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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Third Preseason Game Against The Vikings

Postgame quotes from the Seattle Seahawks' third preseason game of 2018 against the Minnesota Vikings.

A look at what the Seattle Seahawks said following the team's 21-20 preseason loss to the Minnesota Vikings:

Head Coach Pete Carroll


This was a night where there was a lot of really good things we saw happen. With how good Minnesota is and the match-up we had coming in, we think the highest of them on both sides of the football and in the kicking game and all the way across the board. We can match-up and have a duke-out with the starters from both sides; it was really good. I thought we played with good juice tonight. I liked the way we were running and hitting. We did a marvelous job with the kickers tonight. I was fired up to see [Sebastian Janikowski] hit a bomb and hit another one and Michael Dickson really couldn't have been more effective with the punts in his first time out. You saw a big return late in the game and so I think we would have liked to win the game but they made a couple nice plays at the end to get it; good for them. I really liked the way we played the game tonight. I think we gained a lot of ground in areas that are really important to us. This was a good match up.

Q: That drive at the end when Chris Carson scored is that you have to play in the running game moving ahead?

A: Sure, we want to be able to run it and throw it. We ran the ball really well on that drive. We converted and you saw Brandon [Marshall] contributed on that drive as well. Chris [Carson] looked really good and the guys up front made some really nice blocks and made some holes for Chris to get in there. It was a good third down run; it was a good touchdown run. I think there was flow to this game and the intensity was really good.

Q: Were you happy with how the run defense performed in the first half?

A: Yes, this is a team that wants to run the football. They are dedicated to running it and our guys held up really well. We take a lot out of this and if we can do that all the way to the last play we are going to win football games.

Q: What happened to Tedric Thompson?

A: He got hit in the ribs.

Q: Is David Moore returning punts for you this season?

A: We have been thinking this whole time that when David has the chance to get the ball in his hands he can do something special. The punt return looked easy for him. He was just slithering through and making the finishing cuts to end it all. He looked great, so that's a real positive. It just showed us again the dynamic player he is.

Q: What did you see in your running game, especially in the first half?

A: I thought it looked pretty clean. We felt at the line of scrimmage in all three games that we haven't really had a chance to dig in. I think we had 26 plays with the first group and that's barely a half, but it felt like we had some crispness to us. The running backs were hitting on scrimmage. It feels like we are going in the right direction.

QB Russell Wilson

Q: How do you think it went for the first team out there?

A: I thought it was a great night tonight. Come on the road in a tough, tough environment, it's loud out there and it's a really good defense, one of the top defenses in the National Football League. I thought we moved the ball really well up and down the field, made some plays, it was nice to see Chris Carson get in the end zone. That was exciting. I thought we did a really good job. We made some key plays on third down too. I thought Brandon Marshall really showed up tonight which is exciting to see. He had a really great week this week, he had a really great week last week and for him to show up the way he did, it was special. We're going to need him in a big way. I thought guys like Marcus Johnson made a great catch on the go ball. There's a lot of great things tonight. I thought one of the coolest things about tonight was that the energy was there. I thought the defense was hitting people really hard, our defense, they did a really good job of that. The fire was there so that was great.

Q: Was that touchdown drive the recipe for the regular season?

A: Yeah, we want to be able to mix it up, we want to be able to be physical in the running game, it sets up everything else. We want to be able to play action, we want to be able to spread people out and throw the ball, we want to be able to spread people out and run the ball, we want to be able to really mix it up and keep people guessing. With a great defense like that you have to be able to do that. They have so many great players on the other side, so we were able to do all the things that we came in this game wanting to do and that was great for us. That was the most exciting part about this game.

Q: How encouraged are you about what you've seen from the line so far?

A: I had all day today, I thought the line did a tremendous job at giving me enough time, giving me enough space to make decisions. I thought they were really sharp in a tough environment, which I said. Today was an exciting day and we'll just continue to show that the line is getting better and better. I think coach Mike Solari is doing a tremendous job. I kept telling the guys on the field today 'Hey, you guys are doing a great job and giving me tons of space and just giving me enough time', it's just exciting. That's how we can make some plays.

WR David Moore

Q: Talk about and walk me through what you were able to do out there tonight.

A: I was just out there doing whatever the coaches asked me to do, doing what the team needed and just playing football with my brothers.

Q: You could return punts and kicks, are you that kind of guy?

A: Yeah, I can do that, but it takes the whole team. I wouldn't be able to do it without the team.

Q: Fans are getting used to seeing you during big time explosive plays. It seems to be when they call your number, it is for very long drives and plays. Can you talk to me about how you are able to do such things like that?

A: Well we practice all week, we practice, practice, practice, and we practice how we play so, we practice like its game day all day, every day. When you go out to the game you just feel comfortable, you just have fun and play football.

P Michael Dickson

Q: Out of all the different kinds of kicks that you have, who makes the decision on what gets used in which situation?

A: Me and Coach (Brian) Schneider talk about before going in if it's on a certain hash and if I am hitting them well and we'll just play around with it.

Q: How do you aim on the field?

A: Just so much repetition I've done, a lot of practice and I always get told to slow down because I am punting so much. I just love punting and I really try to work on everything like that. I am always aiming high and wanting the best.

Q: When you have the leg that you have, what's the danger in outkicking your coverage?

A: That happened on the last one, I just hit it down the middle. I had too much hang and not enough distance, and bad placement that ended up in a return. I was pretty frustrated about that, but I'll just work on that throughout the week.

QB Alex McGough

Q: What's your level of confidence in throwing to him [David Moore] on that play?

A: When you have a one-on-one with a guy like David Moore, you get excited and your eyes get a little wired and you just throw it to him and know he going to make the plays like that.

Q: That drive starts with you picking up some first downs moving your legs. How would register this as a natural part of your game?

A: Just running around trying to stem plays. Doesn't mean anything about line protection. I got good protection on that. Hats off to those guys for blocking. I just didn't have an open receiver, or I didn't like something so I just move to extend the play. When the quarterback gets out of the pocket the defenders lose receivers and they just start going frantic and that's when I find opportunities and ways to attack.

Q: In what way have you grown the most during training camp?

A: Just confidence in myself. All the other quarterbacks Russell [Wilson], Austin [Davis] just giving me confidence to go out and make plays. Just trust what I see and play football.

Fan photos from the Seahawks' third preseason game of 2018, a road matchup against the Vikings in Minnesota.