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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 24-13 Win Over The 49ers

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-13 victory over the 49ers in Week 12.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-13 victory over the 49ers in Week 12.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening comments…)"Good solid win on the road. This good in the Division on the road, we got it done. We start with a pick and then [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] comes back and has a good football game. I think the game was kind of marred by the drops. We had those uncharacteristic drops for us. I think we missed, might have missed about four or five balls today. Other than that, I think we would have had a really solid game of continuity and all that. There's no real excuse other than you know, the wind was blowing a little bit early in the game but we should have done much better there. Good solid game for the defense and the kicking game was real solid. We did what we needed to do. Unfortunately, we missed a field goal early, but the rest was solid, and getting rid of some of those penalties was really helpful for us. Just a lot of guys played really solid. What I was really excited about is we were banged up going into this game. [Seattle Seahawks T] Duane Brown couldn't practice all week. [Seattle Seahawks G/T Luke] Joeck [Joeckel] was just coming back first time. [Seattle Seahawks LB] Bobby Wagner couldn't practice all week. Then these guys just stuck it out and did a really good job to come through and play football like we needed them to, and gave us a chance to win a football game. And those guys all seem to come out okay too, so we can take a step forward hopefully."

(With the second half, what changed for Russell…) "We were able to, we didn't drop the football like we did in the first half. I think it was really, I think Russell was going to have a terrific game. The first play got away from him, but I really think it's that. I don't think it's much more than that. He had a great second half has done it all along, and I think he would have done that the first half if we just hung onto the football."

(How savvy of a play was that by Wagner or…) "Yeah, I don't even know how he did it. You know, yeah it's an extraordinary play. You just don't see stuff like that happen, but he's a remarkable athlete. Timing, hand-eye, all that kind of stuff, he's a remarkable athlete. So, he figured out a way to do it like a few guys would do."

(Seemed like you were getting a lot of different guys involved in the pass rush, I mean, Seattle Seahawks DE Quinton Jefferson…)"You know, we had a bunch of guys active today, which was one thing. So, we got a big rotation and we kind of did well, and it was great to get the play time. [Seattle Seahawks DE Michael] Mike [Bennett] came through with a big game again. [Seattle Seahawks DE] Branden [Jackson] had a nice game rushing, [Seattle Seahawks DE] Marcus Smith, beautiful to see those guys contributing like that. And it's how we would like to do it, where we mix those guys up, keep it fresh, keep it fast."

(When Jimmy Graham gets in the red zone, are you seeing teams sort of take away things that you guys have shown success going to him in the red zone in the past, and is that opening up new opportunities…) "They're trying their stuff and it just depends. We're so much better at utilizing him as part of the offense. You know, take what they're giving us and he's doing a great job coming to but again, the chemistry between him and Russ has reached a level that makes them really on top of their game. So, we'll keep going. We have to react to the things that they're giving us and they'll be more creative. Those numbers are pretty good and they're going to want to do more stuff from them I would think."

(Seattle Seahawks TE Nick Vannett kind of coming through the way he did today, just having to step in when Seattle Seahawks TE Luke Willson got hurt and all of that…)"Yeah, he took over for Luke. He did a nice job, a great touchdown catch for him and his first one ever, which was great. Luke's got to hang onto the ball too. You know, a couple balls got away from him. I'll check on Nick and both work a couple times but, he's doing a really good job. We can use him in all situations and he's got terrific versatility for us. And really he's able to contribute amongst that."

(The play that Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin made on the third-and-nine that kind of jump started that, did you feel like…) "Yeah, I really thought that was the play that kind of turned things. You know, we were, that sequence didn't turn out great and you know, Russell was moving around again and he found him, and those two guys hooked up with a beautiful play. It really, that really was the spark in this game. And so, he definitely gave the ball up today but he made a key play that really kind of turned everything around for us."

(During the play he was given the underthrown ball in the end zone and was that just his smarts…) "Yeah, I was thrilled about that. That decision that he made right there, because it's something, there is an opportunity to make the decision how he made that attempt, which puts you in position to get the penalty and he did it exactly how you were supposed to do it. They made the right call and that's a huge play, but it's a very savvy play to do that. And he could feel he wasn't in a good chance to get the ball and went up and put himself in a position to try, and that's when the guy interfered."

(Seattle Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy, what did you think of his day…)"He ran hard. He ran tough. I liked it and that's the first time we've had a chance to feel Eddie. We gave him two out of the game. You can see he's got a presence about him, because he is such a load and just give us a dimension that we can play off of and we'll go for it. And I thought he showed that today. And I think you saw the contrast in he and [Seattle Seahawks RB] J.D. [McKissic]. J.D. is just such a lightning rod out there for stuff he's just so quick and explosive, and it's a nice mix. So, that felt like we got something going there. So, it's time. We've been waiting and hopefully we can go by that. We'll get [Seattle Seahawks RB] Mike Davis back next week too, which will be fun to see."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On the first possession of the third quarter, where Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin kind of reached back and caught it to convert that, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said that kind of got you jump started…)"Yeah it was, Doug Baldwin did great on that play. I mean, he really did a good job scrambling, getting open. He had a great, great catch that was really the momentum starter for us there in the third quarter and made some key plays there."

(What was your thought process at half time sort of getting into that rhythm…) "Well we kind of discussed that. I told the guys in the third quarter, 'We have to know who we are, continue to know who we are. Have great confidence because we are a championship kind of a football team and we have proven that many of times. So, have no fear don't, doubt anything that we are doing. Just believe in that.' We were able to do that there in the third and fourth quarter. We had a great second half. Defense did a great job all day. Made some really key plays. Got some touchdowns there. I think [Seattle Seahawks TE] Nick Vannett scored his first touchdown in the National Football League, so that's pretty exciting. It's always a huge thing to see a guy score his first touchdown in the National Football League and then to see [Seattle Seahawks TE] Jimmy Graham score too as well that was pretty awesome."

(The way you're getting it to Jimmy right now, he kind of set some records today, I mean it's really obvious this last month he is really coming together. Talk about that and why it's working so well…) "I think Jimmy Graham is playing phenomenal football. He is one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. I have to find ways to get him the football. It's not just him, it's everybody, but I think that he really stands out. He can do some special things. Obviously, he's a big body that can really catch, can really run. He's an exciting player. He's worked so hard, I mean this offseason we had so much work and did so many things, and talked and just continued to develop our game. I think it's really paying off now. I think it's a lot of guys that's really paying off now [Seattle Seahawks WR] Paul Richardson, Doug Baldwin, [Seattle Seahawks WR] Tyler Lockett, those guys. They always put in work and great things happen when you do that." 

(How was that interception Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner had…)"Yeah, I mean Bobby Wagner is the best in the business at what he does. He's been here years upon years. Him making that clutch play right there, getting us the ball back, me being able to scamper into the end zone, was a great call that was awesome. Guys made some great blocks and we were able to just go into the end zone. That gave us the lead and got us some great momentum and got things going." 

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(Of what we saw in the first half what was the defensive struggle? Is just going up against a divisional opponent…)"Some of it is set that way. We had our struggles in the first half. I don't know what it is. Maybe we got to calm our jitters down or maybe were overly excited, and needed to get to the groove. Once we found our groove, we continued to play well."

(Does it matter as long as you can do what you do in the third, fourth quarter…)"Yeah, I guess so. Luckily we got a really great defense that can keep us in the game early, so things don't get out of control. We don't want to play like that. Obviously, we want to come out the gates and play well offensively. We've still got some improvements to make."

Defensive End Michael Bennett

(Is it good to see so many different guys getting involved in the pass rush today…)  "When you lose a guy like [Seattle Seahawks DE] Cliff Avril, it is hard to get there. It takes three people to equal one of him when it comes to rushing the passer. You get all of these young guys in and they try to fill that void of what we were missing. It is going to take a little time to get these guys going like that this. You go from having a ten-year veteran, to have young guys rush. We are just doing the best we can."

(With the secondary the way it is, do you guys up front feel it is more on you now…)"You can't feel like that. When you start to think to overdo things you start to do too much. That is when you have a lot of issues in the game. We trust our guys out there. We believe that anybody that is back there is a great-caliber player."

(You are thick in the hunt for the playoffs and some big games up ahead. What is the message to the younger guys that are looking for big things…) "I think stay the course, keep things steady. Let's be together this next part of the season. Stay on the grind. We are going to play a lot of tough games. We have to be good on special teams, good on defense, and good on offense. That is the key."


Tight End Nick Vannett

(You mentioned Seattle Seahawks TE Luke Willson's injury. How much has it changed your responsibilities in the game…) "It's changed a lot. We  always split reps. Since he's out, I have to take all his reps now. I play way more than I used to, which is good for me since I have the experience. I hope he's doing alright. I think it was a minor headache, but I was happy to be able to step up, and contribute to this team. That's my main goal."

*(In the first half what was it that the offense was trying to find…) *"We always try to establish the run game, and it wasn't really working out in the first half. We weren't really buying pressure for [Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] Russ back there. He was scrambling a lot. We came here, made some adjustments, went out, and started exposing our defense. We really got into our groove. We just figured how to start that way we'd be a more effective football team."

Linebacker K.J. Wright

(Did the San Francisco 49ers come out faster or did they make some adjustments when they came out in the beginning of the third quarter…) "Yes, their tempo was a little faster. They ran a few of the quarterback runs, so they definitely came out in the third quarter blazing a little bit. We thankfully were able to hold them to a field goal. The first unit did not give up a touchdown today."

(What does that say about where the run defense is, that you guys were able to make that adjustment just as quick as they did…)"It is great. Every time we talk about when they have a play that gets five yards or more, we talk about what happened out there on the football field. It is great that we have that communication and trust each other. It is just great we can make that adjustment on the fly like the way we did."

(Is there anything Seattle Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner does that surprises you anymore…)"He is on fire. That play that he made on 81 [San Francisco 49ers WR Trent Taylor], I have never seen an interception like that. For him not to practice all week and come out there and have the game that he did, it was just extraordinary.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(Take us through the interception, what you saw, and how that all happened…) "I just saw 81 [San Francisco 49ers WR Trent Taylor] he tried to set it down, when they threw the ball he didn't have much control, so I just took it away. I was hoping to get a touchdown, but they called it back.

(Did it feel like in the game that the defense needed to make a spark to get it going…)"Most definitely. We felt like the offense needed a little bit of help. We felt like a turnover or something at that moment in the game would be big for us. It was, we got the turnover, then [Seattle QB Russell Wilson] Russ went down to score. I felt like we controlled the game from there."

(With all the injuries on the defense, do you feel like it is coming together with all the new guys? Do you feel like everyone is gelling...) "I definitely feel like the team is gelling. I feel like the guys that are getting the opportunity to step in for injured players are getting more experience, more chances to understand the defense and understand how we play the game. I feel like the more reps they get the more opportunities they get to play with one another and learn each other and get better each week."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 24-13 victory over the 49ers in Week 12 at Levi's Stadium. 

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