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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 28-12 Loss Against The Rams

Postgame quotes and locker room reactions from the Seahawks' 28-12 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Remarks:

"Well, this is a rough night for the Seahawks tonight. We did not do what we had planned to do at all. And I thought it was a really good night for the Rams. They did a lot of stuff that they wanted to do. They were able to control the ball and move it like they wanted to and stay pretty secure with it for the most part as well. And they did a nice job on us early in the game. Without question early in the game, they were controlling the tempo and it took us a bit to get, we weren't surprised by it, but we just didn't handle it as well as we would like. And it took us a while to get settled down and then once we got settled down, then in the second half was a different game. But it was too much of a surge in the first half to overcome. We made our efforts, we made -- the things that we do to get us back in it, we had couple great picks and a great touchdown by (Seahawks S) Quandre (Diggs), and we blocked the field goal too. We did the kinds of things that we needed to do, but we needed a couple plays on the other side to go ahead take advantage of it, and we weren't able to find it. So a difficult night. And you got to hand it to them. They played great. They did just what they wanted to do. So it's really -- the interesting thing about it is it doesn't change anything for us. We had to win this game and now we have to win the next one and keep on rolling if we're going to do anything with this season, which we have a chance to do. And we got to go about our business. So it's really important for us to go ahead and move on and get rolling and stay true to what's next and that's how we do it anyway and so it will be handy. It will be helpful for us and, in our mentality. So it's a good game for them."

On what he knows about Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny:

"He's he got an ACL sprain and we don't know how serious it is, but it's significant."

On if he said ACL:

"Yeah, that's what I was told."

On if Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is feeling okay:

"Yes. (Seahawks QB) Russell (Wilson)? Yes. "

On what they did defensively that made things tough on him tonight:

"Well, we kind of moved the ball. We felt like we ran the ball for, I don't know, more than what we have been averaging, five yards or something like that, but we didn't convert on third down. And, really, there was two crucial third downs when we really had, or third down and a fourth down when we had our chances, and we just need to keep moving and we just didn't convert and we, the ball got away from us. In a game where they were really moving it, we had to stay with them, and we just didn't convert like we needed to keep the ball in our hands and keep the next sequence and series available for us."

On him mentioning tempo and what the response is to that and if he lines up quicker:

"Just need to clean things up. We weren't making our calls quickly enough. And they did a nice job. They always do. And we were prepared for it and all, but there was a couple things that happened that made it a little more difficult and we just didn't get settled in. And so the first two drives for them were really well executed by them and we didn't do well enough. And you saw us settle down and we were okay after that."

On the sacks given up:

"I don't know. We got to keep from getting hit in the back field, for sure. And I think that, it seems like we need to, Russ needs to get the ball out to avoid the rush from being effective. Whether he has to throw it away or not, he's got to do that to help us a little bit. But I thought their rush, which is as formidable as we face was there tonight and they did a good job with it."

On the fourth down play when they went for it and the type of play itself and it looked like it was open:

"Fourth and one? Yeah, it was a really nice execution, everything was there and we just didn't catch the football."

On what the message is to the guys after the game:

"Yeah, this doesn't change what's ahead at all. Unfortunately, we had a chance to, a really nice chance to stay abreast and stay on top of our division, but we'll deal with that later on as we, next week it starts -- every week is extremely important and we just got to keep stacking them up. We've played really good football and won a lot of games here and this isn't going to deter us from that."

On Diggs making impact plays, again tonight:

"Incredibly timed play. I mean, what it should show you, because it shows me, that he'd been there before. He had a chance to make a big play and he just made it look like it was as easy as could be. And it's not the first time he's done that. So he's a really good ball player. We have been telling you about his savvy, his instincts and how natural a player he is. I thought that was obvious there. And also, the other pick was a really good one too. He went and helped outside of his area to go make a play by reading the quarterback and did a great job to come up with that ball too."

On if Penny is out for awhile and how he feels about the RB position:

"The obvious thing is that (Seahawks RB) C.J. (Prosise) steps up. We were able to get C.J. up this week. He hasn't played in quite awhile now, so we're very fortunate to have C.J. coming up. And (Seahawks RB Travis) Homer is still available to us."

On if he was expecting Rams CB Jalen Ramsey to shadow Seahawks DK Metcalf:

"We talked about what they might do and we didn't know until game time. It didn't matter."

On if that is a good experience for a rookie to go through and if he doesn't go through -- he's physical, he gets in your face, tries to get in your head a little bit and it cost him 15 yards in the second half and if it is a good experience to know what that's like:

"I'll go along with you on that, okay, yeah, I guess. Every experience is fortunate important for him. They're all first time stuff. And to have a player of that magnitude match up with you, it is significant. He shoved-he shoved you know, kind of thing. But the rest of the night -- we'll talk about it and see if there's anything he can take away from it."

On Seahawks RB Chris Carson going over 1,000 for the year in a row:

"We lost him tonight. He's been a tremendous football player for us and he continues to be a real force. He ran really hard tonight and did a great job -- I don't know what he gained tonight -- but congratulations to he and the offensive line, those guys for getting that done, that's a big accomplishment."

On if he feels like the Rams did a great job of covering receivers or Seahawks QB Russell Wilson not finding them or what can you say about that:

"I don't know. I don't know about that. Let me see the film."

On if Seahawks LB KJ Wright came back in:

"Yeah, (Seahawks LB) KJ Wright came back in, (Seahawks LB) Cody (Barton) came back in to play and all that, so those guys were all right.

On what he thinks of Barton in general:

"I can't tell you, I don't know, I got to see some more stuff I got to see the film."

On if Seahawks DE Ziggy Ansah was close to being able to go tonight:

"He was close enough because he practiced all week, but he just, he just didn't have full strength. And he was able to practice because of the mode that we were in all week and get the work. But he just wasn't capable of mustering the strength he needed to pass the test at the end of the week. We didn't know from one day to the next if he would, but he just couldn't make it. So it wasn't safe for him to play."

On Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks and if he will be back next week:

"I don't know that. Don't know."

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

On what he takes away from the game:

"Well I felt like they played better than us tonight. We didn't play our best game. There were opportunities out there that we had. It just didn't go our way. There's a lot of season left. Where we're trying to go, there's a lot more season left. There's a lot more things to do. Everything is still out in front of us. We got to take one game at a time and just get better, see the film, figure out how we can get better as a collective group. That's really the bottom line."

On how he's feeling health-wise and if he avoided the flu:

"I feel good. I feel healthy. Yeah, I'm good there. I feel good. I'm disappointed about tonight, but body-wise, I feel good."

On if this performance is a setback:

"Like I said, there's a lot more to do. It's not a setback for us, it's just the beginning. We feel like there's a lot more we can do. A lot of areas we can get better and that's how we're looking at it."

On what the Rams did differently compared to the first game against them this season:

"Well, they got up early. They played well. They got up early. We made some plays there in the second half on defense and then they stopped us on third down when they needed to. I think that was kind of our game today. We were kind of playing catch up a little bit. We didn't make our plays when we needed to, some crucial third downs and some other plays, too, throughout the game that really could've helped the game come back and open it up, especially early. That was really the case tonight."

On the affect of losing RB Rashaad Penny:

"Obviously, it's disappointing losing (RB Rashaad) Penny. I feel for him. He's such a great competitor. He's just been tremendous over the past several weeks. That's just unfortunate. That's part of the game, unfortunately. I got to talk to him afterwards. He had his head up and he's looking forward to where he's going next and just fighting through the rehab of it all, and we'll be right there with him. It was tough. Obviously, when lose one of your key players and a guy you love to play with like Penny, who's been playing great football too for us. That was tough, but (RB) Chris (Carson) did well tonight. He made some key runs and made some nice plays and nice catches and stuff like that, so I thought Chris played well."

On if they didn't match the intensity of the Rams:

"I don't know if we didn't match their intensity. I think they just executed when they needed to. You think about our first drive of the game, we went up and down the field. We had several drives where we were moving the ball really well. We went up and down the field. Unfortunately, we weren't able to convert that first third down. They ended up getting me down there on that first third down when we were on that 20 yard-line or whatever. Kicked a field goal. And then, they made some plays on offense for them. And then, we were still moving the ball and we didn't convert on some of our third downs that we thought we could have and it just didn't go our way on those plays. And then we had the fourth (down) where we went for it. I thought it was a good call by Coach (Pete Carroll) going for it. Unfortunately, it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. The next thing you know, they kind of took the lead there, pretty good there. So I don't think we didn't match their intensity. I think that we didn't match the execution more than anything else. When it comes down to playing a great football team, us being a great football team, we've got to execute when it matters and some of those plays we didn't. And that's just the truth across the board."

On what he thinks is off in the past few weeks:

"Today, we had two drives in the first quarter. We had that really long one where we were throwing the ball well, moving it and running it and doing everything we wanted to the first drive. I'm trying to remember the second one off the top of my head, but there are so many drives throughout the game. I think that we didn't really have the ball that much early in the first half. I mean they had the ball for a while. And then, we got some turnovers in the beginning of the second half. You know, (S Quandre) Diggs' sweet interception and then he had another interception, so they were out in the field, the defense, for a little bit there. Because when we returned it for a touchdown, they go back out again. So it felt like we didn't have the ball really until the fourth quarter. And then we started throwing and making some plays and doing the things we wanted to do. But I think we're staying the course. We're going to get better, we're going to look at the film and study, we're going to practice. Everything we want to do is still ahead of us. There's no fear in us at all. "

Seahawks RB Chris Carson

On how Rashad Penny's injury changed the gameplan and what the offense was able to do:

"It was a big injury. That's like my brother so it was tough seeing him go down. The gameplan was to run the ball – we've got three, four running backs that can do that. We take the next man up approach. Like I said, it was just real tough to see him go down."

On if the Rams' defense was doing something different on the interior today:

"I wouldn't say they were doing anything different. We knew that they were going to do a good job trying to stop the run. They do a lot of games. We got down so it kind of had an effect on the play-calling. But credit goes to their defense today."

On passing the 1,000-yard rushing mark this season:

"To be honest, I haven't even been thinking about it. A couple players came up to me and congratulated me. But on a night like this, you lose one of your close friends, you don't get the win, so I don't really pay too much (attention to) it."

Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett

On how the absence of Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny impacted the offense:

"Not having (Rashaad) Penny hurt too. Unfortunately, he kind of got hurt a little bit. That was devastating and it kind of hurt. I'm sure it hurt us, especially just trying to move forward within the game, being able to have plays for him and stuff like that."

On his big takeaway from this game:

"Just let it go. We still have three more games. We're in a great position. On to Carolina, just keep on playing, learn from it and just move on. It's not really nothing to just sit and hang your head and get mad about."

On how he thinks the team can bounce back from this loss:

"The season is a marathon so sometimes you're going to fall and sometimes you're going to run really good, and you're going to be ahead of the pack and you're going to put yourself in a great situation. For us, I just think that we haven't lost in a while. It's good for us to lose. Nobody wants to lose, but everything works together for the good. You just look at the game, you kind of take the pros and the cons and you just move on. Even when we win, we move on and we get ready for the next game. It's not something that we sit and bang our heads about. We lost, ok cool, we move on."

Seahawks WR DK Metcalf

On what the Rams defense did to limit a lot of the explosive plays:

"They played a lot of two shell. The defensive line had a good push. We've just got to execute better."

On what they're going to take away from this game:

"We've got to move on to the next game so we're focused on Carolina. We'll fix the mistakes tomorrow, but obviously we've just got to move on."

On if the Rams defense did something they hadn't seen or if they just executed better:

"Yeah, they just executed more and we have to execute better on offense."

On if they're going to just flush this loss:

"Right, you can never look at the negative. Just fix the mistakes and just move on."

Seahawks DT Jarran Reed

On what happened in the first half and what was the change in the second half:

"We just had to go back to the drawing board. We had to execute our plays. We had to get some pressure, we had to stop the run, and we had to get some pressure on the quarterback and get some turnovers.

On if the Rams did anything different in the first half than previous times playing them:

"No, it's nothing different. It's the NFL. We've got to come to play every game, every single week. Especially when you are 10-2, you're going to get everybody's best game. They took it to us tonight. We've just got to take it to the chin. We've got to go back to the drawing board tomorrow and we've got to get back to work."

On what the biggest change was for Seattle from the first half to the second half where two drives ended in S Quandre Diggs' interceptions:

"We stopped the run. We got pressure on the quarterback."

Seahawks S Quandre Diggs

On how he read his pick-six interception:

"The coaches just put me in a great spot to make a play. That's all it is. When the play comes to you, you've just got to make it. That's what I did. Nothing more, nothing less. We didn't win, so that stuff really doesn't matter."

On the defense not clicking like it has been in the past few games:

"I think we have to come out with better energy. I think that starts with us, it starts with the leaders, including myself. So, we've got to bring better energy as a team in all three phases. I think we will get it fixed. We know who we are, we know what we have to do. At the end of the day, it's one loss. We've got three more games to play."

On Rams WR Robert Woods finding holes within the defense:

"Woods is a heck of a receiver. He has been a heck of a receiver. I've always had respect for him. He has been doing it consistently. At the end of the day, he made the plays that he was supposed to make, and we didn't make the plays that we were supposed to make. Hats off to those guys."

Seahawks LB Cody Barton

On what he learned about the Rams offense:

"Nothing new that we hadn't seen on film. They did everything that we expected them to do. Nothing crazy new. They've got good players and they make plays. We weren't making plays on our end."

On what did he noticed that was different coming out in the third quarter:

"Even though we were down going into halftime, we made some adjustments inside and just came out with more energy. There is still a whole half of football to play and I felt like we came out great."

On what his biggest personal takeaway was from today given he got a lot of playing time:

"My takeaway from it is, I made some mistakes and they're things you can learn from. They scar you, but you can learn from them and get better as a player."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 14 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.