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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 30-24 Win Against Carolina

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction from the Seahawks' 30-24 road win over the Carolina Panthers.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening statement:

It was a really big accomplishment to get this win today. And it got a little tough at the end. But we did a lot of really good things today again on the road. To put this season together on the road is something to be proud of. It's hard to do this. It's really important to us. We don't know what's going to happen next, but if we get a chance to play again in the post-season, we may have to go on the road and we will have done everything we could to be ready for that. It is really what we were doing from day one in preseason. When you get on the road, we want to get used to it and get comfortable with it, and our guys have done a fantastic job of rising up and being able to play no matter what the situation and what the time and whatever. And that's a real strength to have that. So something we accomplished during the course of the year.

There was a lot of cool things in game. I was really excited to see Tyler Lockett get back in action and really be a factor. You can see how Russ [Wilson] maneuvers and makes stuff happen because he and Tyler were just phenomenal together. And it's really, it's been awhile. And Tyler's been working his way back and you could see it. We saw it during the week and we were hoping that it would come through and he has a big day. He just missed by a hair getting another big play, but he came through in great fashion, so it's great to have him back because we are going to need him to finish up.

Chris Carson did a great job today, which really just tells you about the guys up front. The guys up front consistently have been moving the line of scrimmage. There wasn't a sweeter play than going for it on fourth down trying to get the first down and they knocked everyone in the end zone and got us a touchdown on that play. But then also with 3:12 left, we kept the football and didn't give it back to them which obviously we needed to do that. Which is really the guys up front getting the job done in conjunction with Chris. So that was really good stuff.

There was some phenomenal plays. The catch that Josh [Gordon] made is as good as a catch as you could ever see, I would think. For as long as that pass was and the layout and to catch it like he did was a magnificent play. His pick sucked. But other than that, they forced -- KJ [Wright] has two picks on the day. I can't remember a linebacker getting two picks in a game for us since we have been here. Maybe that's happened, but I can't remember it. But KJ and Bobby, that three interceptions between them, which is really, really exciting.

Really liked that Cody Barton got 10 tackles today, was part of it, the second game that's played for us. And we have needed him to come back or jump in and fill in for. There's a number of guys that played -- in the fourth quarter there was a time we might have had six guys out there that are non-starters, going into this, kind of into these games. And that's fantastic for those guys to get some play time. Cody's [Barton] calling the shots and BBK [Ben Burr-Kirven] is right next to him and he's got Shaq [Griffin], he's got guys all over him, Griff, all kinds of new guys out there. So that's a good, it's a good statement for us going forward. We're going to need those guys down the stretch and it makes us stronger.

So nice game. We're out of here, go back home for a couple and try to finish this thing up. I'm really proud of getting to 11 wins at this time with a chance to get more, fired up for this team. They deserved to be sitting where they're sitting and they're ready to go for it. So we'll see what we can get done.

How is Bobby [Wagner] doing?

He sprained his ankle a little bit. Don't know how bad it was. He was pretty good getting off the field today.

Could Bobby Wagner have come back in a tighter game?

I don't know that. They didn't actually clear him to get back in, but I don't know. To me, they're all big, so I don't know what you mean.

Was keeping Bobby Wagner out precautionary?

If we were playing Navy, you mean? I don't know that.

Quandre Diggs status?

Yeah, he sprained his ankle also and he looks a little more serious than Bobby did. We'll see. That would be a big loss if we can't get him to get back next week. He's been playing great football for us.

They talk about over and over the health of the defense and your concern moving forward. Talk about that.

Yeah, we didn't have Clowney, we didn't have Shaq, we didn't have Ziggy out there today. Mychal Kendricks not out there. I think that's a great statement for us to go out and win a football game with the other guys playing for us. Really proud of those guys. And it's a great for us, again. It gets them closer to helping us when we need it down the stretch. They're all going to have to contribute. Everybody plays on our team, so they're going to have to, so hopefully we'll get better.

On Mychal Kendricks

No, I think Mike was okay. We just did a little subbing in there. I don't have him on the injury list.

What kind of special preparations did you make for a player like McCaffrey?

Well, it was hard to tell, it didn't look like we did. He's such a fantastic player, I just marvel at his toughness, he's so consistently tough. I don't know if you guys talk about him here that way, but he's a great competitor and he battles every week. We hit the heck out of him today and kept bringing it and he kept fighting and getting up. And then I kept wondering, is he going to hang on the ground a little bit.

He didn't. He's just a magnificent player. The best play of the game was the one he knocks out of the Ugo's [Amadi] hands. Amadi's got a touchdown play and somehow he figured out how to get the ball out of his hands. The one after the interception that we ran back, phenomenal play. And he even figured that out too so he's an amazing player. So we had a lot of different things we were trying to do and I don't think any of them looked very good.

What did you think of Bobby's [Wagner] interception late in the first half?

Just a fantastic play, just a fantastic break, so powerful to pull the ball away as he did, that was a great play, great timing.

George Famt's catch out of bounds, did you see it?

I didn't see it but I heard that it happened, they went crazy up in the box that, he caught it, that kind of stuff.

When we talked to you on Friday Clowney was still questionable.

He was violently sick on Friday when we were leaving. He threw up on the field and we couldn't -- he just was too sick to get on the plane. And he had already been really sick, he tried to make it back he came out, but it was just like we couldn't put him on the plane and travel with him he was too ill.

How close were Ziggy Ansah and Shaquill Griffin to play today?

Well, I mean, they would have played if they could have, okay. So they're there and Ziggy has a really good chance to play next week. Griff, got to find out if he can handle the running next week, we won't know until later in the week. Kendricks has a really good chance of getting back. Luke Willson looked phenomenal, he'll be back next week for sure and ready to help us.

They didn't throw the ball down field a whole lot, but what did you think of the way Akeem King played?

He did fine. He really didn't have many chances out there, I didn't feel like, everything was pretty much underneath and we zoned up a bunch of stuff and took care of him a little bit. He did a nice job to get through the game. Proud of him.

Russ [Wilson] hit a game winner with under two minutes ago, last year he leads a game-winning drive, perfect passer rating in the first half. Is there any rhyme or reason why he plays so well here? He loves being back in Carolina now, he does, he loves being here. He really has played really well here. Yeah, we won a lot of games against these guys, fortunately, and he's always been in the middle of it and again today. He played terrific today.

Quarterback Russell Wilson

Concerns of Josh Gordon taking your job anytime soon?

Well Josh (Gordon) made a sweet play on that deep post route, that was awesome. I think his passer rating is a little down on that one. We tried to take a shot on that, it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. He can really throw it, but unfortunately it didn't work the way we wanted it to.

On the deep completion to Josh Gordon

No I could see it; it was a special play by him. It was cover four, he ran up on the guy, gave him a little stick move and just stayed high and just kind of launched it deep in the air and let him go get it. He made an unbelievable catch. For a second there, once he caught it, I almost thought he was going to stay up and keep running almost. Great play by him. We had a lot of great plays by a lot of great guys. I think first of all with Josh's big play, that was huge, then you think about the plays that Tyler (Lockett) was making today, we really got Tyler going again which is a great thing for us. We always want to get him the football. DK Metcalf, scoring that big touchdown, he had some great plays today, throughout the game. Going back to Tyler, the third down at the end of the game, was an amazing play by him, scrambling, getting open, finding a way. I think the offensive line did great. For us to be able to be physical the way that we were throughout the game and to really control the game there at the end when we needed to, when the game's on the line and didn't want to give them the football back, we wanted to control the game and got a key third down here and there and ran the ball well there and throughout the game. And then think about Chris Carson, he was great tonight. He was making every kind of play, physical, tough against some really good linebackers and some great players on their side. He really showed up and showed out tonight.

You were really fired up after the last touchdown?

Yeah, I was fired up. We were kind of playing, kicking the field goal or going for it and we really wanted to punch the gut and made sure we went for it because it made a three score game that way. If we kicked the field goal and made it, we would have been up by 16, which changes the game. If we score there, get the first down and get a huge touchdown, which we did. Chris made a sweet play, DJ Fluk(er) blocking those guys, got the ball in there, so it made a three score game versus kick the field goal or if we didn't get it, it's still a two score game. Really wanted to make sure we got separated and sure enough it paid dividends when we needed it.

Were you happy about getting the ball after the onside kick?

I love it when the game is on the line, I look forward to those moments. Finding a way to win, I think that's one of the things that we do best, just staying posed, staying collected. We had a huge third down, like I talked about, guys did a great job protecting and giving me time and letting me scramble and find a way. We want to have the football in our hands, and sure enough I think we had the ball with 3:29 left or something like that. To be able to run the clock out against a very good front seven, that was huge.

On the team's accomplishments this season

I think it's a testament to our culture, I think it's a testament to our organization, a testament to Coach (Pete) Carroll, to John Schneider as well, and the guys that they have brought in, high character guys, guys who want to work, guys who are dedicated to the game. It has been an awesome joy ride really the past two years of what we have been able to reestablish. We had so many great players and everything else, a lot of people thought we were going to be down and out. Bobby (Wagner) and I really talked about, a lot was going to happen, we were going to make sure we did everything we could. Got good guys in the draft, got good guys that we signed and that's been huge. I think about last year how were able to sustain and to play throughout the games and find a way. We started off a little slow and then we got hot there. We were able to stay the course and then coming in to this season, we were really

excited about all of the guys we had. We have had some tough injuries this year, even that in itself, a lot of people don't talk about that enough. I think that is everybody in football but we have had some tough ones to a lot of great players and guys have stepped up. A great example is Joey Hunt. He has stepped up. (Cody) Barton had to step up today. He had ten tackles I believe. Obviously not having our big rush defensive ends, the guys who I have had to play against before, are nightmares to play against Ziggy (Ansah) and (Jadeveon) Clowney, for those guys not to be in there and guys step up again and to getting turnovers. We had three turnovers on defense, that was huge. And offensively we have just been rolling. We had the one really kind of low last week, we didn't feel like we were playing at our best. We were very diligent about what we wanted to do, very intentional about how we wanted to play today, keep the tempo up, be physical, get the ball down the field when we could and just find a way and sure enough we did.

What happened in the middle of the game?

We had some turnovers there. We had a little lull there. We tried to do the reverse pass, they got the ball back on a turnover, after we just picked it off or whatever, then they get it back, so that was kind of a two, three series period there that we didn't get things going. Which we really should have, and so we have to figure that out. We will study the film on the plane, figure all of those details out and figure out how we can be precise. We score 30 points or whatever and there is more out there on the field, and that's what we are looking forward to.

On Tyler Lockett

I think he had the flu and then before that he had the leg injury in San Fran. He was just kind of battling through. He is such a tough warrior in how he prepares and how he plays, plays through injuries and stuff like that. He is back to full speed Tyler Lockett which is a great thing for us. How he got down the field on a couple of plays today, scramble like I said and just different things he was able to do was awesome for us. And the thing about DK, he doesn't look like a rookie out there. He is playing great, he has been on his stuff, he has been top notch, one of the best rookies that has come into this draft and it's great to have him on our football team I know that.

On the fast start

I thought the first few series we had three touchdown drives in-a-row which is right on to what we wanted to be able do. Like I said last week, we started off great, to be honest with you, and ended up kicking a field goal. We wanted to get touchdowns in the red zone and we were able to get touchdowns this time. The first series last week, and the third series, we really wanted to play tempo and move the ball around and get things done. This time we came out and did all those things correct and stayed on schedule. We didn't have penalties. We were able to capitalize on moments. And that's the thing we have to be able to do. It's championship football time and you've got to capitalize on the moments. I call them game altering plays, GAP plays, and if we can capitalize on the GAP plays and those moments it's good for us. We have a lot of talent.

On the road success

To be 7-1 on the road, unfortunately we couldn't be 8-0, but to be 7-1 on the road it's a huge thing. And now we get to go back home. We have two tough division games. I'm looking forward to it. We're going to need all the 12's there ready to roll and we know they will. It's an exciting time. All the things we want to do is right in front of us and we can control our own destiny. But the best way to do it is how we practice, how we prepare, how we study. Make sure we take care of our minds and what we're thinking about and how we're doing it.

On success in Charlotte

I think that's a good question, I like North Carolina. I played here for so many years at NC State. It was a blessing to play at NC State and be a part of the Wolf Pack. Play so many great games. So many great moments. I told Coach Carroll and I told Coach Schotty [Brian Schottenheimer] the ball spins good for me in North Carolina. It always has. I love coming back here. It's a place that I cherish. A lot of great people I've known for years and been friends with. I'm grateful for that and for the people that get to come see me play here when I get to play.

Middle Linebacker Bobby Wagner

How are you doing?

I'm doing fine. I'm good.

Was it precaution or a scare that kept you out?

A little bit of all of it.

Was it a slip first?

I don't know. I felt like I probably slipped a little, but then he hit me in my side and my back. My leg kind of got caught underneath. I'll be fine.

Did you have a scare?

I definitely was scared, but I'm good. The doctor said that if everybody goes out and votes for me for Man of the Year that it will be better. That's what he said.

On how hard to watch final few series from sideline?

It was tough. You see the offense driving down the field and putting points up, so it's hard to get out there. It's not really a position I'm used to, but I try to listen to the doctors. I know they have my best interest.

On the overall defensive performance

I felt we played pretty good. We had a lot of turnovers. We were able to start the game – I felt like we started the game really strong. They kind of started to move the ball with the fly sweeps and things of that nature, but I felt like once we got ahold of it, we did a good job. I think creating the turnovers was a big thing. We had a lot of momentum changing turnovers, where you felt like they were kind of getting into the game. It was either a pick, a sack or something that happened, so it's something that we can build on.

On his interception

I knew the route was coming. I don't think he thought I was going to be there. I think he thought Lano (Hill) was coming from the other side so I think he was expecting to throw the ball and beat Delano in there and I kind of just stayed on that and I don't think he saw me coming.

On his tight end hands

Yeah, tight end. 11 touchdowns in high school.

On K.J. Wright's hands

K.J.'s hands are amazing. His running back skills, not so much. If he would have gone to the left he probably would have had a touchdown, but he decided to try to jump over somebody. That didn't work out so well. So we're going to work on jumping over people at practice, or he is.

On the linebackers today

The linebackers were really dub. It's really cool. I think this is the first time that me and K.J. had a pick in the game together, so it was pretty cool to watch him get his pick. It was cool to watch him try to return. He went backwards, so we're going to work on that.

On your first interception this year

Always you want to get one, especially because K.J. has one, (Mychal) Kendricks has one, so you're the odd guy out. It's good to not be the odd guy out anymore.

On the road win

It's really important. You never know what the playoffs will bring. You have to be battle-tested at home and you have to be battle-tested on the road and I feel like we proved that. Hopefully, position ourselves to have home field advantage. I know our fans would appreciate that, but all the cards are in our hands if we keep doing our job we'll be good, but playing on the road is something that we take pride in. It's always cool to come in another team's stadium and have our crowd be louder than theirs. It was fun.

On the franchise record wins on the road

It's something you can be proud of whenever the season is done. You can look back and see, historically, we've always been a really good home team, but to do what we did on the road was really good. I feel like it's going to serve us well long-term.

On the Seahawk fans

It did feel like a home game at one point. They're really loud. They started the Seahawk chant and the Panther crowd didn't like that so much. That's what our fans do. They support us and they are amazing.

On early lead importance

It was really important because we felt like last week we didn't play our best football. It was important for us to come back and bounce back and show that we didn't do as well as we did then. I like where we're going. I like that we're moving forward and like you said 7-1 on the road is pretty cool.

On Consistency and longevity

It means a lot. The group that's been here - what's it like 3 people now, but from that point forward, the guys and Coach Carroll, the way he coaches and how consistent he is and the way he pushes that message into our game, you can see us trying to be as consistent as the message is. When you have consistency, you create things like this. We're 11-3 with two games left. Thinking about last year, it took us all the way to the end to get 10 wins, so this is a good position to be in.

Running back Chris Carson Seattle Seahawks

On Today's rushing attack

We just want to set up everything for Russell [Wilson]. He's one of the best players in the NFL when you give him some time, and when you give him weapons. We know that can balance it out and run the ball. C.J. [Prosise] came in, Travis [Homer] got some carries, it was great. You get good results when that happens.

On Today's mindset

We've got to finish strong that's my mindset. We are taking one game at a time, but the rushing game was pretty strong and I capitalized.

On the ability to win games on the road

It's just the balanced attack that we have. We've got great running backs, a great offensive line, great receivers and a great defense. We got the leadership with Bobby [Wagner] and Russell [Wilson], so we have everything we need.

On today's offensive performance

Running the ball, and being balanced with both passing and running. That was the key for us, and good results happen when that happens.

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

On Gordon's finger-tip grab

He does it every day in practice, so I'm not even surprised with the catches he makes. He's a great player and I'm just glad he got a chance to show it today.

On the importance of a balanced attack

I feel like we got back to the running attack off of our play action pass stuff. I feel like our offense did good. We showed our identity today.

How does the offense benefit from having a healthy Tyler Lockett?

He draws a lot of attention from defense, so it opens up for big catches like Josh [Gordon] had. The big runs that Chris Carson can make. I mean, just having him in our offense is great.

On the late game rushes from Chris Carson

Chris Carson does it day-in and day-out. He's a tough runner. Hard to bring down. That's why the ball was in his hands at that moment.

What have you learned about this team after losses?

We fight through adversity every time. We accomplish new goals every week. This time we finished it off on offense, closing the game out. I'm proud of this team.

Linebacker K.J. Wright

On today's defensive performance

Big day for linebackers, we got three of them [interceptions] today it was fun. Bobby [Wagner] made a heck of a play just reading the quarterback's eyes. I got help from my defensive line. Quinton [Jefferson] got a great tip. Jarran Reed got great pressure on the quarterback, and he had to rush it. It was a fun day today. We got three [interceptions] that was our goal, and we made it happen.

On the franchise record seven road victories

Seven road wins, that's very impressive. It's just us on the road, and we've found a way to do it. Especially on the east coast waking up super early. We just found a way to get it done. The offense did a great job, and the defense did good. We do have to make sure that if we have to go on the road for the playoffs we are ready for it.

On his career-high two interceptions

It was just my day. It's crazy I had a dream that I had two picks. You all may not believe me, but I really had a dream that I had two picks. I had this dream last night.

On allowing the Panthers to get back in the game

Yes, it was a result of injuries, lack of communication. We've got to finish way better than that. We definitely don't want to end the game like that. It was way too close. If the offense didn't get that first down we'd have to go back out there. Definitely have to finish much better, and we can feel really good about our win.

Tight End Jacob Hollister

On finishing the season

We control our own destiny with everything. We're excited to get home these last two games and take care of business.

On the franchise record seven road wins

I feel like we're just resilient. Obviously we had the loss last week, that hurt, but we're just resilient. We stuck together through everything and obviously that's a good football team out there today, the Panthers, but we got it done. A good win.

Was there an emphasis on starting fast?

I think you always want to start fast. And we definitely wanted to do that as an offense. Just get some touchdowns on the board and help our defense out. Keep them off the field as long as we could and we did that so, it's awesome. We started fast.

On the success on the chunk plays to receivers

It's good to see. Whenever I'm seeing the ball in the air and those guys are downfield I know they are going to make a play. Russell [Wilson] has done a great job getting those guys involved and it was a great day for them. Really glad that [Tyler] Lockett had a really good day.

On Chris Carson's success

It's fun to see every week. He just runs through guys and makes guys miss. He's an incredible runner. It's been a lot of fun to watch.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 15 matchup against the Carolina Panthers.