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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 41-38 Victory Against The Texans

Postgame quotes from the Seahawks following the team's Week 8 win at CenturyLink Field.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 41-38 win against the Texans in Week 8 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…) "That was a wild football game.  A fantastic game.  Two teams that would not let up going for it.  I thought that the Texans played great football today.  Deshaun Watson showed you what a great player that he is.  He doesn't have to wait around, he's already there.  All of the plays, all of the throws that he made and the escapes and stuff, and the runs, too.  He gave us all that we wanted.  We respect the heck out of that.  It wasn't just him, because his receivers played like crazy, too.  But, this day really belonged to just believing and hanging in there.  I don't know if you guys can imagine, but we practice it, kind of.  We kind of practice believing so that we can get to the point when we have these opportunities, you just don't relent.  You won't let up.  It didn't feel like there was even a moment that that happened, even though it was hard all day long and they were so good they were back and forth down the field.  Russ brought those guys back time and time again.  We were going down the time before and we throw a pick, and then everything worked out beautifully to get the ball back.  Shoot, it took us three plays to go 80 yards to win the football game.  I thought it was a fantastic day for our players and our team and to see what it takes, sometimes, to win a game, where you need both sides of the ball to come through when the time is right.  Today the defense really needed the offense, and we've been in a lot of games on the other side of it, and they all know it.  They're very, very grateful for the play of our guys on that side of the ball.  If there was ever any doubts about Russell, what he can do, there is no limit.  That was a fantastic day.  All kinds of guys made plays.  It was really fun.  That was just really fun, so I hope all you guys enjoyed the heck out of it."

(On Paul Richardson…) "He had a huge day.  Coming through at the right place and the right time, makes some terrific catches, two touchdowns and then coming through on the big ball down field, and he just kind of skipped a beat there on that one.  That was such a great moment to get down the field that far, make a play, and you just know why we're fighting, because something good is going to happen, and he kind of set it in motion."

(On getting 5 sacks, including a half sack for Freeney…)   "He was in there battling.  I can't wait to see the film.  I couldn't see him as much as I would like, but I know that he had a ball.  He was so excited in the locker room to be back playing and they're not all going to be like this, Dwight, but still, it was really cool."

(On whether he saw Jimmy Graham open before he caught the winning touchdown…) "Oh, yeah.  Everybody was screaming, everybody was calling his name out.  It was just magnificent execution and the poise and the timing to do that exactly the way we practice it.  Russ delivered the ball, the protection and all that stuff, and then Jimmy coming through, it was really fun.  I'm really thankful for him to have the opportunity to come through."

(On the performance of the defense today…)  "It was hard.  We didn't do very well today.  Come on.  We gave up a million yards, points, and all that stuff.  I'm giving them a lot of credit, and then there's plays our guys would never give them all that, because there were a lot of plays we can get back and play better.  On this day, Deshaun and his receivers and those guys coming through; there was a bunch of them, you have to give them a lot of credit.  They played great today.  Now, they've been scoring like that for the last 5 weeks or something, too, so this isn't anything new, they just did what they've been doing.  Unfortunately, we couldn't stop them, we thought we would be able to better than that."

(On big plays by Tanner McEvoy and Tre Madden…)  "There were so many guys that contributed.  It was a great play down the middle, for Tre to get down there and change the field for us.  And then the great throw and bomb and big time catch.   Their guys caught the ball today and our guys caught the ball today.  It was a marvelous day to watch football." 

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On how challenging was this game for you…) "Yeah, it was definitely a great game. In terms of the battle and going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, I mean Deshaun Watson is special.  I mean go ahead and give him Rookie of the Year, he is a great player. I love watching him. But you think about all the games that we have battled in, back and forth, big moments, big games, there's nothing that we can't do. Just have to have a clear head and go make things happen."

(On when did you see Jimmy Graham break open on his game winning touchdown reception…) "Pretty early.  I kind of looked left, looked off or whatever, and then next thing I know, big 88 running right now the middle, that is always a good thing.  He made a great catch and scampered into the end zone.  The stadium was electric.  The 12s just went crazy. How special is that?"

(On Richard Sherman saying the offense bailed out the defense and how does it feel for the unit to turn the table…) "It's not about bailing anybody out. It's about finding a way to win. Like I always say, winners find a way to win and that is what we were able to do. We just kept battling and we kept believing.  We kept believing in our defense that they were going to come up with a big stop when needed and sure enough we did.   We thought it could be a high scoring game because they had a really good offense that does some special things. They do some trick stuff and kind of confused you a little bit with what they were trying to do and then on offense, we just wanted to keep answering and keep doing our thing and that's what we were able to do."

(On making a single game passing record and what it means to him…)  "The biggest stat is that we won. That's all I care about, that's all we care about. So, that was huge. Just to win in that fashion, how fun was that? Sometimes, that's going to happen."

(On knowing you can win this way…) "Yeah, we can do whatever it takes. We always try to pick each other up, whether it's offense, defense, special teams, we play together and in sync. It's all about timing. It's all about making the right plays and the right time, great things happen. That's what happened tonight."

(On the offense picking the defense up and being successful without having a running game…)  "You know, I think that we could be better. I think we could always be better on offense. That's just the perfectionist in me trying to do everything and always trying to do right when we practice and when we play. That's the nature of our team, just in general. I expect everyone to run the ball better, I expect everyone to throw the ball better, I expect we are going to do everything better because going back to the work, we've practiced and we prepared. We couldn't have prepared any more, any better. In terms of us picking somebody up, I don't think it's that at all. I think it is two great teams going after it today and we found a way. That's all I know."

Defensive End Michael Bennett

(On how Earl Thomas pick six changed the game early…) "It gave us a little more momentum and I think the defense played pretty good, they made some great plays. They've got great offensive skilled players -  some of the best in the league, some of the fastest players in the NFL. Overall it's a really good team and a really good game."

(On if having the advantage of number of plays in the first half gives him advantage to react in the second half…)"Not really. Just one of those things where you just kind of stay in the game and they're playing great football. They're defense played pretty good. Our defense played pretty good. Their offense played good, our offense played good. So it's just a thriller type of game, but really good offense and really good defense on both sides."

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On Jimmy Graham's day…) "Jimmy Graham is finally showing that he is still Jimmy Graham. I'm just thankful that he got his opportunities and he made the best of them. I'm just so happy for my teammates."

(On putting up points with a lack of a run game…) "I think it's more so that the Texans came in wanting to stop the run and they did that. They had a lot of guys in the box, they brought up their safeties to stop the run. A lot of the gaps were filled whenever we tried to run the ball. But we're fortunate enough to have a lot of weapons around us. Jimmy Graham, Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett. Guys that are just weapons. This game showed just how talented all of them truly are. Russell did a hell of a job throwing the ball too. I think he had 452 yards. Full, round offense is just unbelievable."

(On if he was more excited for Jimmy's game than his game…) "You see these guys day in and day out, you see the struggle, you see the battles with injuries, with opportunities, and you just want to see guys do well. You look at Tyler and the injury that he came back from, you see Paul coming back from two serious injuries, Jimmy coming back, you put all of this together and it goes beyond football. It's just you being proud to be around human beings that have that much resiliency, who have that much tenacity and who go out there and lay it all on the line for the guy next to him."

(On how proud he is that the offense was able to carry the load today…) "We knew going in that that was a very talented offense. We knew that our defense would have their hands full. The offense wanted to be there for the defense when we needed to and we were. Guys made tremendous plays and it's just phenomenal. To your point, extremely proud. I'm extremely proud of all the guys, all the young guys understanding that this is what it is. It's on the line now and you have to put it on the line. Guys did that and it just feels so good. I'm so proud."

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On what this win says about the Seahawks …)   "It's awesome.  You have to give all the credit to our offense and the way they fought down the stretch, and the way they executed down the stretch.  There has been a lot of criticism about our offensive line and they played freakin' lights out down the stretch.  I don't know about the rankings and the grades and all that nonsense, because those are all subjective.  Those are subjective rankings, nothing objective about it.  From the naked eye I've seen them execute, because Russell had all the time in the world against some pretty good pass rushers.  Obviously, they didn't have Mercilus or J.J., which is obviously a big deal, but they got after it and they protected our quarterback.  He made phenomenal throws.  Paul Richardson made great catches.  Tyler Lockett made big catches, Jimmy made big catches, in the middle of some drama.  There are fake reports out there that say we are trading Jimmy Graham.  He has to deal with that kind of stress which is untrue.  Thankfully our GM and our head coach come out and they are very transparent about everything and put those to rest because he's a great player and a great teammate and he's played that way this season.  Like I said, our offense deserves all the credit in the world.  They won this game for us. "

(On his first interception of the season…)  "I would have loved it to be a pick-6 this time, too.  Our coaches tell me to go near sideline, and we're having an argument about this right now because I'm a cutback runner.  They said "why didn't you cut it back?", and I say you guys tell me all my career, all 30 of my picks, man you shouldn't cut back, you go near sideline.  I go near sideline, and you saw what happened.  Then they say, you should have cut that one back, what happened to the cut back?  But, it's nice.  It's nice to get the monkey off your back, to get the first two out of the way.  I'm just trying to do what I can to help my team, that's all that matters in the end, but it's nice to have some success catching the ball." 

(On what happened with the pick-6 by Earl Thomas… ) "We read it perfectly.  I was in man to man coverage.  It was a simple route.  It was a special, that's what we call it.  It's basically an over by number 3 when he is a speed guy, which is DeAndre.  We both were locked on it, but Earl was the robber, so he's free.  He can rob whoever he wants.  He can rob my guy, he can rob the next guy and he locked on.  When Earl is free that's probably one of the most dangerous people to ever let rob a play because he can get to that play, and if the quarterback had moved his eyes back to the next man, he probably would have got there, too.   So, Earl had a great read on it.  He didn't have a man to cover.  He just studies film.  Earl is probably obsessed with studying film.  There is nobody that studies it more than him.  He read the play all the way, and it was a great play.  It was everything that he saw on film and that he practiced."

(On Paul Richardson's game…) "It's freaking awesome. It's awesome to see him do what we have to deal with every day. You hear a lot of talk about our receiving corps, our offensive line and our offense in general and you get frustrated because they're not getting the credit that they deserve. Paul hasn't had an opportunity to show his talents and show his big-play ability, his jumping ability, his 50-50 ball dominance. To see him go out there and get a chance to mano-a-mano, throw the ball up, the better man makes the play. Week in and week out, it's awesome. Obviously it's a contract year for him and you're happy to see that guy find that success and hopefully he continues to have that level of success and he can get his money because he works hard and he deserves it."

(On today's game, with Deshaun Watson making plays…)  "I know how other teams feel, now.  We definitely know how other teams feel.  There was a play in the red zone, I think it was their last touchdown, or the play before the last touchdown when they got down to the three, and we sent pressure and three or four guys touched him.  We came buck naked, scott free at the quarterback.  He was poised, though.  He's back there just like A-Rod is, ducked under one, stepped back from another one, spins off another one, and hits the open guy.   Has there ever been a rookie that does that?  It would be hard to find.  Maybe [Michael] Vick from time to time; he was very special in the pocket.  But, it wasn't like he was getting out to run.  He was getting out to look up and find the open guy.  He's going to be a special player in this league.  He made plays that very few people in this league, including the top-tier guys, can make."

DE Dwight Freeney

(On watching the game-winning drive…)"I look at it as that's classic Russell. Russell doing his thing and I remember so many times playing against him and how tough he was to get down and how he orchestrates that offense and gets those guys going. He turned it on and got those guys going at the right time."

(On having the crowd on his side…) "It feels good. It really feels good. I've always wanted to be a part of the 12's. The 12th man was always something that I always admired as an opponent because to play with that type of crowd noise and those fans behind you, that's something that every defensive player wants to be a part of."

Center Justin Britt

(On Russell Wilson's composure…) "Well Russ is one of our leaders, he's one of our captains. He is somebody the whole offense, and the team if you will, look at for times like that. You know, things aren't going to go your way every time. The other guys get paid. But like I said, Russ is the MVP and he played like one today. One play doesn't define how the game goes or how he plays, it's how you come back and how you respond and that is what adversity is all about."

(On the efficiency of the last two minutes of the game…) "Yeah, I mean we practice it every week. Every Wednesday and Thursday, we go through scenarios and we've been doing that since I've been there and before."

(On how rare it was to see a pick from him like that in that type of situation but knowing he would bounce back…)  "Definitely. My confidence in him never wavered. They talk about it a lot, as a team we are really resilient and have a lot of grit, and that's what our team is made up of. It showed. For our captain to go out and demonstrate that, it speaks volumes to who we are."

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin

(On how he said that he wants quarterbacks to keep throwing at him because he gets experience and in what way did he grow from that experience today…) "Today, a lot. I gained a lot of experience form them throwing to me; there were some instances where I lost leverage or it was bad communication between me and the safety. Stuff like that, that's what I need to go through so I know I wont make the same mistake twice, and that's the best thing for me. I continue to go through each game and I learn so much from each game I play."

(On why he's smiling…) "I just get so excited, especially the guys that take me under their wing to continue to help me and making plays like that, I'm just so excited because I know after you make a play like that check mate, check mate. So they just make me so excited to see the guys who I look up to. You know, making awesome plays, you know Richard Sherman had two picks, just people I look up to it's awesome then to see them do great like that."

(On how Richard Sherman was giving him some tough love and feedback after the game and what he said to him…)  "The main thing is that nobody is perfect. This whole game was a humbling experience for everybody. Everybody had some time on defense where we had some mess-ups, but it brought us back to who we used to be. It was definitely a humbling experience and that's what you need; you need tough love like that to understand that nobody is perfect, you're not perfect, and that's always one way to improve it."

Tight End Jimmy Graham

(On the final play…)  "I mean, first off, 3 is special. I knew right then, when he made a mistake he was going to come back and make up for it. His will to win and his will to overcome is like no other, it is unbelievable. Who he is as a person. Right there at the end, we hit the play and we were able to get to the ball and decided to go deep on them. He called a perfect play, he just opened up in the middle and for some reason, and no one guarded me, which is awesome. So, I scored."

(On his reaction to the touchdown…)  "Yeah, it was fantastic, it was awesome. You know, I haven't been that open over the middle in a while. Really, it was a perfect play call. We just went deep on them and backed and rallied from pretty close uptight. I think they were pretty tired. We do 2-minute every day. Literally, every day. On the practice field, through walkthrough, we are always ready for those situations. He really called the perfect play."

(On him believing in the team…)  "Yeah, you know I'm an old man nowadays. I have been in a lot of those situations. This team collectively is something special. Our defense, if they can't do it, you know we are going to do it. If we don't do it, we know they are going to do it. We have each other's back no matter what. No matter the situation, we are going to pick each other up. Even after that big play, 3 goes and picks us back up. P Rich [Paul Richardson] catches a huge play down the middle. I don't know how much he weighs, but, he plays like he is 6"8', 270."

(On the resilience of this team…) "Yeah, you know, it's really from the first day. It's stuff that Pete Carroll really instills in us. You know, always believe. Never look at the scoreboard, never look at the last play, and just continue to believe. This team always does, it doesn't matter the circumstance. We are pretty dangerous under those situations."

Safety Earl Thomas

(On the play right before his pick-six with the touchdown Houston scored right behind him and how he was determined to not let that happen again…)  "Truthfully, I was just being aggressive. I knew it was coming; I knew the deep threat was, I wasn't as sharp as I need to be right there. It's not going to stop me from challenging them, so I did the same thing in the second series."

(On if he banked on them making that throw for the interception he returned for a touchdown…)  "I guess you could say that. I try to bank on my preparation and I kind of banked on what I thought he would do, so I guess you could say I banked on it."'

Wide Receiver Paul Richardson

(On always believing no matter what the odds are…) "I think we really focus on the championship matchup every week. Every week is a championship opportunity. We prepare that way. We knew today could potentially be a shootout and that it could come down to who could make the biggest plays, who could make the most effective plays and the most timely plays. Russell Wilson breaking tackles and scrambling and finding Jimmy [Graham] to win the game and Richard Sherman just seals it with an interception. There were a lot of big plays by both teams, we just made the key ones at the end of the game to take care of it."

(On his role on Russell's scramble play and his first touchdown…)"I was supposed to run the corner off. I did that, he stayed underneath me, I saw Russell start to scramble and I started running full speed towards Russell. I saw him looking at me and I think I might've cut Doug [Baldwin] off but he knows I love him and I never saw him and we'll be alright. I love you, Doug."

(On Luke Willson recovering the fumble the play before Paul's touchdown…) "It was big time. I think we do a good job on offense and defense working on turnovers and working on getting on loose balls. For us to get an immediate recovery that was great because we were able to put points on the board."

(On how gratifying it is to have five touchdowns at this point in the season…) "It's just better when we win. If I would've had two touchdowns and lost, I probably wouldn't have anyone to talk to right now. For us to win the game, I'm so happy. I couldn't be happier. The defense pulled through and made stops when we needed it, Russell found a way, Jimmy scored the sealing touchdown and I'm happy for the Seahawks."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 41-38 victory over the Houston Texans in Week 8 at CenturyLink Field. 

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