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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Loss Against The Chargers

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 9 against the Chargers.


(Opening…) "Well, it was a big matchup today against a really good team. We've been doing really well. We gave them all the respect, thinking that they could play good football, and they did. We did some really good things today that kind of gave us a sense that we were going to really be able to control the game, but not enough of them. The game just felt sloppy because of the penalties and unnecessary ones that we could avoid and just gave them free yards and we need to do a better job there. We got behind the sticks today, and it hasn't happened for about a month now. I think we had 4 or 5 third and 12-pluses or whatever. It changes everything. That's not the way we've been playing. A couple of those are because of sacks, a couple of those were because of penalties. We need to stay out of those situations, obviously. But as it came down to it, the defense played a really good second half and gave us a chance. I don't think they gave up any points, and shut them down on third down to give us a shot. A great job surging it at the very end to get the ball back so we had a chance to win the football game. All in all, we had a chance. We were right there. A fantastic job, really, by the offense as we were closing out the game to get down the field twice and take advantage of the clock and do it and put us in position to win, or to tie and try to put it into overtime. But, it didn't feel clean like we want. It didn't feel like as we have been playing and give them some credit, but I think we need to clean it up. We gave them too much against a good team. And when we give them the turnover for the touchdown, that really winds up being the difference in the game. It's unfortunate. It's too bad. We had a chance to win a game that's right there for us. It was going to be dramatic, but we're OK about that."

(On how Carson's injury changed the offensive game plan….) "Some. We went with Chris and Rashaad and we were OK; we weren't going to change anything. But Chris has been pretty hot lately and he's been doing a lot of really good things for us and we certainly missed him."

(On the mood in the locker room after a close loss…) "These guys will hang through that. But, they're very disappointed. We had a chance to win a football game, today, but we didn't do enough good things to get it done. We didn't get a turnover. We needed to do it. We didn't get to the quarterback enough to cause those plays to happen as they have been, and we weren't able to compliment, like we have been for the last month or so. Play both sides of the football really clean. When that happens, we're going to be in a tough one, and we were. And we were poised and ready to win it, so we're disappointed that we didn't get it done."

(On what adjustments the Chargers made after Seattle's first touchdown drive…) "We kind of got in our own way, I felt, a lot more than that. But, give them credit, they did a good job."

(On the false start penalty right before the final play… ) "Yeah, we got flinched at by the defensive lineman, and then we jumped. The officials didn't see it that way, but you'll see it. I don't know if that was enough to cause the penalty to go the other way, but they flinched they drew us offside, they got it done. They won that exchange."

(On importance of Michael Dickson's punting…) "Mike did a great job today, he really did. The field position really was huge for us, particularly in the second half, we were able to take advantage of it. We got off the field well with the defense. He's a real weapon, and he showed it again."

(On the big plays by the defense…) "That's just believing, and sticking with it. The coaches did a nice job adjusting. We had to adjust a couple things from first half to second half, and they did a good job, and the players could take advantage of that. We played well enough to give us a chance to win the football game."

(On the pregame honoring of Paul Allen and the fans' response to that…) "I thought it was a special tribute. All of us wish we could do more. You feel so helpless at this point, but you do what you can do. So we gave him tribute and love the spirit that he stood for and what he brought to all of us. He affected all of us, everybody in this place was affected by Paul Allen and his wisdom and his charity and his love for this area. I thought it was a beautiful tribute to him."

(On going for the onside kick following their final score…) "We were going to have to stop them anyway, so we wanted to see if we could have a chance at the football right there. The defense did a perfect job of taking the ball off them. In 3 plays, it took 18 seconds or whatever the heck it took. It was a perfect job of getting the ball off them with 3 timeouts."

(On whether Russell Wilson said anything about the interception…) "No, he just thought he had it. He was right on rhythm and went for it and it was a really good play by their guy."

(On the response by the offense after the interception return…) "That was incredible that they fought to give us the chance to tie that thing up and put us into O.T. We would have felt like we would have won the ballgame if we had got to overtime, which we always do. I think it was the combination of both sides of the ball came through in a big way to allow that to happen. The kicking gave us field position and all that. It all worked together. It just took us too long to really start playing off of one another like we like to, and it just wasn't as clean as we need it to be."


(On how close the final play was…) "It was really close. We had a chance but it didn't work. David [Moore] is going to make that play 10 times out of 10. He's going to have so many of those plays in his career for us coming up. We're looking forward to the next one. This game is a great game and it's challenging, it's challenging, it's challenging. We believe that the next play is going to work, the next time is going to work. We had a great chance and we fought. That's a great football team and we fought back, we fought back and we played in it and we kind of hurt ourselves a bit. We got a lot of penalties that put ourselves in third and longs. We came back and kept swinging. The defense did a great job and kept swinging. The interception hurt obviously. We were down by 15 at that point and we kept believing. We thought we were going to find a way to win. We got the ball and scored a touchdown. We kept battling. Defense did a great job of stopping them again. We went back out there and went all the way down there until the last play of the game against a championship caliber football team. We believe we're a championship caliber football team too. We knew it was going to be a long, hard fight. They've been playing great, we've been playing great. We didn't expect it to be easy. Unfortunately, we didn't get it, but we believe that we will next time. That's our thought process."

(On if he could tell if the last throw got tipped…) "I knew it was a tight window and we tried to get it in there. I think it maybe got tipped a hair a little bit. It was tough. David [Moore] has done a great job all year making those plays. Like I said, he's going to make the next one no doubt."

(On the last play being a tough play for a quarterback to make…) "That's the thing about being in tight in the red zone. You have tight windows. On the play to Nick [for a touchdown], he made a great catch in a tight window. David is going to make that next time. Like I said, he's a star and he's going to be a star for a long time. He's going to make that over and over again. I'm going to keep throwing it to him. He's been making those plays all year. We have no doubt that he's going to make the next one."

(On what he said to David Moore after the game…) "I just talked to him and I told him what I just told you guys. He's obviously been doing it all year. The great thing is that he's so young and so talented, it's going to show up 100 times over in his career. I believe that the next 100 times, he's going to make it 100 times over. I'm glad he's on our team."

(On what happened on the interception…) "He made a good play. I made a bad read. He bolted underneath of it and made a good play. It won't happen again. We just have to keep playing and keep swinging. That's what we were able to do. I kept believing. They're going to make their plays every once in awhile. I believe that when the games on the line, I'm going to keep swinging and keep doing what I know how to best and keep trying to help our football team win. We almost did there at the end."

(On what was difficult about sustaining drives after the first touchdown drive…) "I thought we did a really good job on that first drive and everything else. We really got the ball moving and we were just physical. The biggest thing to us tonight was having penalties in some key situations. We got the third down penalty too when we were driving and I was able to hit Doug [Baldwin] on a go ball along the sidelines. Doug played great tonight by the way. He caught that go ball down the sideline and I think on that same drive on third down, they called a penalty which was unfortunate because that could have been a first down in the red zone and could have been a touchdown. We had those penalties and then we had some personal fouls. Those were tough, tight calls. It's disappointing. But I've just got to play better. Whatever I can do to help our football team win. We felt like it was going to be a long game. We have our heads up though, we're resilient. It's one tough game, there's a lot more ahead, a lot more great ones to go and a lot more great teams that we have to play. You just look at the next week and take it one week at a time. Every game is going to be a championship game. That's the reality and it's been that way before in the past. We know how to do it and we know how to prepare that way. We have a lot of young, talented guys. I look forward to showing them how to do that. We also have a lot of veteran guys that know how to do it from the past. Guys like Bobby Wagner, guys like Doug [Baldwin], guys like Tyler [Lockett], guys like K.J. Wright. We got a lot of leaders and a lot of guys who want to fight and do everything we can to just win the next game. You can't worry about what's down the road, you just have to win the next one."

(On the fight of the team to come back after the interception…) "I've been around a lot of great teams and I'm fortunate to play with a lot of great teams. I'm fortunate to have been able to win a lot of football games and I've been to the Super Bowl twice. I've never been around a team quite like this one in the sense of the belief. We've had some amazing teams that believe like crazy. Think about all the great plays that have happened in the past. This team has all of that, if not more. And the great thing is that we're really young. We've got a lot of great players and the resilience is there. The belief is there. The ability is there. We played one of the best teams in the NFL and we believe that we're one of the best teams in the NFL and they found one extra play to make at the very end there and it didn't go our way. It is what it is and one, two, three plays here or there and we feel like we'd be celebrating in the locker room right now. Unfortunately not."

(On if he was able to see the Paul Allen tribute before the game…) "Of course. Paul has meant so much to us. I spoke about him last week about what he's meant to the city and to be able to come home, despite win or lose, at the end of the day, life is a lot bigger and a lot more grand than about winning or losing. You think about all the things that Paul has done. I was reading a quote from him the other day about how he chooses optimism each day. I think that's our football team. Paul is the best leader for us in that sense. He's always been that way. I think about that and I think about all the things that he's done for the world. Obviously helping create Microsoft and doing all those things, but all the different things he's done to impact the world and the legacy that he's lived. It's always good to represent him and to wear the Seahawks logo and represent him and who he is."

(On how losing Chris Carson hurt the overall offense…) "Obviously Chris Carson, he battled through to get ready to play. He was able to play really well at the beginning, he got dinged up there. Hopefully he'll be okay, I don't really know his full situation. Obviously, he's one of our best players and you want him in the game. But we do have great running backs with Mike Davis and [Rashaad] Penny can step in there too. It was disappointing to lose him, but he gave us all that he could. That's the physical type of players that we want, to do everything that they can to play and go as long as they can. It's a long season and the season isn't over. There's a lot more great things that we're going to do and the best is ahead, we really believe that. I think about today's game and I think about how we didn't even play our best against one of the best teams and we think that we're one of the best teams and we still had a chance to win the game. One, two, three plays here on offense, defense or special teams and who knows, that game could have been a lot different. Those are the things that we're looking forward to and those are the things where we have great players like Chris Carson, you've got great running backs, great wide receivers, great tight ends, just different people that can make plays. I think about Joey Hunt having to step in and play guard and doing a great job in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. Just battling, battling, battling. Those are the things that we need to do. That's what championship caliber teams do, they keep battling and finding a way. We believe that we'll find a play next time."

(On how things change when they can't run the ball as much down two scores…) "I think that you want to mix it up still. We still ran it some there at the end and we were able to get a big fourth down run. Down at the end of the game, we're just having to battle and get some big runs. I was able to get some runs too as well on the last drive or two. Running the ball is always going to be the key because it mixes it up and allows us to first downs here and there and just mix it up. That's always going to be a key part of our game. Like I said, I think the biggest challenges was having too many third and longs in the third quarter in particular. We just have to study that and figure out why and what that was and if it's anything that we can fix."


(On what is on his mind) "Close battle. It's heartbreaking, especially at home. We've got to do better."

(On if this team can bounce back from two home losses) "Absolutely. No doubt. These guys in this locker room, they're vibrant. They've got the energy, they've got the right mindset, it's just (that) they're young. There's still some growing that needs to be done and there's no better opportunity to grow than when you go through the fire. I think this will be beneficial for us in the long run. I don't want to talk about moral victories, but I think that's an excellent football team we just went up against so there's nothing for us to be down about. We obviously want to get the win but we have some lessons that we can learn from this tape and we'll get better and we'll move forward."

(On if he said anything to David Moore after the game) "No, nothing needs to be said. He's alright. He's a savage for us. I'm not worried about it."

(On bouncing back from being down 15 to potentially tying the game) "It speaks to the resiliency of this team. It's a very young, scrappy team that you can never count out. I think that we showed ourselves in that way towards the end of the game."


(On the offense today) "It was a combination of things. They have a good defense, a smart defense. We just didn't play our cleanest football, you know. We played clean football up to this point, more physical, just not efficient in our runs fits and our penalties. The penalties killed us. We had third down conversions, we'd get penalized, and we'd go back. Third and ten plus, its hard to convert those. I think that was the deciding factor in this game, penalties at crucial parts of our drives and crucial parts of the game. We still had a chance to win it right here at the end. That's just the kind of fight we have on this team and I appreciate these guys. We definitely have to play a lot cleaner. It was a good football team, and we have a lot of good football teams the rest of this schedule. It's not enough to just be physical. You have to be clean, you have to play smart football and that's what we have to work on."

(On having the chance at the end of the game) "Yeah, it's tough man. That's just the kind of team we have, we always believe we have a chance in the end no matter what. The defense did a great job of getting us the ball back. Russ [Wilson] did a great job of getting us down to the goal line. We just couldn't quite convert. They made a couple more plays than we did, and we've got a lot to learn from this game. We have a lot to learn. It's a tough one considering the kind of football we've been playing. I think we got away from that on the offensive end, so we have to get back to our identity and get back to what we know and get ready for another game this week."

(On how it felt after the first drive) "We knew it wouldn't be easy. They have a lot off fighters on that team. We definitely came out guns blazing, 15-yard drive. We go in, balanced attack. That's the kind of football we are used to. We just didn't play clean. We had some big penalties there that cost us in a lot of drives. When you're moving the ball, the penalties back you up and then you're punting. It's tough on any defense going against that offense. Three and outs, three and outs, three and outs and then you're back on the field. Like I said, we haven't had to deal with much adversity the past couple weeks and we had to deal with some today. Guys responded, and we almost had a chance to win t there at the end. We just have to go back to the drawing board and see what we can fix. We still have a lot of confidence left in ourselves and we have a lot of football left this season. We have a big game next week and I'm looking forward to it."


(On what went wrong) "That's just the way the game got called. Sometimes, effort plays. Sometimes, a ref might see it one way or another. With the missed opportunities, I mean I had a drop in the third quarter so that could've been a key third down. Just some silly mistakes."

(On his chemistry with Russell Wilson) "Great. Russ made that play. He saw the cornerback had his back turned and threw it at the back of the end zone and that was a heck of a throw by him."

(On the celebration) "Tyler Lockett. He's the one that choreographed that one so give him credit for that one."

(On if the Chargers played like they were familiar with the Seahawks offense) "Well, we went against these guys in the preseason so we kind of knew what they were about, what kind of matchups we were going to get. Like I said, you've got to give them credit. They've got a good defense too, but we can't really just stay on this game. Look at the film, check it out, we've got a tough opponent next week."


(On why the penalties became such a problem today) "It's tough. It's tough for Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) especially, in that position for play calling. When you can go from 1st-and-5 to 1st-and-15, it's tough to get in the right play that you want to get in."

(On the resiliency of the team to come back in the final minutes) "We believe. You've got a quarterback in Russell Wilson and he does a great job of keeping his composure. With him doing that, we make sure we keep our composure and it's something that we practice every day. End of the half, end of game – that's something that we prepare for."


(On what specifically went wrong today) "It's hard to pin-point exactly what was going wrong. They did a good job of mixing things up and kind of keeping us on our heels a bit. That's a great team we played – defensively, offensively. Unfortunately, we just couldn't get things going after the first drive, but I will praise that this team is a fighting team. We're always going to put ourselves in a good position to come back and win, and that's what we did – just unfortunately, we came up on the other end."

(On confidence in ability to comeback when facing a deficit) "We've been in this position before. I remember my rookie year, there was a lot of games we felt like we fell behind the eight-ball a little bit, but we made some quick plays and we ended up coming back and winning the game. I had no doubt that we were going to be able to do that today just because we've been in this positon before and we know how to respond to adversity like that. Unfortunately, we came up short on the last play. I mean, if you're going to take any positives away from this game, is that we always compete. I'm proud of us for showing that."


(On how he feels after the game) "I feel like we've been tested, that is a good team over there. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game. We knew we were really going to have to be on our game to stop them and it wasn't like that in the first half. We have to do better, the defense has to do better.

(On if losing games at home creates a sense of urgency) "Losing period is not great. It doesn't matter where you win, and obviously you want to win every game at home. We have a nice little home stretch. We just have to do better and perform better for the 12s."

(On the adjustment they made to stop the big plays in the second half) "Honestly, it was just more recognition and understanding what they were trying to do. They were trying to flood the zone on us. They were trying to put a lot of guys in one area. We start making our tackles, we start fitting up a little bit better, we start batting balls down, and just get the ball back to the offense. We have to do what we did in the second half in the first."

(On how the team gets ready to play right at the start) "It's just on us, we just have to be ready. There's no excuse, there's no special recipe to come out. We need to come out with a little bit more energy and make sure we are on our stuff at the beginning."

(On his assessment of the team being in the middle of the season at 4-4) "There's been some highs, there's been some lows. There's been a lot of bad play, good plays, but there's definitely been a lot of growth. A lot of our young guys have got a lot of experience and all that young stuff and us needing to grow needs to happen now. I like our team, I know we have the ability to make the plays, we've been in a lot of situations and we still feel pretty confident."

(On if he feels like they don't have a large margin for error with the tough schedule that's left) "We can only take it one game at a time. I understand we have a nice little stretch down the road, but we are fortunate to have a lot of those games at home and can play in front of the 12s. we just have to get it done. We can't worry about where we are playing the game or what's happening or who the opponent is. Whenever somebody's lined up against us and we have to execute."

(On how tough it was to face Philip Rivers) "I mean, he's a good quarterback. He's very, very smart and talks a lot of trash. He came out and having Gus [Bradley] over there definitely helps him to understand what we have going. He made some plays and we were able to stop that a little bit in the second half. Like I said, we have to do that in the first."


(On if he's surprised about the explosive plays) "Yeah, I am because I feel like we have a great defense. At the end of the day, we have a great defense and great defenses don't give up explosive plays – or at least not that many. At the end of the day, we've got to practice, we've got more games. I believe we've got eight more games to play, another five at home. So, we've got to come back and give our fans something to watch. It was a poor effort today on our part. I wish we could've gave better, but at the end of the day, that's all we do have is more games left in the season."

(On where the Seahawks stand midway through the season) "I feel like we've got our identity. We're a tough team, we're great when we want to be and we just can't be relaxed – I feel like those are the keys. I feel like we're in a good, we've just got to believe in ourselves and believe in each other. Constantly believing that it's a team and everyone is playing for each other. I feel like when we play for each other, that's when nobody can stop us. I feel like when we play for each other, that's when we have the most fun. At the end of the day, we just have to keep on having fun and keep on getting better."

(On if the margin of error to make the playoffs is lowered after the loss) "It's always hope, we can't control that. You've got to keep your head down. You start looking up and you start looking at stuff like the playoffs and you've got another eight games left in the regular season, that's when you get ahead of yourself. I feel like we just have to keep our head down with everything and keep on chopping wood. It's a loss. You know, you lose in sports. It'd be a lie if I told you I didn't want to win every game I played, but how often does that happen? You've got to be able to take some L's (losses) and bounce back – I feel like that's an important thing. I feel like a lot of times guys lose. As a younger player, a lot of times guys lose and you see the locker room and you see how quiet it is and you see the emotions of everybody are not like a win, and it's kind of discouraging. What I tell my young guys is to keep on pushing, keep on going – don't let your technique fall apart, don't let your practice habits fall apart. We should be inspired to get better when we lose, inspired to want to do more and to make more plays. I want to make more plays, one sack is not enough – I want to get two, three, four if I have to for this team to win. At the end of the day, I know I can do that. I feel like us as a group, we've just got to do better, simple."


(On how the team came together better in the second quarter) "At the end of the day, you have to look at it and know that we were determined at the end of the game. We were so close, and we just barely missed it. We have to go back to practice and get moving in the right direction."

(On how hard it was to adjust when you are playing against Philip Rivers who has a lot of experience) "You just have to do the best you can. You know, you identify what they are doing and try to let everyone else know that this is what they're doing, and you have to stop them. You have to play better. Recognize the play and go out and do it."

(On how much special teams was an emphasis for him) "One of the things we pride ourselves on is our guys on special teams. We go out there and make plays and can't waste time on defense, you have to make plays there too. We just have to go out there and make plays like we do and do better.


(On the challenge of facing Melvin Gordon) "I think every back in the league is a dog and every back in the league is good. Every week we're going to face a really great back so we've just got to wrap and tackle him."

(On how much the defense had to adjust after the Chargers' early success) "We honestly didn't change nothing, to be honest. We really, really didn't change nothing. Every time they had an explosive play, it was something on our end that we had to correct that we kind of already knew. It really wasn't really nothing that they were doing or Philip (Rivers) making his checks or whatever, it was just us. Like I said, we've just got to go back to the drawing board."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 25-17 loss to the Chargers in Seattle in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL season.