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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Preseason Opener Against The Colts

Postgame quotes from the Seahawks following their first preseason game against the Colts.


(Opening…) "Well, we were in the midst of a tight preseason game and then we kind of lost a little focus in there and the penalties went crazy in the second half, that kind of marred the chance to win the game. Interesting that we had a shot. They gave us an opp, and we took it, and gave us a chance to be back in that game as it was. I was really happy with the fact that the offense went down the field. I thought they looked strong and right and on point. Russell moving well. Had a couple runs, nice throws and catches and all that. Everything worked out find there. Defense, a couple tackles getting started, but we had to go through this first game and figure out the game speed and take a big step forward in the running and the hitting part of this game. That has taken place. We look to the young guys in this game, we played them a ton. It was hard on them, to play as much as they did, and we just got sloppy with it. We saw so many good things and so much stuff from our guys. From looking at the rooks, looking at Dissly and Tre Flowers and Rasheem Green and Jacob Martin. Those guys all gave us a chance to see them. Shaquem was all over the field, making hits. We had of great stuff out of this game, and we'll be able to go back to work and keep on putting it together and see if, when they fumble the ball like six or seven times, that we can't come up with a couple of them. That was too bad. The ball was all over the field for us tonight, we just didn't recover them. I thought it was interesting in the first game, we were talking the whole time with the officials about the rules and about the hits and the helmet shots and stuff like that and trying to make some sense of it. There was a couple of learning opportunities on this film in this game for everybody. They'll learn in New York, the officials will learn, the players and coaches will all learn as well. I'm really anxious to see what's going on around the league and all the instances that we can draw from. But all in all, the game was played hard by both teams and it didn't affect anything, I think, it terms of the outcome of the game. It's a real positive step forward. It's kind of a new era for us in ball. That was all right."

(On the pass rush …) "I was pretty happy about Rasheem, he got loose a couple of times, and Mingo was involved, and Jacob Martin. Those were guys that we really needed to see. They're all additions to our team, and they looked like they could show a spark in the pass rush game and I thought they definitely did. We have to see what the matchups looked like, and who they were against, and what happened and all that kind of stuff to really evaluate it, but Rasheem has looked very good in practice and he looked like he's got a chance to be a rusher, so that was great stuff. Mingo as well, and Jacob as well. That kind of showed how they've been practicing. That was real good"

(On injury updates …) "Isaiah [Battle] sprained his knee. I don't know what the degree of it is, but it's not a severe knee sprain. Very fortunate there. Jamarco's ankle, X-rays were negative, which is a really good thing. He probably has a pretty legit ankle sprain."

(On the running game ….) "We saw some sparks. We got some spacing in there. We made a couple mistakes, we got hit in the backfield on stuff, but I thought Chris [Carson] looked really good. I thought Rashaad [Penny] had a chance and Mike [Davis] had a chance to do some stuff. When you're looking at three and then four running backs it's hard to get them enough touches, but I thought they all showed like we've been seeing, and I think it's very promising. I was really happy to see Chris get out and do some stuff. Rashaad got out of trouble a couple of times, made some things happen. Our guys caught the ball OK for the most part."

(On Russell Wilson staying in the pocket on his drive…) "Russ was real clean, and he moved when he needed to, because he had time. That's a good positive look. Guys caught the ball well. We saw the things we were hoping to see in the limited chances. We were going to get them 6, 8 plays, something like that, I think they got 9 plays or whatever with the first group. We wanted one series for the defense in this game, this time out, and that was it."

(On Tre Flowers…) "I can't wait to see the film. He was out there for the entire half, playing football. I thought he did well. He had the one penalty with great coverage, he was there. I think he grabbed him when he didn't even have to do it to make the play. We'll be able to really teach from that. Stayed up on top on the deep ball, down in the end zone. I thought a pretty good first outing."

(On Shaquem Griffin running all over the place… ) "I agree. I think he was running and hitting just like he's been looking in practice. Very encouraged. He is a wonderful kid, he's been really busting his tail to figure it out, and how to play in our scheme and all that. I can't tell you much until I see the film, other than he was very active, just like we would hope. Look at all the young guys. The young guys did really well. The draft picks were all involved with doing good stuff tonight. They have been looking that way in practice as well, so it's not really a surprise, it's just really pleasing to see that it showed up game time. That's very promising for us."

(On Rashaad Penny's blocking on the touchdown pass…) "He had to block on that play. I didn't see his block. I'm sorry, I can't help you on that."

(On the new kickoff rules…) "We watched it carefully, and watched the officials, too, how they were calling it. It was not a hard transition. Everybody lined up correctly. It's pretty clear cut, the start of the kickoff, where they get off the 34 yard line with their foot back and all that stuff. It looked fine. I feel like there's going to be more spacing opportunities on our returns, and it's going to give us more chances and I thought it showed that a little bit. Usually in preseason, and there was a lot of touchbacks tonight, but usually in preseason those kickoff teams are rolling and they're knocking the crud out of the returners, and I didn't feel like that's what it was tonight. I think it's going to give an advantage to the return team, on first look. We'll see."

(On whether there will be more drop kicks in the future…) "We got one in already."

(On C.J. Prosise…) "His hip flexor just kind of acted up right at the middle end of the last practice, so we just kept him out of there. He ran in pregame and did OK, but he just wasn't quite ready to jump back out there."

(On T.J. Mutcherson….) "He got a knee sprain. I don't know the specifics of it, but that's what it was and that's what they're testing him for. It was not a really severe injury. Minor, I hope."

(On whether there was a teamwide discussion about the national anthem…) "We did. We chose to support every individual. That's how we've gone about it, and we're going to continue to do that."

(On how they are supporting individuals…) "We are doing the same thing in that we are supporting one another, that's how we're looking at it. There are some people that have their personal issues, and we recognize that."

(On how the kicking game broke down…) "We just alternated is what we did in this first game to make sure that everyone had a fair shot. It just wasn't enough opportunities to see what's going on yet. The place kicks were good, and we hit the ball pretty deep, too. If they all make everything, it's going to be difficult to figure it out, but we're going to be rooting for that. A difficult decision; I'm not afraid of. We'll see what happens."

(On the advantage of Dickson's directional kicking…) "We'll see. He's done a lot of that in practice. That first kick he hit tonight, we've seen that in practice quite a bit. He puts the ball right on the sidelines, he's done that a number of times. It's really valuable, if he can place the ball that accurately. He certainly got off that one. That was his first punt, wasn't it?"

(On Tedric Thompson…) "I have to look at the film. He seemed like he was in great spots, and positioning was fine. I need to see his tackling. I can't tell you too much about the specifics of it yet."

(On Shaquem Griffin…) "I am really fired up about it. This is what he looks like in practice. He's running around. He's really fast. By understanding the scheme, he's utilizing his opportunities to be on the attack. He's a weapon in that regard. We have to see how accurate he was, if he was right if he was guessing a little bit, and how he hit it. We're really fired up. He was involved, in 9 or 10 tackles in his first time out. That's pretty good. He played quite a bit. He played a lot in the middle portion of this game, so we'll get some really good looks."

(On whether he was surprised at the effectiveness of Rasheem Green…) "No, I'm not surprised, because he's been really active. He was raised well as a college kid, in terms of his technique and his rush principles. He's come to us with a real good style, he's got real good hands. He's a fluid athlete, loose hips and all. It's really an asset in pass rush. What he has learned and the savvy he has brought with him has showed up in practice, and I was proud that it showed up in the game, because you never know. It was a good first ball game for him."

(On the first offensive series…) "I thought [Schottenheimer] mixed it up just right to get us down the field. It worked out well. We didn't open up the playbook in this game, but we had some things we wanted to do just to check some stuff out. I was hoping we'd get a drive, instead of going 3 and Out, or whatever could happen there. So it worked out really perfectly. It was a perfect start for the offense."


(On the biggest takeaway from the first team offense…) "I thought we were in and out of the huddle, I thought we played really, really well. We had some nice, tough runs. That fourth and one was great to see. I thought Chris Carson ran really well and I thought the offensive line looked tremendous. They gave me a lot of time a number of times. We had a nice play action pass and we had some other things going on. Rashaad Penny had a really nice block on the touchdown, we had a scramble and Nick Vannett got open. We got the ball around to different guys and made some key plays. That's what we want to be able to do. I thought [Brian] Schottenheimer did a tremendous job calling the plays and being super clear. We just had a great time playing football. That's what we've been doing all OTA's, and all summer during training camp so far. It's looked that way and we've just transferred it. The best part is you transfer the practice to the game. That's what you always want to do and that's when you know, no matter what happens, you can lay your head down at night and say we were able to do what we came out to do. Unfortunately, looking at the overall scope of things, we didn't get the chance to win. And these preseason games matter I think. I believe that. I believe because it gets momentum and everything else. We'll make sure we'll tighten it up and find ways to win."

(On seeing Chris Carson back on the field…) "I was able to talk to Chris before the game, we were doing some handoffs and I looked at him and told him remember all the things you went through this whole past year just to get ready for this moment and be great. That's what he is, that's who he is. He's been phenomenal all offseason. He's got a great mindset. I think our running backs are just superb. There's so many guys that can play so it's fun to watch. I'm excited about what we can do."

(On how good it is to see Andrew Luck back…) "I was talking to Andrew and we were talking for a little bit there during pre- and post-game and just how good it is to see him out there and playing again. You root for the guys who are in your class for sure. You root for all quarterbacks really unless you're playing them that day. But in terms of just overall, it's a tough position and all the pressure that he's had on his life, all the high expectations, to be able to come through and pull through, he played great tonight. Just to see him out there was pretty cool to see. He's been a great football player for a long time and he's going to be. That was exciting to see a friend, a fellow quarterback."


(On playing for the first time since his injury) "It was good. I was kind of nervous at first, just cause (it was) me coming back against the team that ended my season last year. It was kind of nerve-wracking but at the same time, I was ready. I was happy. It was great. I was glad to be back out there."

(On being in a game scenario) "Yeah, I was just getting my feet wet, you know what I mean? It's preseason. A lot of work to do, so we just get better."

(On going against a new opponent) "Yeah, that's the main thing. We're going against each other every day. It was good to see another opponent, another face across from us, you know? It was great. The offensive line did great. The running backs did great. The receivers did great, so it was cool."


(On going down the field and getting a touchdown on the first drive) "I thought that was great. I think it was a great opportunity for us to show that we have improved. I think just offensively, I think that it shows that we have a lot of poise and not panicking and being (able) to respond when things go wrong. Being (able to) respond and go back like, 'we can do this. Let's just get it right,' and then honing in, I think we did a good job of that."

(On getting the run game going) "I think that we've come a long ways from OTA's now that we're in training camp. I think that we have established that. That 4th-and-1, we might just go for it. It's about having an attitude about yourself and I think Coach (Mike) Solari said that a lot. It's just about having attitude, about going out there and putting fear into the opponent. I think we did a good job of that with the run game."


(On how his first NFL experience was) "I just thought the speed was the biggest thing and just getting adjusted to it, as time goes on and on I finally got used to it and it was pretty amazing."

(On how the speed made a difference in his game) "I just thought the D-line and linebackers were flowing so much faster than in college, I'm not used to that. But then you started getting adjusted to the game as the game goes on and everything becomes slower and slower, so then you start playing at your pace – your normal pace and that's just something I got adjusted to."

(On if there was a play that helped him settle in) "I thought the second play, where I got to the outside and I was like 'ok I can run with these guys.' It was no different. When I got back to the sideline everybody was saying 'stay composed, be yourself, don't be anybody else.' And that's what I try to do."


(On if he talked with Pete Carroll or anyone else about staying in the locker room for the national anthem…) "Yeah. We all met and everyone was clear on my decision. Everyone understands and supports it. We all have different realities in this country and they understand mine and my perspective. We're fine, we're all on good terms.

(On if he talked with other players about staying in the locker room…) "We didn't all decide on it individually. But like I said, the team was aware of everyone's emotions and feelings going forward and we're all supportive of each other. That's all.

(On if he knows what the league is going to do regarding the anthem going forward…) "I don't know of any kind of progress towards a decision being made. I think there are a lot of people that are supportive of the players and there have been people that are very vocal against it and those people have more power, so we'll see what happens."

(On if they're protesting police brutality by skipping the anthem…) "That's been the focal point, but there's been many instances since the end of the season. There hasn't been any progression there."


(On going up against somebody new) "I needed it. I told them that it was way harder in practice than it was in the game so I'm going to keep working hard in practice and it's just going to keep getting easier."

(On getting out there and playing) "Yeah, I was just trying to play fast. Trying to stand out, trying to, just as Chris Carson said, put something on tape. I want everybody to see me, you feel me?"

(On switching from safety to cornerback) "It's not easy at all, but it's something I look forward to doing. I love competing and competing is what makes me who I am. Getting in front of somebody every play is just going to be a great thing."


(On playing his first NFL game) "It was my first game. My first NFL game. I was a bit nervous coming out. I got more relaxed as the game went on. For the game next week, I'll just try to work on my game more and like, (be more) relaxed coming out. Just being myself."

(On the validation of two sacks) "It didn't really validate anything. It was more of just taking what coaches coached in the meeting room and the stuff I do in practice, and just doing what I do in practice in the game because it's all the same. It's just practice with more people watching."


(On how the game went) "I think we did a pretty good job. We got there, we caused pressure, and we affected the quarterback, multiple times. I think we can do that consistently and make it easier for the other guys that are back and covering. So, it's a good day."

(On the point of emphasis for the defense) "The point of emphasis was to come out here and have relentless effort. Get to the ball and obviously, win the game."

(On the biggest adjustment he's been asked to make the past couple weeks) "I wouldn't say I've had to make an adjustment. My job is to do what they ask me to do and I think that has been pretty consistent since I've been here."


(On how his first NFL game felt) "I mean, it felt good. Kind of get out there and get your feet wet and kind of get some hits in. I know the way the league works, you don't really get a chance to really tackle too much. So, to kind of get out there and get a few tackles in and hit people as hard as you can kind of felt good to hit other people today."

(On his analysis of his play) "I mean, definitely my assignments. The main focus was to run around and make hits, and hit as hard as you can, and just fly around the ball. But, I hold myself to a higher standard. I do a lot of studying and I make sure I study the plays as much as possible. Make sure that when Bobby and K.J. are talking and Coach Ken (Norton Jr.) is talking, I'm always listening to everything they are telling me. When I watch film, I want to see what I'm doing wrong, and be able to key in on that and come back next week even better than I was this week."

(On if his brother, Shaquill Griffin, gave him advice before the game) "He just told me to make sure you just play football. Don't worry about too much, just run fast, run to the ball, and hit hard. That's what they've been preaching to me all week and that's what I did.