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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Preseason Win at The Chargers

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction to the Seattle Seahawks' 23-15 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in the third week of the 2019 NFL preseason.

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction to the Seattle Seahawks' 23-15 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in the third week of the 2019 NFL preseason.


Opening statement:

"This game worked out really well for us. We had some objectives that we wanted to attend to. We're just happy that we were able to get that done and we ran the ball through. We ran for twenty-something in the first half, which is just what we had hoped. We wanted to be more efficient and clean up the game and I thought for the most part, it was that. We weren't able to stop them, the guys there at the end of the game, but we've been consistently not being able to stop them in the fourth quarter. We need to get better with those guys next week. I thought the running backs did a really nice job. Everyone ran the ball well. That's a real tribute to the system I think. I'm really excited that we were able to do that. We want to run the ball again next week and really take the time to get right in that regard. It was exciting for me to see [LB] Bobby [Wagner] and [LB] KJ [Wright] and [LB] Mychal Kendricks on the field at the same time. Mychal made a couple of beautiful plays and I can't tell you a bunch about it, but just to have those guys out there running the show is really important to us. I think it's going to be a real strength to our club. That was kind of their debut and they'll be ready for the opener. Whatever your questions are, but that was a really solid night and I'm glad that we got that done."

On RB C.J. Prosise:

"It was a really good night for C.J. It's just been such a struggle for him to really get out there. He had a really good week at practice. He looked like that at practice. I don't think anyone was surprised, we're just happy for him. So we'll come back next week and he'll go at it again and put another week under his belt. Just show what he can do. It just makes that acquisition more solid and competitive and we couldn't ask for more."

On if today was an example why Prosise is still on the roster:

"I don't give up on guys very quickly. Knowing what his situation has been and the circumstances. He has been staying with it every step of the way. There comes a point if a guy can't stay healthy maybe he won't be able to play, but he's bouncing back. Fingers crossed that he's able to do that. He's such a versatile player and he adds so much. We'll see what happens."

On LB Mychal Kendricks:

"Terrific plays. Those are really instinctive plays. Taking a shot to make a play on fourth down there was just beautifully done. That's the kind of athlete that we see. He's really explosive. He's got this knack about getting low and the flexibility that he has and the power that he has. It shows up and makes things happen down the field and when he's pressuring, too. He's an exciting player. That's what I hoped we would get a chance to see again. So, we'll take the next step."

On QB Geno Smith:

"I thought Geno was pretty efficient. I thought he made some nice plays, did a nice job on the move. I wish we could have converted down there, getting down in the end zone the last time we were down there. He did move the club and I thought he was solid. We got out of this game with no turnovers. We've had one turnover in three games and that was that last play in the game last week. Our guys are really focused and attended to that. It's such an important part of our play and Geno carried that out again. This was his game with [QB] Paxton [Lynch] not playing. I thought it was nice and next week will be a real mix of those guys. Hopefully, Paxton will be able to play and they'll battle it out."

On WR Gary Jennings' penalty and play:

"That was a bad decision. It's a new emphasis and we won't forget the emphasis is intact. I thought he caught the ball on the sidelines and made a great play. I wish we could have gotten that reviewed. Did you guys get a good look at that? That was a really challengeable play right there that he was inbounds. That was a really nice grab for him. Almost made it into the endzone. Would be great to see the film."

On Marquise Blair's injury:

"His bruised back is like a hip pointer. It's on the backside of his hip. He just has to get through. It's just going to take a little bit of time. He should be back this week. If he's really that uncomfortable and can't go, he can't go. He's a really tough kid and he wants to play and all that. He'll get a chance to get back."

On CB Kalan Reed:

"Kalan Reed has a neck injury. He'll see a specialist early this week, next Monday, and we'll know more. We don't know what to tell you at this point."

On Colts QB Andrew Luck retiring:

"I think that's really surprising to hear that. That's a rare instance that a guy in his prime steps away. Obviously he has his reasons and I don't have much more to say about that. Surprising for everybody and you wonder about the circumstances. It is about injuries. He's had some very long-term, serious injuries that really bothered him. I would think he probably can't get over this one fast enough and it just wore him out. I would support the guy. If the guy wants to step away, the guy wants to step away. I wouldn't think anything more than that than to support him."


On how it felt out there:

"I thought it was great. I thought we executed everything that we wanted to execute. I thought we made our plays. We ran the ball really well. We got some balls down the field. Guys looked good. [WR] Tyler [Lockett] looked really sharp tonight. [RS] J.D. [McKissic] looked great tonight too as well. Running backs did well, got the ball in the endzone. I thought the offensive line did tremendous tonight. It was definitely what we wanted to do, to be able to run the ball physical and make our plays and throw the ball down the field too and make some plays, too. I thought it was a great night."

On RB Rashad Penny's performance:

"I thought he could do anything. He's physical. He can run downhill. I think also, you saw him on the empty play where he caught the ball. I gave it to him outside, and he makes 12 yards on the 13, I believe. We go for it on fourth down, and I think that's just the things that he can do. He's tough. He's physical. He's quick. He's composed, so that was great for us."

On RB C.J. Prosise's performance:

"I think the thing with C.J. is he's a great running back. He can catch anything. He can run the ball really well. You saw him step in the hole and step back out, make some key runs and key plays. Him scoring that touchdown was big for him. I think he was really excited about that. Obviously, we were all really excited for him. He's had a tough battle trying to get back and everything else. He's a guy that can really play a lot of great football. It was good to see 22 make some plays."

On making some plays with his legs:

"Yeah. We made some plays on third downs with the legs. Scampering out and getting some big first downs and everything. I felt good running. Some of the scramble drills and what we're trying to do. Not what we're trying to do, but what happens naturally. I think we had some big runs there. We have to be able to do that. That's a big part of our offense obviously. When the play breaks down, making something great happen. We've always been great at that. We want to excel and really get our receivers moving with me too, as well. They did a really good job of that tonight."

On what he's seen from WR John Ursua:

"Ursua is awesome out there. He's always been open. You see him. He's got this catlike reflex. He's got this ability that kind of make people miss. It's pretty special. He's the guy that led the NCAA in touchdowns. There's a reason why he scored so much."

On WR DK Metcalf being injured:

"I think someone's got to definitely step up. I think DK will be back sooner than we know, but I think that [WR] Jazz [Ferguson] has a great opportunity to step up. I think there are a lot of guys looking forward to this next week, to be honest with you, to see who really steps up into this role. It will be exciting to see guys continue to compete. I think Jazz has had a great training camp and everything and some great preseason games. He's going to be key for us, hopefully."

On Colts QB Andrew Luck retiring:

"It's kind of crazy to think about. I think as fans, even as players sometimes, we forget there's life after this game. I think a guy like Andrew, he's one of the most dedicated guys. He's always been tremendous on the field. Obviously, he's battled some things in his life with injuries and everything else. I don't know what it was but praying for him. Praying that he stays encouraged. This game can take a toll on us physically, but also emotionally, spiritually and everything else. I think he's demonstrated it with class the whole time he's gone through everything. Being highly talented, obviously. Being the No. 1 pick and everything else, there's a lot of pressure on him. I think he handled it with grace. I think he handled it really well and had a tremendous career for how long he played."

On how and when he found out about Luck:

"[T] Duane [Brown] actually told me right before we got on the field. I didn't know. He said, 'hey did you hear about Andrew?' I didn't know what happened. It's tough. We all expect we're going to play this game forever. The reality is for most players, it's not very long. No matter how good we are, or whatever it may be, there's life after this game, too. I think that's a thing we always have to balance and always have to weigh. I think it's important. He's always been a tremendous performer. I've always loved being around him, and the times we've gotten to be around each other. Like I said, just his passion for the game, his love for the game. I know this has to be really hard on him. Just praying for him to stay encouraged."

On how well he got to know Luck:

"We got to know each other through the draft process a little bit. Right after the draft we came to the Rookie Symposium and spent some time together. Different Pro Bowls. We went to our first Pro Bowl together, and just recently, too. He's a great competitor. As busy as he is, and as busy as I am, we don't get to see each other much, but when we do, it's all out of respect. When you really think about it for that 2012 class, I think we have a great appreciation for each other. He was a great player."

On if the offense is ready:

"Yeah. I think we feel great. I think that we've been ready, and we've been ready to go. I think we've played — you know going into the first away game at Minnesota was a great challenge for us with a great defense. I thought we handled it really well. We handled the noise well. I'm glad these two games were on the road too. Just because to get out there on the road and get the feeling of the rush of the road and what that feels like. I thought we handled it really well and did a great job of it. I think we're prepared to go on this journey."


On how the game went overall:

"I think it went well. Whenever you can get a win, it's always good. The offensive line did a great job and I felt like the tempo was awesome. We kept an up-tempo pace and were able to get in and out of the huddle. We had some long drives, a couple 10-play drives and I thought we did well. Obviously, we have to watch the tape and review all the things that we can do better on, but for the most part, I thought execution was fine."

On where he thinks he stands on the team:

"I just think that I need to keep working and try not to worry about the things that I can't control. Instead, just focus on getting better every day and being the best player I can be every day. I have a lot of confidence in myself, but obviously, you have to keep working. Nothing is set in stone ever. I think [Patriots QB] Tom Brady said that at the beginning of the year and he's a six-time Super Bowl champion. You've got to prove yourself every single year and every single day. That's my mindset and I'm trying to stick to that.

On recovery from injury:

"I just think that it was something that was best for me as a player and it's best to get it out of the way as fast as you can. I did everything that I could do to come back and I was able to recover within a week, which I think is pretty good. The trainers did a tremendous job and worked around the clock. I was able to come out and play this week and I feel great."

On his big throws to WR John Ursua:

"He's doing a great job, John is doing a really great job. He's a rookie, but he really has picked up the offense very well. He has a great understanding of what we want him to do. I mean he's a playmaker. You see him when he gets the ball in his hand, he's smooth running down that field and it reminds me of a soccer player. Like, one of those really good soccer players. He's got what we call soccer feet. John is a playmaker, whenever you give him the ball, he knows the right thing to do."


On how he feels playing back in California:

"You know, [I feel] amazed and blessed to get the opportunity to just keep playing and coming out of the game healthy. That's the No. 1 goal for a lot of people in the preseason. I'm having fun taking it game-by-game."

On how he feels after a full training camp heading into the season:

"I feel more prepared. I'm able to take more hits. I'm able to see the game speed, things are starting to come easier. I know the playbook a lot more than I did last year. So just staying on top of my game, [focusing on] the mental and physical aspects."

On what he worked on during the offseason:

"I just stayed the same. I just put my head down and worked. That's something that I've been known for my whole life. That's all I've done. Nothing's changed."