the importance of scoring 10 points in the first quarter…)  "That was great.  I thought guys made plays, we did our job.  We executed.  We were focused all week.  We've always been right there, and we want to keep doing our job.  It's December.  It's time to play.  It's time to be great.  That's what we need to do, and that's what we need to continue to focus on." 

(On whether there could be something special happening in December…) "First of all, you always want to have this constant progression.  You always want to have this growth.  You don't want to – it's always great to start out undefeated, or something like that – but the key is, can we get better.  Can we get better fundamentally, can we get better as a team, can we get better with our chemistry; offense, defense, special teams.  That's where we're going, that's where we're continuing to head.  We've done that for 5,6 straight years.  We've continued to work that way and have that mentality.  I think that we're in the right spot.  There's still a lot more ball to play and we can't get too excited.  There's a lot of great teams that we have to play ahead of us, and we're staying the course and we're staying in the moment and tonight was pretty special against a really good football team.  We played lights out.  You can't play much better than how we played tonight, and I think that's because of the work ethic that we have.  Like I said, December does matter.  That's what championship teams do."

(On going up against Carson Wentz….) "I think that Wentz has been playing great all year.  I think that he's a special, special guy.  I really love watching Carson play.  I really admire his faith, too.  I think that's something that he and I definitely relate on, in a big way.  I told him that he has that cool A-01 tee-shirt.  I said to send me one, I have to start rocking that.  I really love watching him play.  He's a great football player." 

(On the big play to Baldwin…) "We have a lot of guys that can get open, and obviously Doug, I can't find anybody that can cover him yet.  He did a phenomenal job.  We checked the play, got to where we wanted to, boom, boom, boom, and the next thing you know, Doug makes the guy  miss, and makes a great catch and gets all the way down to the end zone, right to the one yard line.  That's what makes Doug Baldwin one of the best receivers in the National Football League, honestly.  So, guys were making special plays."

(On Jimmy Graham scoring another touchdown…) "Jimmy Graham is one of the best players in the National Football League.  He has been for a long time.  He's hotter than ever.  He's heating up.  He's hot as can be.  He's making plays, and he's just doing his job really, really well.  He made a great catch on the back shoulder throw, he gets in the end zone.  He's a touchdown machine.  He's great."

(On the 22 yard run by Davis, and how that impacts the team…) "He has great feet. He's physical.  That was a huge run he had, too.  There were so many key plays, explosive plays, that we made.  It's fun watching great players play, like Mike Davis, and other guys, too.  It definitely can demoralize a defense when you get a big run like that, and that's what we've been wanting, to get those big runs.  Just staying the course.  I thought that the offensive line did a great job of really being tough-nosed, and blocking their tails off all night.  Then, we had that huge run there, so that was great."

Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson

(On how he made the play when Carson Wentz was going for the touchdown...)"Just coming off the block, saw on film he likes to fight for extra yards. Other than that just stuck my hand in there and ripped it out."

(On how he defends Wentz knowing he's a quarterback who doesn't like to slide...) "He's a quarterback – he's not used to being hit down in and down out, so protecting the ball is something he's still a little foreign to. Just made an opportunity and made the best of it."

(On if it's frustrating when Wentz completes long passes when going down...)"Of course. We're all working, we want to see it rewarded. Long passes like that in critical situations you just hope for the best."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On the matchup against the Eagles…) "I felt like everybody was sleeping on us and nobody expected us to win this game. But we expected to win this game. This is not a surprise to us."

(On the biggest difference in slowing down the Eagles offense…) "I think we made it one-dimensional. I think if you watch the film, they were able to run the ball and pass the ball. We thought that we stopped their run game early and kind of put them in passing situations and that allowed our [defensive] line to get after them. They did a great job today."

(On how much the offense building a lead helped…) "That definitely helped us a lot. Russell [Wilson] was out there killing [it], making plays with his feet. Shout out to Mike Davis, he had a hell of a game today as well. It's exciting to watch him run. But it's really good when the offense is clicking like that, the defense is clicking and special teams did their job too from what I saw on the field. It's hard to beat us."

(On making the Eagles' offense one-dimensional and bringing more blitzes…) "We brought a few blitzes but our four man pressure was getting to them. I think Frank [Clark] did a good job, Sheldon [Richardson], Michael [Bennett] and those guys, they were in his face a lot. We called a couple blitzes. [Justin] Coleman got a sack. We were just trying to get after him and put people in his face."

Cornerback Byron Maxwell

(On in what ways this win was satisfying for him against his former team...) "Anytime you play against your former team, you want to win. It means a lot; it means a lot. Philadelphia, obviously they paid me, I'm thankful for that, they took a chance on me, it didn't workout, but this win feels great though."

(On the difference of having Shaquill Griffin back there and how the secondary has changed since he's been here...) "Yeah, definitely. We've had like a new guy starting every week these past three-four weeks, but we all work well together. Earl [Thomas] does a great job of communicating, especially of what he wants us to do."

*(On how Sheldon Richardson's forced-fumble play in the end zone changed the game...) *"They were driving down, so it was a key play, man. We needed that; that was a big, big turnover in the game."

(On how Sheldon Richardson almost got to Carson Wentz another time when Carson ended up completing a 52-yard throw and how frustrating it is to have those big passes when he knows those guys are getting pressure...) "Yeah, that was a great play. He's a great, young quarterback. He's going to be making a lot of plays in this league for a long time. That was a great play, there's not much to say. He just threw it off of his one foot for 52 yards, what can you say. You see why he was the number two pick."

Safety Bradley McDougald

(On how he saw the Eagles change their game plan when they started to fall behind...)  "The only thing I saw them do different was that they started to pass a little bit more. Early in the game, they wanted to massage the runner a lot and on third-and-short, they wanted to run the ball. Then they had to start getting down the field and get plays in chunks, and they just started throwing the ball."

(On how explosive plays for Philadelphia were limited until the second half and what adjustments the Eagles made coming out of halftime...)  "The first drive, they came out with hurry-up offense, that was exactly what it was. They came out in hurry-up, Carson [Wentz] did a good job of getting those guys into plays, and we just and to settle down. We just had to kind of get back on that first drive after halftime and kind of get back out there, get our feet back under us, and just play ball."

(On how he hasn't been back with the Seahawks for very long and what he can tell about the defense and the resiliency and the time of the year for this team...)  "We're playing at our best right now. We're definitely playing at our best, and I've never seen anything like this with this defense. You have to score; you have to get into the end-zone no matter where you are at on the field, we don't care, we're going to defend it, and we're going to play to the last play. You have a quarterback that is potentially about to dive into the end-zone, and that play right there changed the game in my opinion. That play right there was a huge, huge change, and then we go down and score and go up fourteen. I think that just says a lot about our defense."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 24-10 victory over the Eagles in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field. 

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