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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 25-19 Preseason Loss vs The Vikings

Postgame quotes and reaction from the Seattle Seahawks following the team's 25-19 loss over the Minnesota Vikings in the second preseason game of 2019 at US Bank Stadium. 

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening...) I thought we had a good, competitive first half in the game. I thought the Vikings did a nice job in the second half. They out-executed us. Third down-wise, that was a big difference in this game. They did really well. We didn't. That's why the time of possession was as it was. We just were unable to move the sticks. A hard night. A lot of good ball. This is a good club. They play good in all three phases. They let you know where you stand in some areas. I thought it was an interesting game. Real anxious to see the film. I thought the first unit did a nice job. We did a nice job with tempo. Russell Wilson was moving pretty well. Missed a couple third down throws that would have made a big difference in their outing, but they did move the football well. First line protected well, did all the things we hoped to do just getting started. This is the first outing for those guys. That was a positive. We'll see. We have things to fix. The penalty situation changed. When is it you're happy when you only have nine penalties? Compared to last week, it's a big improvement. We need to keep going in that area and do a nice job.

(On the secondary's play...) I thought they did well. I thought we were in good position all night. I thought Tre (Flowers) was in great position. Wish he wouldn't have put his hand on the guy's arm on the deep ball. Made a great play in the post route, great play up the sidelines. We had a classic opportunity for the new rule. Really the clips from the broadcast didn't catch the push that would have been the one that was in question. It definitely happened. Whether it was enough, I don't know. We're going to learn as the pre-season goes. We'll find out what New York is going to call in those situations. It was a cool opportunity to send that one in, so I jumped at the opportunity to do that. We'll see what happens. I don't know what to tell you how they'll call that in the future. Anyway, I thought they played pretty tight coverage for the most part. 

(On DeShawn Shead's pick six...) That was a big play. Big play last week, big play this week. Good for him. Good for us. Really well-played play. They made a little error, we took advantage of it. Got it in the end zone.

(On Marquise Blair's injury...) Well, he had back spasms in the second half. I don't know what that means right now. His back got tight, kept getting tighter.

(On DK Metcalf...) Yeah, DK has an injury to his knee that we found after a couple days, it happened a few days back. We're going to do some work on it probably Tuesday, get him back in a hurry. We're disappointed for him because he was off to a fantastic start. I don't think this is going to derail him for long. He does have to have some work done. We'll know more about that when we get back into town. 

(On Shaquem Griffin...) He had a knee that he came back from last week that it just kind of got reaggravated. Started with a bruise. That's what I know about it right now.

(On Paxton Lynch getting hurt...) Well, he went through the protocol. He's still in that. He felt like he was okay. He still has to pass those tests. We have to recognize all of the process, take care of that.

(On Jaron Brown's night...) I thought he looked great. We just need to hook up on the third down catch, on the cross route. He's a really good player. He just does everything right. He's a real consummate pro. He's a hard worker, got a great attention to detail, he can help us in special teams. Makes the catches, makes the blocks. He's a really good football player for us.

(On Ethan Pocic's performance...) Ethan (Pocic), he plays solid with the first group. It's great he was able to do that. He continues to give us real flexibility. Can play a lot of spots for us. Really good at playing center for us. He can play tackle if we need him to. Kind of got thin on our numbers here in the offensive line in the second group. Those guys had to play a lot of plays. We weren't quite as tight as we need to be. We didn't execute as well as we'd like to. I'm anxious to see how that will be on film.

(On Austin Calitro and Cody Barton's first two preseason games of 2019...) I need to see the film to be able to tell you. Sorry, I can't help you on that one. Both those guys are playing good, hard football. Our run defense in the first half was really solid. We made a misalignment on the play that broke, they weren't lined up in the right spot, gave one to them. Other than that, those guys played tough up front. Really pleased against their style of run.

(On pass protection...) I thought we did really well. Got hit on the run at the start of the second half. In general, we picked the stuff up okay. Wasn't an onslaught like they do sometimes. It was a really good preparation, did an adequate job today.

(On the challenge...) Yeah, there wasn't a clip they could see it. It was a difficult one for me in a sense because my guys upstairs couldn't see it either. I saw it on the field. I know exactly what happened. This is going to be interesting how this works. The time ran out. They were waiting for a clip their guys to verify. I just took a shot, want to see what happens. During the season, I probably wouldn't do that... They knew the whole thing. It happened in the middle of the route. It was real early. That's not a call that generally officials make. But in New York, I want to see if New York is going to make that call if they would have seen it. I'm still anxious to find out.

(On Jackson Harris' fumble recovery...) That was a perfect play, yeah. It was a beautiful play. Really the best play of the game was Jackson Harris getting the fumble back for us. I think Joey Hunt might have gotten a shot knocking the ball out, which was extraordinary, not giving up on it. Then an incredible fumble recovery to put the ball back. Failed to mention that to the players. That was really, really a great football play.

(Demetrius Knox's injury...) Looks like he's got a quad injury in the knee area, nasty injury for him. Don't know what to tell you other than that. We got to do some tests. Quadriceps related injury in regards to his knee.

(On his optimism on Metcalf...) The docs really had a clear look at the MRI, what it is. They think it's a really quick recovery. I think we're going to keep him in town, get the work done right away. Be very optimistic about the way it goes. 

(On Jamarco Jones' status...) Yeah, he practiced yesterday. Tried to go yesterday. He made it through practice, but he just wasn't quite right enough to play in the game. That did mess with our rotations a little bit. We're already thin. We're pretty thin right now. We just got to make it through the next couple weeks here. We got to get Mike back. That's the big guy to return for the starters. Really liked the way it got done tonight, Duane (Brown), Fluke (DJ Fluker). Started first time out. That's what we hoped to accomplish.

(On the pass rush...) I can't tell you much about it. They threw the ball really quick tonight. Had a lot of short yardage conversion opportunities. Did a nice job of getting the ball out. I can't tell you.

(On Rashaad Penny's night...) Couldn't get going. He had nothing to do with it. There were plays we had leakage. Couldn't get started. Needs to get rolling. Chris (Carson) ran the ball great, good looks. Shot it good on the screen. He just needs some space. Need to block better for him. Didn't have a chance.

(On Paxton Lynch's performance...) It wasn't as sharp as it was last week. Missed a couple throws to get going. He looked competitive. He took off and ran again, made a first down. That was a good play. Just need to see him out there some more. Unfortunate. This would have been a really good opportunity for him.

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On his first snaps of 2019...) Well I thought the ones we did a really good job with tempo. I thought we were in and out, and the guys made plays. I thought we moved the ball down the field, they have a very good defense obviously, the Vikings. We made a lot of plays tonight. Tyler looked great tonight, JB looked great tonight, Chris made a few plays, Offensive line protected pretty well especially in the third. A lot of great things. We could tighten up a few things. I could tighten up a few things. That's why we play the preseason. I think we are going to be a great football team.

(On his protection...) Yeah, against a very good defensive line. The offensive line did a tremendous job.

(On if there was preseason rust...) No, I felt great. I made a lot of good throws, we made a lot of good catches, and I found a lot of guys on the field. I know I wasn't going to play much, unfortunately. You know you get into a rhythm. We got into a rhythm, but we tried to force the rhythm early. With playing really fast, our tempo was really fast, and we were moving the ball up the field.

(On DeShawn Shead...) It's just awesome to see Shead just make his plays. He's always been a playmaker, and he's always been a great leader for us. Going back to the Atlanta Falcons game in the playoffs before he got injured, he was one of the star corners in the National Football League, making a lot of great plays.

Left Tackle Duane Brown

(On the second preseason game...) I thought we played very well. We moved the ball really great. Also, had some great runs and play action bootlegs to get the ball down the field to exploit their blitzes. They like to load the box, so Russell (Wilson) did a good job converting on third downs by throwing the ball down the field. We stalled on some of our drives, so that is something that we have to correct. It was still some very encouraging work tonight.

(On the first unit's play...) Absolutely, this is our first game with the whole offensive unit, so we were very smooth and fluid. We played with great patience getting to the line and getting the play call communicated. Everyone just has to be on the same page, especially against a good defense like that who likes to blitz.

Safety DeShawn Shead

 (On his pick six...) As soon as I caught the ball, I looked up and there were just a couple of guys to my left. I knew then, that I was going to outrun them. My mindset was to score by getting the ball in the endzone for my team, then line up for the next play.

(On his playing time...) I appreciate every snap. I appreciate every rep and I appreciate every opportunity. My role is to go out there and do what I can to help this team win.

(On the nickelback position...) I know there is a lot of competition in the room. There are a lot of great people and great players. It's really competitive and I'm not sure how it's going to play out.

(On his leadership...) I like to talk to a lot of the young guys. I talk to some linebackers, receivers, and defensive backs. Anywhere that I can help them in this game, I try to do my best to teach as best as I can.

(On the secondary communication...) It's preseason and that is what preseason is for to gain cohesiveness and be able to communicate well. Some of that communication was not there, but that's why we go back to look at the tape. The whole goal is not to make the same mistake twice and improve for the next game.

Linebacker Mychal Kendricks

(On his development...) Definitely, I think I am getting more confident in being able to make plays. Also, directing the defense, telling the line what to do, and being able to play two different defensive positions this year.

(On the mental game...) Yeah, I think with the linebackers it's more mental than anything right now. We can react physically to that.

(On the defense...) I think everyone on the defense knows their stuff. It's important to communicate out there. The better we communicate, the better defensive unit we can be as a whole.

(On Sunday's performance against the Vikings...) I think it went pretty well. The run defense was pretty sound. There were a few mental errors here and there. The linebackers played really well tonight.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' second preseason game of 2019 against the Minnesota Vikings.